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Workaround to a problem With Bulgarian Cyrillic CP1251 Subtitles in MPLAYER and VLC

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

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I think I mentioned on my blog that until I’ve upgraded to Debian Unstable, my subtitles in Bulgarian stopped working.
That happens in all of the Video supporting programs. I do a lot of reading and writting in English thus I have exported default LANG variable to en_US.UTF8
(my LANG is LANG=en_UTF-8). I tried everything via configuration files in Both Mplayer and Vlc to make the players work with Cyrillic in CP1251, badly enough nothing helped.
After some time of trying out stuff I came to the following solution.I’ve created files:
/usr/local/bin/vlc and /usr/local/bin/gmplayer
1. vlc’s file#!/bin/shLANG=bg_BG.CP1251 exec /usr/bin/vlc “$@”2. gmplayer’s file#!/bin/shLANG=bg_BG.CP1251 exec /usr/bin/gmplayer “$@”
The “$@” is a default bash variable which contains everything passed by next to /usr/bin/vlc and /usr/bin/gmplayer