Burj Al Arab, Towers of the Arabs and my bathing in Arab Sea

Saturday, 17th September 2011

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Burj Al Arab and Dubai shoe pciture

Burj Al Arab is probably the symbol of Dubai and is the 4th tallest hotel in the world as well as 5 star hotel.
The hotel is a majestic peace of modern architecture and is built on artificially made island near Jumeirah beach where the aparment where I sojourn in Dubai is situated ;).

I saw Burj Al Arab hotel building from some distance and it looks really majestic too bad I would not have the time to go closer to it as I would be going on a Safari in the desert. That’s right, they organize a Safari in the desert here with a dinner, they let you ride a camel and even have a belly dancers.
I’m very excited on going to the Safari, as I love Camels and I’ve never been in the wild desert 😉 Thanks God for letting my eyes see this things.
I’ve also tested the Beach here for a second time and the experience is way inferior if compared to any of the Black Sea Resorts we have in Bulgaria and possibly in many locations in Europe.
The Sun here is too strong, so its not a good idea to stay exposed to the sun for more than an hour, also the sea is too salty so if your eyes are directly exposede to water its a bit painful for the eyes.
Besides that the sea water is really too warm so it feels a bit like entering in soup stew. Going for a swim in Arabian sea does give you a hot bath after the excessive sun and does not cool you.
I found it interesting the Arab woman bath up in Sea here in UAE with a special long swimming suit (burkas) as they’re called in Arabic.
Here is a picture I’ve found online two Arab woman bathing in sea in Burkas.
Arab woman swimming in Burkas in Arab Sea, United Arab Emirates

Arab Woman Swimming in Burkas in Arab Sea the UAE

By the way the Arab woman look very beautiful wearing these black traditional dress (burka). Also in my view from Christian perspective it’s very righteous kind of think as covering the body and hiding the face reduces the sexual associations one does when seeing a woman and hence should be good from a spiritual perspective.<br><br>However wearing this burkas in the background of all this internationaliazation looks a bit strange. Anyways its worthy for admiration that they were able to keep this pious tradition for so many years, so instead of mocking the Arabs for asking their wifes to wear the burkas I think its we better learn from them and suggest our european woman to be a bit less sexually opened and more pious ;)<br></p>

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  1. hip0says:
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    I couldn't go for the Safari 😐 Something messed up the jeep Planet Yahoo supposed to take me up didn't came or came earlier than I was told by Roland.

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  2. hip0says:
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    I went to the Safari eventually. The driver was late with 20 minutes. The driver was Indinan and the rest 6 people in the offshore jeep was also indian. We drivered through the Sheikh's palace and we went to the desert. It's really crazy and a bit scary at times in the desert. The driver driver like mad and it was way more dangerous than normal at many occasions. One can feel his adrenaline rising up … So suddenly in the desert after a lot of driving without direction the Indian passengers ont he back, started talking in Indian in a loud voice almost screaming. I first thought okay it's the natural way they speak in their mother language. But when the driver stopped  and they all went off the car quarreling in louad Indian, I asked what's happening. The driver said nothing. But it was obviously nothing the Indian Safari travellers were not happy. One of them told me in english, "we're angry because this is not the right desert". I said what?? he said "this is not the right desert". So I further asked him and he explained it was advertised that we were supposed to be led to the other desert which has a red color of sand and this Safari is  illegal!!!! They spoke with the company operator a couple of times. I was in the middle of desert with 5 angry indians and a crazy indian driver. If something happened we could certainly not make our way homе and probably I would have died in the desert and this comment will never be their. So much stress for today pfuuuuufff with this stupid Safari. I almost regret for getting the Safari. It's the first time I'm exposed to Indians and honestly shocking experience… If the police has come it would be total shit going on. Finally after 40 minutes quarrel in the desert we were driver to a camp with camels, food and belly dancers. The camp was nice but I was so shocked from what happened before so I couldn't really enjoy. … I met a girl from Thailand and one Iranian girl has introduced herself to me. The food in the camp was okay, and the belly dance and masked show was interesting. Though the mask show was a bit crazy. They also had dervish dances, In the camp everything completely unorganized and messy. The organizing company of which I'm very dissatisfied is called YahooTourism / Yahoo Tourism. Even though the price of the Safari was only 135 AED (75 EUR), If you're planning to do a Safari never get Yahoo Tourism as probably you will get shit experience.

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