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Is there a chosen God people today / What is God’s Chosen Nation / What is the Promised land in the Old Testament?

Friday, December 31st, 2010

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Many of you certainly remember the Holy Bible's old testament. There God chooses the Jewish (Israel) nation to be the nation to inherit the promised land.

If we read the Holy Scriptpures in a spiritual manner, all the things written in are clearly referring to the teachings of the new testament and the other way around.

God has promised to Moses and the Old Testament patriarchs to give them the land, where a milk and honey will be and they wouldn't need to work for it. etc. etc.

But if we really read this kind of promises from a jewish perspective (following the word of the law), this makes no sense?
How is it possible that somebody gets food and drink if he didn't work?
It's not possible!

This verses were clearly referring to the Kingdom of Heaven , where a man doesn't have to work or do thing but lives through God's grace in peace and love eternally, something our limited minds cannot really grasp and thus by trying to explain it we profane what Heaven really is.

So it's that simple the promise land that the Holy trinity has promised us is simply his eternal kingdom which is in heaven.
Thus we as Orthodox Christians should perceive after the looking always of the Heavenly gift and not care too much for the present world.
I'm closely observing myself and sadly enough the world power is too much attractive and I'm always about to be seduced to completely get out of our rock of Salvation which (Christ) is.

It's a very hard times for a true Christians, internationalization makes it even worser for a man to keep even the minimal amount of faith and hope in God.

That's why our Orthodox Churches has long ago been warning us about the internationalization and it's position right now is against the mixture of nations.

The mixture of nations and beliefs is a spiritual babylon in practice.

Back to the topic, thus read from our Orthodox Christian perspective this chosen people which Israel were is actually today God's true servants the devoted Orthodox Christians.

You might argue, why the Orthodox Christians and protestants or Roman Catholics. Well it's very simple Catholics and Protestants has broken too much of the ancient traditions already and had adopted the spirit of rationalism which has been ruling the world for too much.

We in the Orthodox Church as we have kept the traditions as much intact as possible up-to today are still struggling and mostly keeping the ancient Christian spirit, though very sadly this is changing nowdays.
The faith nowdays even in Orthodox Christians has been on a line to completely fade-away, with Roman Catholics and Protestants situation is even worser I believe.

So is there actually nowdays a chosen God people?

The Monks, layman and all Orthodox Church people who try to keep Christ's commandments of love brotherhood and keeping God as a head in our lives

We have that benefit that the path that leads to the Blessed promised land for which the Old Testament teaches us about is already set in, the promised land is existent even while we still live here in the body on this earth.

God's promised land and island of salvation is actually our Holy Orthodox Church, the dovoted God lovers within the realm of the Church is God's chosen people!

We as an Orthodox Christians has been granted by God a big grace and a big blessing, but with the big blessing always comes bigs responsibilities.

When I look in my life and try to weighten how much I do live a life like an Orthodox Christian I do really want to cry hard.

I know many other Orthodox Christians can also recognize this in our lives, we're living in a terrible times truely.

Further on on the question Are there a chosen God People in modern times ?, are the Israel chosen people yet like in the Old Days?

Definitely not, Jewish were chosen because The Messiah our saviour Jesus Christ (The Son of God) and God himself had to be incarnated in flesh die and suffer for all of the humanity.

But since the Jewish had crucified our Saviour, all that Jewish that haven't repented earnestly and turned to Christ by entering the Orthodox Church are not a chosen people any more.

Whoever is against the Son of God and Jewish are definitely against is actually against God. Whoever doesn't recognize God's eternal love, a love that has made God turn into man and suffer for our sins couldn't inherit the promised land neither be chosen anymore.

I've heard some of the prophecies made by some of Our Orthodox Christian Saints (Holy Fathers) says that Slavonic Orthodox Christian Nations would have an union when the Anti-Christ appears in the World.

According to this ancient prophecies by St. Nile/ st.Nil – a Athonite Monk the Slavonic Nations will have a king presumably (The King of Russia) and he will lead all the Slavonic nations to wage a war against the Anti-Christ.

I don't know if this prophecies are credible, but as far as I've read they're if it's really true this means that maybe someday my country Bulgaria Along with Russia and the other Slavonic Nations will really unite in faith and will fight the ungodly kingdom of the AntiChrist.

