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Add Google Search Bar to Epiphany

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

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Epiphany is the browser of choice I have. In that manner of thouhgs today I realized it’s really irritating that by default epiphany lacks. The Google Search Bar just like Firefox for example includes by default. I’ve googled to find a quick solution and stucked on the following explanation of how to do the trick.Hereby I quote it literally.

If you go into bookmarks, you will see a link that says “Search the Web”. Go into edit bookmarks. Right click on the “Search the Web” link, and choose the “show on toolbar” option. Exit out of bookmarks. Presto! You should now have a google search bar in the toolbar, just like in firefox.
The whole concept of adding bookmarks to Epiphany is called Smart Bookmarks . Smart Bookmarks allows you to do numerous valueable things like for example adding Google Image Search Toolbar as well as Yahoo Search Toolbar in Epiphany or any other nice handy toolbar shortcut.
Hope that this would help to somebody out there.END—–