Interesting movie telling a hacker story, might be interesting to see

Thursday, 16th October 2008

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Check this out this interesting film which tells a story of a hacker it’s claimed that the filmis based on a real story and I believe so although it’s a bit exaggerated, still it’s a must seemovie the movie is called “23 – Nichts Ist So Wie Es Scheint” check it out.Apart from the film there is not much to say I went out for a shopping to Aldi, came backto Honigkamp. Worked, I had a lot of work today, then watched that movie.Basicly that’s how the day passed .. Maybe it’s a good idea to go out for a walk,because I don’t move enough this day.. What’s good today is that I’ve beenspiritually and emotionally stable for the whole day for which I should give a millionof thanks to God almighty!END—–

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