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The Age of Transitions – a Documentary on Transhumanism and Eugenics – A quick look on where might the world be shortly headed

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

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While watching some stuff on PostHumanism, trying to educate myself a bit further. I've came across a very interesting movie titled The Age of Transitions
The movie author is probably a Christian. The aim of the movie is to look to how deeply the world has changed, since the last 11 years since 09/11/2001.

The movie looks in deepness, how transhumanism ideas for superiority and escalation of some should be over others. Actually what it speaks for is that many organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF and probably even United Nations, are very delibarately following a pre-set agenda leading the society. To live a world, where there will be no clear distinguishing between what is real and what is unreal .

It appears one of the major ideas of Eugenics is the desire for species and "world sterilization".

We're actually clearly seeing the sterilization happening all the time. Most of the products, we buy has to already be somehow sterilized well "packaged" in a hygienic way, so any possible disturbance of the "set safety" measures to be run off. If one thinks today even the water is being "sterilized". The movie explains in short, how the idea of TranceHumanism and Transhumanists is to transit themselves and current society to a society of Post Humans which in essence will be no human anymore. But would be a society totally depending on latest technology to do their daily duties. We see this happening step by step even in our age. Day after day our dependency on high technology and technological R&D's is raising up. This is more than disturbing, as this will probably put an end to the world as we know it.

A quick Fore-Warning on PostHumanism and some crazy transhumanist scienties speeches

Even the electronic music which is the main music so heavily preferred is part of the people's transition to an age of transhumanism in which people are not human anymore but a synthesisez cyborgs. Actually I was quite stunned Aldous Huxley's the author the so famous SCI-FI book Brave New World is a brother of Julian Huxley , one of the most notable Transhumanist supporters in history so far…
I thought his brave new world book used to be a critism on one possible terrible scenario for our world. However now when I have learned myself a bit deeper on Transhumanism and PostHumanism, I'm starting to think his position was also for this new world ordertranshumanism

There are a lot of American educational organizations, which for years are researching and following the agenda of transhumanists. Just to name a few this is Berkley, MIT, NASA, there are also plenty of universities "living in the spirit of transhumanism" ideology and implanting in students minds a transhumanism ideology in still officially Christian Europe as well as all around the world.

As you can see in the movie explained, achieving the full pre-set agenda of transhumanist objectives would require advanced genetics, cybernetics and pharmacological enhancement, as well as molecular nanotechnology.

By the way the so called trans-sexuality that is so modern today, and the promotion of gay and lesbian culture as being something good is probably also a direct consequence of the influence of a transhumanist ideology., as Transhuman iteral  meaning is "beoynd human".

Trans-sexuallity which is heavily plaused by most in young generation is one thing which is considered beyond normal human and this mindset in youngesters is a direct consequence of the modern pop-rock, movies and advertisement industry.

Lets hope God will never allow humanity to end up in state envisioned by transhumanists.  Lets have faith and hope, we will be suddenly awaken from the deep slumber and see how our detachment from our  Lord Jesus Christ and attachment to evil is leading is into our own destruction…


The Age of Transitions (full length documentary

If you like the movie and you find it contains a serious fore-warning to one very dark possible human future, make sure you share it with your closest people and best friends to warn them on why they should oppose transhumanism and why transhumanism and posthumanism is contrary on the original free-will God given freedom ….