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Tuesday, 15th September 2009

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A friend of mine Amridikon has suggested me a nice website containing plenty of valueable tech gadgets.
Some of them include things like Wifi/WLAN/Wireless Network Signal Detector (keychain) – That’s a nice keyholder which detects the open Wireless/WLAN networks and saves you time and efforts in bringing out your notebook everytime you’d like to check if open wireless network is available for connection. There are a couple of models you can choose from.
Some of the other handy gadgets are:
Dual SIM Cards .
My personal favourite is 5-Band GSM/CDMA/3G Handheld Phone Signal Blocker (20M range)
.One more nice thing about this cool website is that all shipment of gadgets bought for sums higher than 50$ (bucks) is free!END—–

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