It's really I can't find any resources which had an exact translation about this prophecies.
Anyways back to the topic What are the God's chosen people nowdays (today)? , just in case if the Prophecies about the Chosen Slavonic Nations by God who will oppose the kingdom of the AntiChrist are true, then certainly, we the Slavonic (Bulgarians, Serbians, Macedonians, Russians, Ukrainians etc. etc.) and presumably other Orthodox Christians will unite and will march against the tyranny of the AntiChrist.
In that sense it could be that we The Orthodox Slavonics are also today's God chosen people.
I truly hope so! Only time will tell if this is true or not. And time and future is in God's hands for sure!

How to remove the meta generator Content (Joomla! – Copyright) in Joomla 1.5

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

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Do you wonder How to change <meta name="Generator" content="Joomla! – Copyright (C) 2005 – 2007 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved." /> in Joomla 1.5

If yes, Here is how I've just found to remove the:


in my Joomla installation.

I need to remove that as a part of making my website not to leak out that it runs on top of Joomla.

So here is how:

1. Go to your Joomla website main root directory
2. Edit /libraries/joomla/document/html/renderer/head.php
Look for line: 83 in the /libraries/joomla/document/html/renderer/head.php
There you will notice the code:

$strHtml .= $tab.'<meta name="generator" content="'.$document->getGenerator().'" />'.$lnEnd;

In order to remove the <meta name="generator" content="Joomla …." /> change the above code to something like:

$strHtml .= $tab.'<meta name="generator" content="My Custom Web site Generator name" />'.$lnEnd;

That's all now next time you refresh your website the content="Joomla! – Copyright (C) 2005 – 2009 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved." will be no more.
Cheers! 🙂

How to add visitor/visitors counter in Joomla based website using the VINAORA joomla plugin

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

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One of the websites based on Joomla, that I’m managing, had to have the option to show a Visitors Counter on the page bottom.

I did some research online to check for some Joomla plugins that are capable of aiming my Joomla installation with the Visitor Counter feature.

There are a couple of plugins available out there that are able to provide a Joomla installation with a Web Counter, however I’ll just mention the few which I have tested myself.
The ones I’ve tested myself are;

2. Count your Visitors
3. Cool Hits Counter
and finally the one that I really liked the most:


All the prior 3 aforementioned VCNT, Count your Visitors and Cool Hits Counter, are actually working right after installation. I haven’t had the time to test them thoroughfully but from a first look they appear to be counting the visitors.

The Count your visitors – joomla plugin’s download main page was in German with no option to revert to English, so that wasn’t nice.

Though the plugin seems to work fine after just downloaded and installed and configured from

Extensions -> Module Manager

The configuration options for Count your visitors are quite obscure but if you’re a looking for a really simple way to count your Joomla based website visitors it might be a good choice. The plugin is based on the initial Joomla module called Statistics.

By the way I’ve read some reports online that actually Joomla 1.5 also includes some kind of minimal integrated web counter embedded in itself throughout the Joomla Statistics module .
However I personally couldn’t really follow the methods describe to take advantage of the Joomla install integrated Statistics module, however if somebody has already succeeded in using the Statistics default joomla module I’ll be glad, if he shares with me.

I’ve found the VCNT visitor statistics plugin a handy one, but this module had this major problem that the VCNT 1.5 text which was appearing as a heading before the statistics was hard to wipe out of my web page, so eventually I got pissed of and thought and tested the Cool Hits Counter.

The Cool Hits Counter is actually a simplistic module which presents a counter about visitors on the web site in numeric digit numbers.
These module uses the integrated Joomla 1.5 module mod_stats the only difference is the support for numeric digit numbers.

As I’ve said none of the above modules wasn’t flexible enough and therefore wasn’t what I was looking for, thus I decided to use my installed VINAORA Joomla web(users) counter plugin.

The VINAORA is actually quite straight foward to configure, right after installation to start with the configuration I had to navigate to:

Extension -> Module Manager -> Vinaora Visitors Counter -> Module Parameters

Since I wanted just a simple counter without any external statistics I personally prefered using Vinaora’s counter with the optionsDisplay Mode: Simple as well as the Zero-Statistics turned on to (Yes)

Some of the other options I found to be best matching my desires for the Visitors Counter was:

Show Title: No and Position: Left

Now I had this shiny visitors statistics in my Joomla installation but there was the annoying Link in my Visitors Counter appearing on the page, thus in order to remove the default link Visitors Counter which was pointing to the VINAORA’s web page, I had to edit the file:
modules/mod_vvisit_counter/tmpl/default.php located in my Joomla Document Root directory.

