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About Me

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

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Hey there,

My name is Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev and I'm a 36 years old Free Software enthusiast, hobbyist Presently my competences are into the field of System administration. I am also a devoted Orthodox Christian. With a deep interests into religion in general and in Christianity in particular. I am a big fan of all kind of Unix like systems like: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD,DOS and other various obscure computing. I'm also interested into philosophy and business administration. My hobbies include playing old arcade games, trips to a new places, preferably nature filled places, Mountain, Waterfalls, Woods, Beautiful Monasteries etc. In my free time I also like watching movies: Mostly spiritual movies, or movies with a deeper meaning. Currently I'm a happy family man.
Here in my blog you'll find mostly stuff about my unix/linux adventures and other geek tech adventures, personal life, thoughts on life, religion, christianity, philosophy and art. To know a bit more about my professional comptenences and work experiense please see my CV.
If you want I can help you or just have a personal correspondence of a sort Contact me here reach me in or contact me in Linkedin via /in/georgihipo

Wish you Best in your life question and Thanks for dropping by!