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Digital TV and Internet as a source to manipulate your ideas about your future and current reality

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

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Digital TV and Internet is a hidden evil that we people rarely think about.I personally use computers and internet for many years now, however I’ve never seriously thought about the really psychology and spiritual consequences this had on me. Besides that I believe most of modern people nowdays has experienced a childhood full of cartoons and at least a couple of hours watching various TV channels. Most of the TV shows channels, commedy, documentary nowdays has some kind of embedded meaning, you can rarely grasp and only if you’re a very conscious person and think a bit more than most of the ordinary people you will be able to graps. Television as a mass media today is massively used as a way to globalize the world and lead the people into the evil idea that we need one world and one government with one ruler. In other words from Christian perspective Television and the Internet as we as radios are seriously used to convey messages concerning the need of people to have a new system and the fallacy and the wrongfulness of the “old” world. America (The USA) is a major player in the effort to globalize the world and set one world standartization system and track everything. Technology GSM networks, mobile phones and other means of communication are already used for mass people or objects tracking. The ultimate goal of the corporations which produce this “cheap” nowdays devices that appear to make one’s life easier are not that innocent as most of us think, and the more spiritual people Christians out there will have figured that out. Technology nowdays is also used a mean for a mass Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). People’s minds, desire and thoughts are being constantly programmed and people are driven into certain direction often without even realizing it. The message around which is seriously implanted in us the people’s minds and (hearts) is the message that we should loose our identity and become one whole. Which in principality is a buddhist/ hindu / yogas idea and is completely Anti-Christian. We the Orthodox Christians should be aware of this devil’s networks. We have dozen of saints within the Orthodox Church who has prophecised about the coming of this information evil (networks), which are clearly described as the Devil’s Net. Our freedom is constantly taken up from us and given to authorities and organizations because of the false idea of the need of “increased security”. People who still want to keep there freedom should abstain from technology and try to live as simple life as possible. The attempts to install a new global government with one ruler are in a full force. According to some of our ancient prophecies in the last book of the bible the Apocalypsis and the orthodox understanding of it the current war conflict in Libia and Egypt is just as another fulfillment of the ancient prophecies about the End of the World and the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The current peace conducted between Israel and Palestine is also a sign that the end of the world and the appearing of the evil-antichrist who will try to deceive the humanity and even the elected Christians pretending to be christ is closer than it has been ever. The love and people’s interactions are being more and more digitalized as a consequence of the constant people interaction with technology. In my view technology and the binary which makes it run is actually beasty and is part of the ancient beast described in the apocalypsis. All technology today and the electricity is being driven by the well known binary system (1 or 0) and the other way around. There is no way to be out of this evil 2 digit scale. Unified product barcoding is already implemented on almost every product in the world. In short terms the product barcodes are to be changed with Chipped way to track the products which is even worser and takes away our freedom even further. Public persons as Richard Stallman who appear to be doing good by spreading free technology are even making things worser because they influence people to develop more and more technology and make our surrounding world even more complex and technology filled. The complexity is always described by the holy Church fathers as something which is devilish. As a people today we the Christians had very sadly also taken the way the whole world has taken and we are also being charmed by the false miracles of technology. The ancient perseverance for God has been gone around most of the brothers and sisters. There is much to be said on the topic which I’ll certainly do further. The key here is we the Christians should oppose and try to minimize the use of technology and pray more for God’s mercy on the world. If we don’t repent for the sinful life we all do God will no longer be merciful and will let the evils of the book of the Revelation will strike us very soon … I pray God – the Holy Trinity to have mercy on us the sinners and spare us by his grace and not let me and our generatious to be the last Christian generation on earth. Lord have mercy!