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Fishes likes Coca Cola & Coffee & How to make your Apache look shiny :)

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

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Today Static (a friend mine called me) and we were out to dsk bank, where I had to collect
a sheet containing an 4 bit identity code to confirm the creation of my paypal account.
After picking up the letter we went to Static’s place and he helped me to change
my Apache Directory Listing default layout with a nice designed layout.
To to achieve that all needed to be done is to change two files content:
README.html andHEADER.htmlIt’s also necessery to have in your Apache main configuration file the following:ReadmeName /README.htmlHeaderName /HEADER.htmlThe outcome of what static showed could be seen in the following directory listing:
sample directory listing with nice layout .After we completed this design task, we went to the city park and we gave some drinksto the fishes in the lake. The fish seems like they really liked the coffein containingdrinks and gathered together on a big heaps drinking :). Static decided to test if thefishes like to eat chewing-gums and throw some chewing-gums in the waters. The fishseems to like it as well and started eating the gum fiercely :)END—–