Are you saved? the Orthodox Christian Answer

Thursday, 21st October 2010

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The answer to the so famous in Protestant Christian world of “Are you Saved?”.
And the so wide spread ideas of protestanism of instantly being saved by just acceping our Lord Jesus Christ as a Lord and Saviour.
The Orthodox Christian answer to this very important question you can found in the video below.
I hope this answer will be of help to some protestant Christians out there to realize the deepness and truthfulness Orthodox Christianity holds in itself.

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4 Responses to “Are you saved? the Orthodox Christian Answer”

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    I dont think this is any different from any protestant Christian view.

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      Well as far as I know many protestants denominations believe that in the moment they accept Jesus in their heart they attain salvation. Also if you watch it closely, you will find out the imporance of Eucharist for salvation. Many of the protestant Churchues doesn’t even have an Eucharist. Not to mention that self-denial is something that is not really practiced in many protestant Churches on the contrary. They encourage use the spiritual power of being Christian for material welfare or personal growth.


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    While I do think there is a semantic difference here, it’s minor, and often the most absurd “I’m saved” claimers are the ones focused upon for anti-Protestant views. The fact is if you really believe and comprehend God’s Grace, the response will naturally flow.

    I often think some believe the Prodigal Son when he came back to the father, went back to his past life immediately after the feast. That’s not how grace works. It’s impact on a life is so fantastic, we continually get more and more sanctified and more reflexive. Though that being said sanctified doesn’t mean you become holier and holier all the time. I use the example of Paul. When he describes himself, he constantly describes himself as a worse and worse sinner the farther along his walk with Christ. Why? Was it because Paul kept falling into more and more sin? No. It’s because he saw his sin all the more clearly, and hence his need for the blood of the perfect lamb.

    I will say the early intro of the video describing salvation as happening 2000 years ago was a great concept to consider. I completely agree with that statement, because ultimately it’s all about Him.

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      Thanks you had a good point here.
      Hope to see ya around.

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