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Creative Zen Mozaik 2G Debian GNU/Linux

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

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As I said in my previous post I bought this Zen Mozaik.I wanted to make it work with my Debian GNU/Linux so I googled around and found the way to access the device.The steps I had to took to make it work was:1: Install mtpfs libmtp-dev2: Install a software called gnomad2.3: Use gnomad2 to access my mp3 player.Pretty straight forward, but of course with free software things are never perfect.gnomad2 seems to crash every time after I have transfered files to the mp3 device and then try toreturn one directory back. Anyways at least it’s possible to acess the device :)Today was a nice day and God is giving me abundantly from his divine grace. For which Glory be to(The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost!) Now and Forever and ever Amen!Ina is a guest today in my room and she is working on her project for European Integration.I have to prepare in group the same report which aims to show how far the integration betweenmember states in the european union is. But this time I let the other members of the group todo some work. To be honest my only ope is on God I have prayed God that the report goes OK.So I trust that God will inspire the other members in my group to do the report in the right way.Today I reesarched for the final International Labour Law assignment which is to comparehow Collective Labour Agreements work and what is the legislation dealing with Collective Labour Agreement in UK and The Netherlands.I found some info but to be honest I’m really unsure if it is good for the final report. It’s a tough job to work on such a widelynot well defined tasks. It seems that in January I’ll have a defense for one of the projects and also have thatHuman Resource Account exam. I’m really poor in Accounting so again my only hope is God. Actually I hope in the Lordto change the hearts of the teachers so they let me pass because I do trust in the Lord and know that everybodythat trusts in the Lord won’t be ashamed nor taste disgrace 🙂 Blessed be our God who is an awesome God! AmenEND—–