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Codename Linux A Documentary Movie about Linux and the Free Software movement

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

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Thanks to Dave a Swiss friend of mine, I’ve been introduced a documentary movie about Linux and the Free Software movement.

The movie was produced in 2001, so some things in it are are a bit old already but the main basis talked about is quite interesting and should be interesting to any IT geek and especially a free software hobbyists or people who want to learn something about GNU/Linux and the FSF movement. The movie shows up some old screen captures of Linus Torvalds (the initiator of the Linux kernel), includes some inclusive interviews with his Linus Torvald’s family, some notable people who played key rules to drive further the development of GNU/Linux and the Free Software foundation and the surrounding open source philosophy.

The Code Linux is produced by Hannu Puttoen .

Unfrunately the movie is not freely available for download …
There is a ripped Code Name Linux German version which can be downloaded freely via The Codename GNU Linux’s ripped version website or directly watched on the the website.

Here are the Code Name Linux in 6 parts from youtube :

Some interesthing movies scenes that it talks about GNU/Linux and free software as a way to make profit as well as some major Linux selling companies like Redhat.
The Helsinki university where Linus Torvalds has studied is also shown, also Linus torvalds children and wife are shown on the camera and some scenes include actually Linus performing his routine daily stuff in his house.The 4th part I personally find as one of the most inteesting parts of the Code Name Linux since it contains the great inspirational speaches of Richard Stallman.

Therein he makes very interesting analogy between the folklore and the way free software is being developed 🙂

Very sadly some parts of the movie are in different languages from English so some interviews especially the Finnish ones aren’t comprehensible by us the English interpreters 🙂
Still I think the movie is notable and many movies on free software philosophy and development processes should be created to popularize and introduce how great and big the free software is and how important it is for the future of our world to stay free!