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Cisco Courses or how the Sunday passed?

Monday, February 4th, 2008

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In the morning I stand up somewhere around 8:40 I went to a Liturgy as always. It’s such a joy to be in the House of the LORD! :)Right after the Church going I, nomen and Sha’nar (e.g. Niki) had to go to a Cisco Course. It was a sort of boring as usual. After the course we went to a Coffee called central (I and Niki ate spaghetti with vegetables). Just after that I saw Lily. I’m really sad that her parents treat her bad just like mine treat me sometimes. But I believe and hopeGod would solve everything very soon. After that in home I have to make the Cisco Assessment Tests for Chapter 6 6/7 in CCNA 1. On some of the questions I cheated because I was pretty lazy to search in the Cisco docs about to figure out the answers by myself here is the site where answers to CCNA 1 are available CCNA Answers . Towards the evening Damqncho called and I went to see him and later, three of us went to a coffee. I have to note that my “inancial status” is not in too good conditions Nomen tipped all the time for which I’m largely thankful :). Also I have to share my joy from yesterday because my grand parents (My father ones) decided to make me a present and give me a sum of 1000 lv. to buy a laptop. Actually having a laptop is a dream of mine for years. Also what I have to note is this is a direct response to a prayer. Few times ago I mentioned in my prayers that I need a laptop what can I say. I guess God heard my prayers. So Glory be to him for being so merciful to me and the whole earth! Be blessed oh God Lord of Hosts ! 🙂 Yesterday was a pretty funny day too I met Hellpain a friend of mine who works in Sofia but temporary he is on a official trip in Varna. So I spend almost 3 great hours with this great guy! 🙂 At Friday Night I and Alex drinked wine in the central park (again good spned time). What should be noted is that friday is a celebrity called “Trifon Zarezan” or said in a simple english The Alcohol lover’s day :). It’s a tradition for a long time on this day for a close friends to gather together and drink heavily.I haven’t had so much fun for a lot of time. So thanks and Glory to God who grant me with all this 🙂 I can see a great blessing with a good guys friends in my life. So anywayz I have to say again Thanks to God for all his mercies to me the sinner :)END—–