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Facebook is probably a pro political zionist intended “anti-social” network to destroy Christian communities

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

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facebook is bad for communities - CHRISTIANS SAY NO TO FACEBOOK!

I've been a facebook hater, since the early days of Facebook. Many people were curious why I hate facebook so much. I didn't have a clear stance on what really makes me be so negatively attituded towards facebook. It was like my common intuition pointing me to the idea, that facebook is not a good thing. Nowdays a lot of people come up with curious materials concerning facebook. Like take for example the facebook muddy history.

The creator of facebook Mark Zuckerberg a jewish with his other Latino-American Jewish friend (Eduardo Saverin), give the birth of facebook a completely non-respective social and human privacy and physical community or other community networks. It is just an attempt to eat up all the other ways of communication on the internet.

Perphaps it is not a co-incidence that the largest currently internet search engine Google is also co-founded by two persons who are of Jewish origin Sergey Brinn (A Russian Jewish) and Larry Page another jewish.

Two years ago a movie was out called "The Social Network", re-telling part of the truth on how facebook came to existence and exposing the real motive of fb creator, as well as exposing how the mastermind creator Mark Zuckerberg has actually stolen large portion of the facebook project programming code from another project aimed to create a college people connections network. 

The movie points out that Zuckerberg has also created the whole social network for the sake of stealing people's data as a pure social engineering (crackers knows pretty well on this methodology for few decades from now).

His initial motives to create the facebook thing was then obviously bad. Since the initial motive for facebook was bad I personally believe what will follow from it will not be good neither.
Jesus Christ said in the Holy Bible , "no good tree, gives a bad fruit". Obviously facebook came from a rotten tree, a person who was a criminal minded wanted to take a control over people's data voluntarely. Back in the days of communism people were spyed on in various ways through people hired for this purpose, the secret agents (existed as the communist spy people equivalent) in the "democratic" world back then.

What facebook and other internet projects online done is remove the necessity for someone following and spying on you. The national security agencies probably came with the better idea to convince people to self-spy on themselves all day long through internet use (search engine look-ups in Google), facebook sharing pictures and personal thoughts and ideas etc. etc….

I've spotted an interview with Mark Zuckerberg founder, where he started sweatening, when he was questioned by the interviewer a questions towards privacy. From the Interview it doesn't appear Zuckerberg to be a big mastermind as many people claimed him to be too genious. In the interview in my personal view he looks like an young lost boy, who lost his way in life.

How then, can the creation of such a guy be something extraordinary or useful. How can such a guy create something huge as facebook, mostly by himself as claimed??  Besides that curiously even though Mark Zuckerberg claims he is atheist, he is a member of a jewish fraterminty (check in wikipedia if you don't believe me). Why is this guy a member of a jewish fraternity if he is out of Jewish religion??? To be more concreate the exact fraternity, where Zuckerberg is membering is called Alpha Epsilon Pi. It is not some kind of secret that Jewish people hate Christians and especially rejected historically Jesus Christ as the saviour Messiah the King of Jewish as promised in the old testamential writtings.

It is also not secret that many of the jewish people and brotherhoods, gave birth to many occult and essoteric religions like Kabalah. For those who still are dis-believing about how big liar Mark Zuckerberg is by claiming he doesn't have a religious belief check out the emblem of the Jewish Fraternity he is an official and respected member in:


Alpha Epsilon Pi jewish fraternity emblem logo

Okay lets make a quick evaluation, of the fraternity logo. We see an Alladin like lamp, which is a symbol of mysticism and magical powers.
Next we see on the left a symbol which is commonly seen in the western Europe world and I assume is some kind of masonic symbol as well as has some significance for Judaism (too probably).
The book as you can see clearly shows a skull. So it is more than logical, the book this "fraternity" is leaded by is a book of death (the contrary to the book of light which the Holy Bible is)… The lion itself is an ancient Judaism symbol and according to our Christian beliefs is considered a symbol for the Messiah to come (which the jewish still await and rejected 2000 years ago). We Christians know the Messiah is exactly Jesus Christ and he has been already in the world on humanity saving mission  in a human flesh. On top of the Lion, one sees the Jewish Star (six angled star of David), surrounded by the classical Jewish Menora (Candle lights). Well its more than obvious that then Mark Zuckerberg lies brutally that he is an atheist, I don't believe an atheist will have something to do with jewish fraternity or any kind of faith having fraternity at all.

