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Why this site exists ??

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

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The Reason, this website exists is just to proof a tech savvy can become a very
succesful business strategist too.

In future you will see me discuss most important “life questions”. Various information technology outbreaks and their possible impact on the long run on our lives. I will mostly be talking about questions like.

Why are we here?
What life is about?

What I’m supposed to do in life and where do I start it from?
How to do what I have to do daily to achieve my goals?

Idea for pcfreak started long time ago, when I though life was turning around PC (Personal Computers). Now my life understanding is seriously changed. But I still spend a considerable serious time on the computer. WIth time I hope this will be changed 🙂

If you’re a PC Freak and you hold interest in business too like me, I guess you might like it here.