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Debian Squeeze/Sid Unstable Compiz fix Gnome Run Application Alt+F2 problem

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

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I’ve happily installed and use compiz-gnome. In order to succesfully run compiz I was required to execute itvia the command
1. # compiz –replace &
Compiz broke the default behaviour of some of my assigned keys like for example the nice handy Alt+F2 Run Application dialog box.That made me irritated and therefore I wanted to have the handy feature working as before. The suggested solution to the situation was proposedby user kiprit on the following post in ubuntuforums . I will quote here what the valueable post reads:
Start Compiz Config Settings ManagerGo to General Options, under Commands tabunder the commands fold, command line 0, type: gnome-rungo to “key bindings” fold, Run command 0, assign Alt+F2
It seems gnome for some reasons does not include application that invokes the Gnome Application Run menu. To fix that somebody out there has written a small program in C language that refers to the Run Application dialog.
Download the program gnome-run.c here . To properly compile the program use:
2. gcc -o gnome-run gnome-run.c -L/usr/lib/X11 -lX11
If you’re lucky gnome-run should be now poping up the Run Application dialog.
Afterwards please follow the instructions inabove’s forum post . I wasn’t completely happy with the solution because gnome-run doesn’t execute the Run Application dialog front focused. I’ve googled for other swift way to execute commands through a command and I came upon gmrun . Happily for me gmrun was already included in a packaged deb binary so all I had to do is install it via apt-get install gmrun and set it for execution on alt+f2 key press again as explained above.END—–

How to properly Start Compiz in Gnome

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

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Since I’ve upgraded to Debian Sid / Squeeze e.g., Debian unstable I’m using compiz and the default patched debian metacity to support it. Thus until today I’ve it setupped to start up with
1. compiz –replace on each and every login session on my account. Today I had my doubts that this is correct since I’ve noticed that compiz terminates after some of the OpenGL games I have started. After some Googling I found a blog post which was discussing the issue. Here is the post how to properly start compiz in gnome . As you could read in the blog post it is wrong to start compiz with compiz –replace cause in that case metacity starts for a couple of seconds during gdm login screen as well as it has to replace metacity afterwards. It is explained that the proper way to start compiz is via the .gnomerc . BTW I was not aware that gnome had that handy .gnomerc file which pretty much like the good old .bashrc. So back to the proper way of running compiz.
Edit ~/.gnomerc in and put export WINDOW_MANAGER=/usr/bin/compiz Congrats now you should have compiz to run properly.END—–