First I’ve edited the code on line 21 where I’ve removed out the Vinaora string since I didn’t wanted any reference to Vinaora to occur in my Joomla HTML code.

In line 162 in the code:

$html .= ….

By removing it I’ve completed scraped out the annoying references to VINAORA and their link to website and thus made the Visitors counter a look a bit more professional.

Now the counter is working with a graphical numeric digits and everything is just fine with my Web counter Joomla counter thanks to VINAORA 🙂

Ghost in the Shell I & II – A nice Cyberpunk Manga, Anime movie (must seecyberpunk)

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

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Ghost in the Shell I && II, Manga Anime Batou and his dog

I’ve heard about Ghost in a Shell a couple of days ago from a website which reviewed some cyberpunk movies, I found it as a recommended one for people who are interested into a Cyberpunk movie genre.
As an IT guy for quite some time I have this interest into electronics and therefore my interest into futuristic ideas of a merge between Technology and Bio-organisms.
I just watched the second part of the Ghost in the Shell so I thought it will be nice to blog about it and try to make like a short review on the movie:)

Ghost in the Shell is a Japan movie and as such, always a bit hard to grind by an Europeans.

Thanksfully the movie plot and the acts in were a bit more sane than Serial Experiments Lain

I should say that Ghost in the Shell had a good Futuristic charge, the only thing I disliked about it that there were too many killings and sometimes it was a bit hard to grasp what is happening in the movie.

The movie is actually a composition of Anime. The exact genre of the animation is actually a cybepunk thriller
The movie has some quite a good fighting scenes, but sometimes is a bit too slow and too much strained but if you have watched another Japanese movies, you will already know that this also part of the charm of the Japanese animation cinema 🙂

Something I didn’t completely liked about the movie was some of the movie characters (Cyborgs and robots etc.) were a bit too rigid, but I guess since they’re an AI, I can assume this is Okay.

The Ghost in a Shell movie tells a story about a futuristic police dealing with electronic security breaches. The main actors in the movie are The Major / Kusanagi,A bio-Cyborg and a pure human, who are equipped and trained to fight technology-related crimes (murders etc.). and consntantly battle in a real world and simulated neural networks, servers, Operating systems, hack into etc.

The referrence for “The Major” consntatly commented in the movie comes due to the movie actor Kusinagi’s past rank in Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Kusinagi is capable of superhuman feats, and bionically specialized for her job — her body is almost completely mechanized, only her brain and a segment of her spinal cord remain organic.

There are influence of William Gibson probably to the movie especially from Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy

The cyberpunk mangas under the name Ghost in the Shell were adapter after the movie from the 1995 again named Ghost in the Shell
There are two parts of the Manga films:

1. Ghost in the Shell (also known as Ghost in the Shell I) directed by Mamoru Oshii
and2. Ghost in the Shell II: Innocense (came out in 2004).

In Ghost of the Shell II includes the character Batou which is actually a bio-cyborg or something and is quite a major actor and a guy that enpowers the movie.

Further on I’ve read that there are also Anime Series of Ghost in the Shell but I still haven’t checked them so I can’t say much about it.

The Japanese movie probably has turned quite a lot of interest in the realm of Cyberpunk fans, since even a novel and video games sprawned inspired by the film.

Even a notable best sellers and top modern movies as the Matrix – by the Wachowski brothers have shared about the influence of Ghost in the Shell I in making the Matrix movie.
I believe this info will be enough for you to get interested into Ghost in the Shell and either buy it or download it from thepiratebay 🙂
The notion of the Cyberpunk presented in the movie is really, really high! So I warmly recommend you the movie if you’re into Cyberpunk!

Fixing/(Work Around) periodically occuring TrackPoint Thinkpad R61 issues on Debian GNU/Linux

Monday, December 27th, 2010

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My notebook had problems every now and then, my notebook TrackPoint to which I’m firmly accustomed and I use it instead of the integrated touch point to the notebook

I personally find the trackpoint to be a way more handier and convenient than the normal embeded notebook mouse.

Thus I found it quite a hell, that every now and then suddenly my trackpoint went dead (e.g. my mouse pointer completely stopped responding when it is navigated with the TrackPoint device).

