Orthodox New Testament Bible & Psalms (Psalter) translated from Greek

In relation with some of my previous posts earlier. I looked for an Orthodox versionof the Bible in English. My instant search for that was stimulated because I suspect that many of the protestantbibles are not accurate enough.
For instance many words meanings are translated to be in accordance with sometraditional protastant popular teachings. This of course if happens too often could sometimes even change wholesentence meanings.
All I can find so far is a translation of the Orthodox New Testament & The Psalms
from Greek. Originally they reside on on the followingEastern Orthodox website . For some convenience I’ve mirrored both the Orthodox New Testament & The Psalms.
They can be downloeded:
1. The Orthodox New Testament Septuagint translation from greek
2. As well as the The Psalter
.A version of the Bulgarian Orthodox Bible is located here .Some more interesting articles concerning orthodoxy are located on the orthodox study bible website
.That’s mostly what I can find as an orthodox bible. If I find something more I’ll blog it.By the way today I red about St. Justin the Martyr. Who used to be a phisopher in the tradition of Sacrates and Heraclitesand converted to Christianity and accepted martyrdom for Christ in the distant 165 A.D.Read further for this great Saint and early christian apologist here

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