Could it be that this same fraternity, gave money to Zuckerberg to create the facebook site?? I think it is quite probable! Otherwise one man or even a whole company cannot raise such a big website as facebook it is simply impossible. Someone might think, "God has bless him because he is jewish", but a seriously doubt it is God who blessed him. You will wonder why, I think facebook is not the work of God, well simple. God doesn't want to help anti-Christs. This fraternity brotherhood by rejecting God's only begotten son Jesus Christ is clearly anti-Christian. This is probable the top of the iceberg and there is plenty of other info about facebook we the normalpeople don't know … In below interview you can see Mark Zuckerberg removes his sweater and shows its back contaning a picture exposing facebook organizational philosophy What we can see on the back you see in the picture below:


Facebook hoodie insignia - Facebook organization slogan and major goals, values


The logo reads in the middle making the "MAKING THE WORLD OPENED AND CONNECTED". Lets evaluate on that.
Obviously facebook mission is to make the world more opened and connected. But lets dig up in this openness and connectioness? Who wants to make the world more open and connected and Why would someone want to make the world more open and connected and what this will bring as benefits or better said who will benefit out of that??

Well obviously not the people part of facebook, neither I see Zuckerberg to be too much opened and connected,I don't see in his facebook profile to have reveled too much sensitive information about himself. Or even the pictures he uploaded in his "official website" are way less than the pictures uploaded by millions of  other I will call them "deceaved" poor facebook users.

If really Zuckerberg was so much careful for openness, he would have started with opening himself and putting more data online on what is happening in his life and how he generally lives his days. Wouldn't he??

If the mastermind of an idea is not living the idea, why should we follow or believe his ideas? Isn't that a huge deception. If a deceiver is the founder of an organization, why should we as a community and people stand up and help it by using it as communication media?? Lets continue on with my thinking who have interests of making publicly every people's information online?? One organization that has this interest of people to be more opened and connected I can think is  (Federal Bureau of Investigations) FBI.

Could it be FB I to have sponsored facebook and used Zuckerberg as a public person to represent something he did not thought or wanted at all after being carefully brainwashed??

Well I believe this speculation might be not far from truth. Now let me continue with the Analysis of the facebook hoodie insignia slogan, goals and values.  In the center of the hoodie insignia facebook logo, we can see the few degrees in turned Jewish Star. I used a jewish star obtained from the Internet and Used "the GIMP" free graphic manipulation tool  to change the jewish star angle and put it along with the facebook hoodie insignia in order to just show to people, how facebook even contains the start of David embedded within their slogan:


Facebook Hoodie Insignia - Representing Facebook business goals, values and slogan and the 6 angled star of David

Is it just a coincidence, the jewish star is inside the main logo of facebook used to be placed on everyone within facebook organization on their back sweaters?? Well I don't think so. Just to compare, many Orthodox Christian Monks, wear the sign of the Cross (The Crucifix) on their back. Most commonly the crucifix is wear on back by schimonks For all those interested on a typical dress our Orthodox Christian schimonks wear check the post some of the most important symbols for Orthodox Christianity 

Continuing to evaluate on the logo, one can see the little man and the +1 with, do you remember Google +1?? Hmm Google is also founded by Jewish does the +1 have some kind of special significance for the Jews? I'm not a jew so I can't say but obviously this doesn't seem like a pure coincidence, just like it doesn't seem like a pure coincidence, the ICQ messanger is owned by Jewish people …


Mark Zuckerberg gets hot under the collar over your privacy issues and sweats

Seeing the interview, do you believe Zuckerberg is really a genious as he often pushed in the news and has the brain potential to create a tight organization like facebook?? Do you think his facebook is done to benefit us Christians, I don't think so. My view is Making the World more opened and connected is simply an exposure of the huge Jewish complex through the centuries of being closed community.


The Truth Behind the Secret Facebook

Historically Jewish were rejected by the nations often for being little closed community . They were not accepted as a normal persons in many countries for many years (in most west world not accepted before about the 16th century), because they were considered responsible for the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a consequence my view is they got this complex that they want to be accepted and be part of the non-jewish community. This centuries developed complex of not being accepted within society is clearly shown in modern jew works. Take for example globalization, many of the most fierce globalists are jewish. Many of the political zionists are jewish too. Political zionism as a movement has also been started by jews. One of the main things one should hate globalism for is, cause globalism is destroying local culture and nations and creating a pseudo culture and pseudo nation in the same way as Babylonians in the old testament started building the tower, which tried to reach heaven and put aside over God's throne. Globalism should be resisted, somehow. Its my strong conviction that believing Christian should depart from Facebook. Go out of the spiritual babylon which this facebook anti-social network is proclaiming. If you're Christian and have a facebook account close it right away and join some nice Christain community. Don't let a pseudo communication over the internet to destroy your life and community. At the end Facebeook is not created to help you and unite you. It is created to separate you and divide you by "fakely proclaimed openness and connectivity". My stand point is there could not be any openness or connectivity better than a face to face physical communication. At the end computers are just an imitation of real life, real people and real world communication.

