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People Living in 2-nd and 3-rd world country are spiritually blessed – Why we should be thankful to live in a Developing Country

Monday, January 14th, 2013

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Orthodox Christian countries blessed, Undeveloped countries more blessed than developed ones, ortodox priest blessing the blessing of the Eastern ex byzantion empire countries

Nowadays, every country under development from the so called 2nd and 3rd world countries is trying to follow after the United States, Japanese and the European Union Western World countries (Germany, France, Holland) developed economies. People in many countries like my motherland Bulgaria are not happy for the life they receive in their home land. There is such situation in so many countries nowadays. Many musicians sung a lot of songs about the prosperity of westerners like for example Jim Morrison – who was singing – "The West is The Best" in The Doors song "THE END". A lot of the modern culture in 2nd and 3rd world countries is singing and following the trend of the Western Art and Songs. But is it really true, that on the West they're more happier or more blessed?  Is the Western life so good and worthy as most people thing?

First thing among western developed countries is the development of technology. Technology use and implementation is in much higher level compared to under-developed countries. Part of technologization is wide use of Internet and connectivity to it as well as all kind of gadgets that somehow use the Internet for their daily operation. In practice Internet is part of the daily life of virtually every Western inhabitant in age 8 to 60. This trend is also spreading in Eastern Europe and is slowly changing the people their too. However still the amount of technology use in East is little compared to West.

From purely spiritual point of view the Internet (though can be used for a spiritual purpose and is now helping people a lot in their life) is changing completely the essence of life, making people dependent on the World Wide Web. Making them less and less attached to the normal relations person to person which used to be main thing in existence since the creation of the world.
In countries where the Internet is slower and they can't watch youtube (India, Pakistan) this simply means less people will spend big chunk of their time consuming youtube videos but likely spend a bit more time with friends and relatives or in best case in Church praying for themselves their relatives and the whole world. Thus from a spiritual standing less developed countries are in more blessed situation.

Also in western world life is so complex, making achieving unity with Christ very hard  – according to Divine Theology God is easier to find in simplicity. For citizens living in Western developed countries nowadays having a touch of true genuine Christian spirituality is harder to achieve and most of people in Western Countries, though possessing humanitarian kindness are lacking any spiritual deepness.

Thus my assertion is, we people from Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and other poorer and even less undeveloped ones like India, Iraq, Syria, Somalia etc. should be thankful to God for being the opportunity to live in a simple countries with less material goods but deeper spirituality. We the poor country inhabitans have much more opportunities to pray and hope on God's mercy and live a humble life in Christ.

Even in business, people are starting to realize "Less is More", the simple the life is the better.
As we Balkan inhabitants has much more worries and concerns and misfortune than westerners means simply we are more likely to look for God's help than our well fed and educated Western fellows.
Here in Western world most people have too many opportunities for entertainment and ways to spend their time good and forget about the bad in the world. Though from one side it is good and easy life, from another (spiritual) angle it is pretty much like closing your eyes for death, suffering and bads that happens in World.

With high degree of Computerization in the West, it is my understanding whether one is behind the Computer Screen / Mobile / Tablet screen you can only help people "Virtually" by speaking to them and can't physically support them. I will not mention about the many health troubles a physical inactivity causes us. Also by having this well developed social system in countries like Holland and France this takes away one's opportunity to meet the poor and suffering beggars. Thus one's heart cannot be touched by the suffering in the way it is touched when you leave in a society with poor, hungry and suffering on streets.

All this means paradoxically, countries, which want to have the blessing of consumerism that has took over developed countries, are now more spiritually blessed and spiritually richer than developed ones. However pithily majority of people in undeveloped countries are un-thankful to God for their blessing, but looking after the imaginary and temporal worldly well being that is now in west. I hope we the Eastern people will realize our mistake and take time, and start enjoying our life in our homelands with thankfulness in our hearts to God for we are wealthy in spirit.