A quick way to change picture background with the Gimp

Wednesday, 23rd September 2009

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I wanted to change the background of a picture of a Russian Orthodox Cross I’ve downloaded from the net. After some time spend experimenting and reading a couple of articles online I did it :).
Here is how:
1. Open an Image in Gimp through the File -> Open as Layers menu.2. Use Fuzzy Select tool to select regions based on color of the image you'd like to change the background.3. Open a new File in Gimp via New -> File menus.4. Select again the window containing the image you selected with the Fuzzy Tool and press Ctrl+X.5. Now go again to the newly opened picture and use the: Bucket Fill Tool with some selected color to select thenew background for the future image.6. Now after having a background color already selected use Ctrl+V to paste your previous selection Well congrats, you should now be having the good old image on a shiny new background.END—–

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