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Fix to annoying reoccuring problem “Enter password for default keyring to unlock”

Monday, February 8th, 2010

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About a week and a half, everytime I do start my epiphany browser a really annoying prompt
occurs. Here is a screenshot of the gnome default keyring to unlock I was required to fill in,
everytime I started epiphany.
keyring prompt picture

I know one possible solution was to completely eradicate gnome-keyring package, however
that is definitely not a wise idea.
To fix this mimor though annoying issue I did the following:

1. Opened gnome-control-center (e.g. pressed alt+f2 and issued the gnome-control-center command)
2. Next find the "Encryption and Keyrings" menu and click on it
3. On the "Encryption and Keyrings" submenu "PGP Passphrases" I had to select
"Always remember passphrases whenever logged in
This is it, the annoying prompt won’t bother you anymore!