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Sunday Church clearning

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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In Sunday, we cleaned the Russian Orthodox Church. I was a bit late for the cleaning beacause I mistakenly understand the cleaning is in 13:00 instead of 11:00 o’clock. I ws a bit late as well. When I arrived in the church the people had almost done with the cleaning and had just prepared the dinner. It was something we call in Bulgaria “pitka” some russian version of it, it was filled with cabbage and potatoes. It was actually quite tasty. Then I have had with the cleaning I was assigned to Iron some table-cloth for the altar as well as some other towels used in the Church services. It was my first time to Iron. I guess I was quite away from doing it the right way. Later I was assigned to clean up the church windows with a cleaning liquid. For that purpose I had to haul up a ladder :). After that I cleaned the ground with a vacum cleaner. When we were done, we had a great dinner together with the church members. We had prayed with The Lord’s prayer before we ate and after we had our food. So nice it was, after the supper was done we drinked some tea and cookies and we talked. I went out of the Church smiling because of God’s abundant joy filling me ! (Thanks Lord) Then I was in doubt shall I drop by to Sali or not and told God. Lord if it’s your will to go to his place please make that somebody (Sali himself or somebody from his home) call me. I was just passing his home and her wife knocked on the house window, so yes it was clear the Lord wanted me to be there. I spent some time their. Then a lot of people came Drago, Nikolay and his gfriend. I asked sali to borrow me his bike for a while and rided around the town, relaxing and getting to know the town. I went through a place they call “The trolley museum”. A little before I bringed back the bike I went to the city park (Sonsbeek). Prayed a bit in the park staying on a bench roundabout the trees and the singing birds, who I guess was praising the almighty! Then I went back to Sali spent some time their installed Counter Strike 1.6CS on his notebook for his son named Minko. And went back to home, ate and watched a bit of Ben Hur. Afterwards I went to bed after a short prayer and reading of the Old testament.END—–