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Bulgarian German Dictionary

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

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Today I tried Holux Slim 236 GPS receiver device working over bluetooth. I was ableto connect it to Ubuntu 7.10 using a gentoo howto. Launching xgps showed a sortof radar circle with satellites. I tried to use gpsdrive to test it, but unfortunatelyI figured out gpsdrive has only maps for 3 countries Germany US and something.I searched also for some other solutions but haven’t found anything which can be usedas a Linux native, luckily Route 66 ran fine with WINE. Tomorrow We’ll go tothe Vali’s computer shop to test if the device is running smoothly. I should alsomention The Lord’s grace which keeps me going on! Blessed, Blessed, Blessed is our Lord!Yesterday we went to TechnoPolice and bought a USB Bluetooth dongle. Luckily the diviceworks fine. Tomorrow will see if the Route 66 program and Linux would work together.It’s a cool time because I learn a lot of new things. BTW the Toshiba Laptop amodel L40 G14 has been at home on Saturday morning. I really enjoyed playing withit. It would be great if someday I can afford one :). Servers keep runnig wellthanks to God.I started searching a Bulgarian German Dictionary for Linux but I haven’t foundany looks that there isn’t still available. This is a big Hole in Bulgarian FreeSoftware env somebody has to fill it creating a German Dictionary. In the meantime I tried a bunch ofWindows Bulgarian/German Dictionaries from Gaberoff Koral FreeGerman dictionaryhas a problem with the Bulgarian words encodings. After that I tried BigDic which seems to workpretty well with wine (keep in mind that wine has to be ran like xport LANG=bg_BG.CP1251; wine proggie.exe ) oryou’ll see a lot of monkeys instead of Bulgarian symbols. BigDic supports also Bulgarian -> French. and English -> Bulgarian. All this makes it a pretty neat app. unfortunately BigDic is a 15 Trial.I thinked a bit about creating an German -> Bulgarian dictionary for Linux.Everything I need for this is a database with words in German plaintext,and a database in Bulgarian ( probably some of the Freeware dictionaries have).I have to dig on the topic more if I have more time. Did I mentioned I startedlearning Dutch? It sounds very “Hrr”. :). Btw today I had to open 2 cd iso filesFor Route 66, but I was lazy and googled for a “gui program iso linux”. What I found isAcetoneISO, the program seems to do a good job, the only downfall is it’s a kde app!Also there is a gtk unofficial port dedicated to users. The home site of the app is . The project Manager Nikolinacalled today and said she has a problem with her mail client ( Mozilla Thunderbird ).I hate to hear about mail server / client problems. I asked her did they tried to reinstall the program.She said “Well No, but we have tried adding more Memory, Bobb thought it’s a lack of memory that causes the problem.After we have put more RAM still the problem remains. :)” Later after Thunderbird reinstall the problem was solved.Blessings in the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!END—–