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Wednesday, 23rd March 2011

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An oldschool friends band had released their band Jude The ObScure website
I know Nikola (the drummer) of the band for quite some time and had a deep old friendship from the old times.
Back in the day he was creating music (writting music) in a band called Solitute – an old bulgarian band from the late years of last century (year 1998-2003), in that past years I was still in my youth and it was quite an inspiring thing to be on a concert in Dobrich’s Youth House (Mladezhki Dom), some concerts were also organized in city schools and even sometimes in the city center.

Jude the Obscure ‘s band guitarist (Milen) is also a good friend from the past he even was schoolmate in the same study class as I was.
I remember Milen has this profound attraction to guitars since he was maybe 12 years old. Nikola is playing the drums also from around his thirteens.

Now just a year about I’ve heard that still Nikola and Milen are making music together in a band which has quickly changed a couple of band names.
Nikola and Milen had a number of recorded songs by so far and they currently play together in the band with the artistic name Jude The Obscure .

The genre of their music (Indyrock) is quite an unusual like the band and is quickly increasing the number of fans in the underground scene.

I’m very pleased by the nice songs they have bundled together, presently the website offers for direct play 6 of their recorded band songs.
Two of the band songs comes also with a nice videos you can watch straight from my blog below:

Jude The Obscure – Make us proud

Jude the Obscure – Live in Sofia Oct 2010

What is even better is that the produced music by Jude the Obscure is available freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, which means we can freely distribute the songs without any copyright breaches 😉

I hope the band will very soon put together an album I can enjoy 🙂

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