Playing Day of the Tentacle on Nokia 9300i through ScummVM ! :)

A week ago I played a bit with my Nokia Communicator 9300i phone.
I have a gamer background so the good old dos games as well as the
rest of the arcade video games I used to play in my youth has missed
me a lot. A quick search in Google revealed that the Free Software
Lucas Arts Emulator ScummVM
/> is able to run on the oldy Symbian OS on my smart phone Nokia Communicator 9300i.
It’s an interesting fact that ScummVM stands for
(Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine) :).Here is how the nice free soft enabled me to play the wonderful oldschool game:
Day of the Tentacle (or as more known in true gamers world Maniac Mansion 2).

1. I’ve used the following scummvm symbian mobile s80 release.
It was truly my pleasure that scummvm worked out of the box. Next I had to download
a version of Day of the Tentacle prepared to run directly with ScummVM from thepiratebay’s
torrent tracker.

2. Here is a prepared to run version of the Day of the Tentacle (DOTT) game for scummvm .
In order to run the game, download the below tar archive untar it, and copy it to some dir
in your mobile. Next start your ScummVM and choose the directory where the game is stored.
And voila, the game works perfeclty.
I was amazed to see that the game could work so flawless on the Nokia.
Anyways I have to note that sometimes, game is a bit sluggish for a couple of secs.
It even crashed my phone once when I received a phone call during play.
Apart from this minor issues, it’s really great to loose some time with this good oldy while
waith on the bus stop or travelling around. 🙂

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