This freezing of my trackpoint were really irritating, there were two ways to fix the issues actually:

1. Restart the XServer (Xorg) && GNOME respectivelyor

2.Change the current Trackpoint configured Speed and Sentivitity, with the commands as shown below:

# Configure Thinkpad
echo -n 120 > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/speed
echo -n 250 > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/sensitivity

Thus just recently an I was enlighted with an idea on how to work around the trackpoint hanging issues;

I thought if the above two lines of code are aligning the trackpoint speed and sentitivity and thus restoring back my trackpoint functionality, why I don’t just put the two lines into a tiny bash shell script and set it to routinely execute on crontab.

Well guess what my idea seems to work like a charm! just till now!

It’s been almost a week since I have put the above two lines in a script in /usr/sbin/

The script executes via cron on every 30 minutes, like so:

0,30 * * * * /usr/sbin/ >/dev/null 2>&1

The /usr/sbin/ script contents are as follows:

#!/bin/shecho -n 120 > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/speed
echo -n 250 > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/sensitivity

You can download my thinkpad trackpoint hanging issues work-around script here

Place the script whenever you like or create it from scratch by copy pasting the code into a file into a certain destination set it on a cron and your issues should be fixed up.

Feedbacks if the problem is solved on other thinkpads is very welcome!

Happy Christ Birth – Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas Rejoice for the Saviour of the world is born!

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

< 1 min readour of the world is born!It’s again Christmas! One of the brightest times in the year for all the humanity humanity.Happy Christ Birth! – Merry Christmas! – Chestito Rozhdetvo Hristovo! Hristos se Rodi!

Nativity of Christ Orthodox Icon with Merry Christmas greeting!, Happy Christ Birth

It’s really sad that least of the people do understand the deep meaning behind Christmas or at least have any insight on what has happened on Christmas.

This bright celebration has slowly turned into a tradition that many families keep, Christmas tree has substituted the burning light of Christ living in many of the Christian families throughout the world.

From a time for repentance and realization of the great God’s mercy in his worldly embodiment of himself and begging God for mercy it has changed into a celebration in which people gather to eat and drink a lot, listen to ungodly music, watch TV, concentrate on the Christmas tree, the Christmas gifts or Santa Claus.

Slowly the world has been deceived by the enemy of mankind that Christmas is a celebration that a man has to please himself instead of please God.
Oh how much we have fallen from God’s eternal grace and mercy! Woe to us for we think about good deeds and charity mostly in that period of the year.
Sadly enough most of us are good only on Christmas and few days after the salt of the Christ’s birth and the grace coming with it disappears even to us the Orthodox Christians and worries does penetrate our hearts.
Instead of engraving this light celebration in our hearts and keep the great grace givin to us by God by enabling us to celebrate the feast for one more year, we focus on garments and the cold and meaningless greeting Merry Christmas
In the past when our fathers and mothers were greeting themselves with Merry Christmas they really knew what Merry Christmas means.
This is no more, the time of the year associated with Merry Christmas is by most of us associated with a time of the year where, we have a holiday without work, a time for fashion, shopping and entertainment.

Thus I found it necessary here in this post that I dig a bit into the meaning of Christmas and concentrate on the great importance this feast has in the True Christ Church which nowdays is the Orthodox Church

Let me start with the Etymology of the the word Christmas with whic we the modern “Christian” people greet ourselves on the Nativity of Christ with the known by everybody (even non-christians) Merry Christmas! greeting.

Originally the word Christmas has been a shortening word for the ancient latin word Christmessa / Christmesse / Christmaesse which literally translated means Christ’s festival / Christmas day. The definition can be further investigated in The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology: The Origins of American English Words

Further on let me proceed with the importance of Christmas as they call it on the west or (Rozhdestvo Hristovo – The Birth of Christ) or similar words in the Slavonic world).

Christmas is the second feast by importance in the Orthodox Church year, right after the Orthodox Easter (The feast when we celebrate the Glorious Resurrection from the death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
In fact today is the third day of Christmas. The biggest part of the world already celebrates Christmas time starts after 24:00 o’clock on 24th against 25-th of December.
In the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the Nativity of Christ or (Rojdestvo Hristovo), is currently also celebrated on the the eve of 25th of December.

The Roman Catholics, Anglicans and most of the Protestant Denominations, Calvinists and Protestants reformed churches also celebrate the Christmas even on the night of 24th against 25 of December.

Originally the Christmas in the Eastern Orthodox World has been celebrated for many ages on the eve of 6th against 7th of January.

However for not too much clear reasons (to me) the Christmas date has been changed also to the 25th of December in many Orthodox Churches throughout the world.

Generally speaking each of the local Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas either on 25th of December or the 7th of January.

