Playing Doom 2 on Nokia 9300i using C2Doom for S80

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Few weeks ago, I was able to install and run properly
the wonderful oldschool game a favourite choice of every
computer geek there Doom 2 on my Nokia 9300i.
It took me a while until I was able to make the game work correctly
on this smartphone, well anyways.
Here is step by step explanation on how, I achieved in running the game
on the Nokia 9300i.

1. Download and install The c2doom file on your mobile
2. Download Doom 2′s original WAD file
3. Copy the file to your mobile via bluetooth and store it somewhere
on your memory card or the main drive (The Communicator).

This should be it, Doom2′s nokia program will automatically scan your mobile
phone drives and determine if doom’s wad is available and if it’s available
will automatically run the game with the found wad file.
I believe C2DOOM would support both Doom.wad
(to enable you play doom 1) and Doom2.wad to play (Doom 2).
I even tried C2Doom with the freedoom available WAD files,
unfortunately the game won’t run with them.
It hangs right after loading the wad file. So playing freedoom via C2DOOM
is impossible at the present moment. Let’s hope the future releases of the doomport for Nokia C2DOOM will support it as well.
Just to conclude the post, let me tell you that the game play and everything
is identical to the original PC DOOM 2 game. This is really awesome!
Even Doom 2′s cheats like:

1. idkfa – grants you all the weapons
2. iddqd – grants you immortality
work in the game
The original download page of the Doom game port for Symbian is located here
Check it out for even more stuff, the website provides you with other valuable
cool stuff, like for example the Doom Music Player which
is able to play you doom’s soundtrack 🙂 Pretty Cool man, pretty Cool! 🙂

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