Fixing video playback issues with VLC Media Player

Tuesday, 9th February 2010

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We are going to fix the chopping, skipping and stutter of the audio with VLC Media Player that sometimes is experienced.
First, open VLC and go to Tools > Preferences. (CTRL+P for those who cant find it)
Hit the Audio tab and change Output: Type to Pulseaudio audio output;
As shown in the picture below:

vlc preferences

Now, change the Show settings option to All and go to Input / Codecs > Access Modules > File ;
Change the caching value to 1500 (there are 1000 milliseconds in a second), 1200 should be okay as well.

vlc preferences

You can adjust this a little higher or lower later. As long as it’s 1000 or above, it should be fine.

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