Enrich your Gnome Desktop with Screenlets Dashboard

Thursday, 24th September 2009

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Yesterday I’ve tried plugin which provides widgetop to your Linux desktop through plugin
for Screenelts for which I’ve said a couple of words in one of my previous posts.
It’s pretty straight forward to install.

1. Download the Dashboard plugin
2. Start screenlets
3. Choose Install and then select the previously downloaded archive file
4. Go to Screenlets Manager and activate the new plugin

Be prepared that on Debian the Dashboard would seem like it’s not gonna work,a warning will pop-up alarming about a problem with Firefox. Well seems the plugin
dislikes iceweasel which basicly is the same thing in Debian.
However there is a button in which you force the plugin to work with icedove you can click.
That would force it to run with Iceweasel as far as I have seen it works with IceWeasel just as goodas in plain Firefox.

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