Why and How facebook profits because of you? – People, The real facebook investors

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

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Facebook people real facebook investors, facebook profits because of you / facebook greedy money logo

Facebook is usually praised and very seldom criticized. I've seen already on a couple of occasions on the TV channel news on earthquake occasions or some kind of other calamities, where facebook was said to help the rescuing teams etc. We constantly hear how facebook has helped people point their location in disastrous situations or just helping people organize a protest against a harmful company activity. Whilst this might be true, the harms it does are quite big as well. A primary harm it does is to economy as we know it. As people are engaged in filling in Mark Zuckerberg and facebook investors pockets, they rarely think about how actually facebook gets their money?

Let me explain:

Basicly facebook makes money out of its constantly increased social network data content. This could have not been possible without the 800 000 000+ million of people who constantly post updates on facebook, create groups, post pictures, add likes, comment and post links to other facebook pages. If people had not all this volunteers (facebook users) to post all this bunch of mostly junky information, facebook inc. would not have a penny. Therefore what makes facebook grow is the people itself who willingly choose to be part of this money making machine. One would think with regular company the investors are the owners of the company shares. This classical business model is not facebook model, there it is rather different as the real investors in facebook are not the capital shareholders but the regular social network user base – this means (you and me)!.

For all those who still don't get what I'm talking about I will shortly explain.
Everyone who has a basic idea on how internet advertising works is aware that the primary origin for facebook todays profit is the left pane sky scraper field with ever changing advertisements.

Various advertisers pays facebook all the time big money for displaying those stupid advertisement. As many peole are viewing and clicking the advertisements, facebook makes billions out if its advertisers.

So far so good, facebook generates its profits out of peoples free time and delibarately information sharing you would say and you might argue me that facebook steals people (time / money). This would have been true if you don't put in the picture for a contrast, a regular blogger, who makes its daily living out of blogging.
What a regular blogger does is frequent blogging on various kind of topics of his interest. Various bloggers blog at various titles, but most of them has a few major topics which they're following.

The more articles a blogger collects and the higher the uniqueness of this information is the bigger the probability this blog to have a good users base and the more interesting content it will have for search engine robots like Google Bot Crawlers or Yahoo Bot etc. etc.
With all priod said, the higher the probability this blog to have more traffic drawn from web searches to the blog. As the blogger content increases with time when it gets 10000 or more unique articles (pages), consequently it can be used as an advertising place. A 10000 pages blog could earn a person a few hundred of euros (200, 300 EUR) per month.

Well the business scheme behind facebook is exactly the same, except they store and physically own the data of the facebook registered persons. The user posts content on his facebook wall, makes pages or does various activities which generate pages, the content gets indexed in Google and with time the overall facebook website content grows. As new users joins facebook with the increased popularity of website. The website is growing exponentially like in a atoms chain reaction.

Because of this steady content growth, it becomes an interesting place not only for advertisers but for all kind of people that use the internet.
And there you have the monetarization facebook makes billions of dollars every second because of you.  This is the shocking truth, they get their money because people click or view advertisement on each others profile, so there you're YOU make the little people who develop facebook and the original investors richer and richer with every day, where you make yourself poorer and poorer by investing your personal time in facebook instead of using it to work on something that will potentially generate you some dividents in short or long future.

Actually social network is nothing more than just a multiple blogging platform, but some marketing person come with this marketing hype work "social network".
The social network buzz word is in my view just another big marketing "white lie"!. Correct me if i'm wrong but what in fact is a "Social network?". I don't see facebook neither as social, network as network. I don't know about you but I have never made a long lasting friend or relationship using facebook so far. I think the poor Facebook creator Zuckerberg made facebook with a viral mindset. He intended it to be like a social virus and so far he succeed pretty much. I just wait and eager to see who will start the anti-virus for Zuckerberg's (facebook) – people time eating virus.