The celebration of Christmas feast or (Rojdestvo) is not a problem actually for the unity of the Orthodox Church, since it was decided that each of the Orthodox Churches could celebrate Christmas in a set date either to the New Calendar or the Old one (Nov Stil / Star Stil).

The Old style of celebrating the feast is historically the more ancient one and many Orthodox Christians especially monks believe it’s more appropriate, however from a purely rational point of view it is proven by the Gregorian Roman catholic calendar that the way calendar dates are being counted in the Orthodox Church creates a lag of days in for instance 1000 years of time.
I wouldn’t get into details about the difference between the Old Style and the New Style and I’ll let you further investigate if you’re interested.
Nevertheless it’s an absolute rule in our Orthodox Church that Eastern is always on the same date for in all the local Orthodox Churches.
In general the Churches which celebrate the Christmas eve on 25th of Decemberand therefore follow the New feast date Calendar are:

most Greek Orthodox Churches, Romanian Orthodox Church, Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

The orthodox churches which celebrate Christmas eve on the 7th of January are:

Russian Orthodox Church, Serbian Orthodox Church, Armenian Orthodox Church (here to be noted that Armenians are considered close to orthodox but in reality there is no Church Communion recognized between Armenians and the rest of the Canonical Orthodox Churches worldwide), many monasteries and recluses also have their Nativity of Christ feast on 7th of January including the Orthodox monk’s republic Holy Mount Athos

Since nowadays it’s quite of a discussion is it really right to celebrate the feast of Christmas with Roman Catholics and other Christians, which eventually lead many Orthodox local Churches in mini-schizms and many sects has been started like the “old style’s zealots orthodox Christian zealots”
Extremes has ruled out the hearts and the minds of particular Orthodox Christian groups and they consider the acceptance of the New Style of feast celebration as ungodly etc.

Time and reality has proven that this kind of attitudes are not in the spiritu of moderation that we orthodox christians should possess and try to foster and thus many Orthodox Church fathers has openly criticized the extreme of not accepting the new style of feast dates if the local Orthodox Church of the layman has established it already.
I’ll try to say few words on that as far as my understanding goes, as well as I’m gonna put my own personal perspective.

Officially the New Calendar or the New Style of feast dates in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has been officially established in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 18.06.1968 by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church Holy Synod.

This has come a few years (I believe) after the same kind of new calendar of some particular church feasts has been introduced by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Some of the firm supporters of the Old Style (Star Stil), claim that this kind of change of the calnedar in the Greek Orthodox Church has happened a while after the Meletius IV has been Ecumenical patriarch in the Orthdox Church, with an argument of his name claimed to be found on a famous Masonry website listing the names of famous members that belonged to their lodge.
I have no clue if this is a mirror or not and to be honest I don’t really believe it’s because of that.
We shouldn’t forget that Christ is the navigator of our Orthodox Church and therefore it’s in his power to decide what kind of direction the Church will, even if the story with the patriarch Masonry is true.
If it wasn’t God’s will for the Greek, Bulgarian and consequently Romanian Orthodox Church to adopt the new style of feast celebration sooner or later God will put a righteous people at the Church’s headship and by his inspiration will make the dates to be reversed!

So I believe this kind of thinking concerning the date of Christmas change to 25th of December and it’s relation with a global conspiracy theories is quite destructive for us as Christians and my personal spiritual life has shown me that this kind of thinking could of masonry conspiracies etc. and the constant attempting to link spiritual and material realm can only bring bipolar disorders, fears, sleepless nights paranoia etc.
So if some orthodox Christian has been very interested into this kind of things I warn you to beware and step back from digging into this kind of information and consult with your spiritual father immediately for an advise and blessing for what is suitable for reading and what not!

The Starostilci (Or Old Stylers Orthodox Christians) unfortunately are one of the Christian sects also in Bulgaria, their supporters and “Church Leaders” does support the insane idea described below and are more and more getting out of their minds. Again beware of this kind of thinking and try to flee away from extremes, concentrate on your personal spiritual life instead of concentrating on legends and rumors!

Apart from that I should confess that the New Style or the new Church calendar adopted in many orthodox churches in practice is creating a lot of problems.
Let me give you a real life example, as of now I’m in Holland and the nearest canonical Orthodox Church is located in Nijmegen is a Russian Orthodox Church. I was not sure just until recently how to proceed with the lent (the Christmas fasting time), should I follow the New Calendar Style festival Church Style (Nov Stil) or do adhere to the (Old One).
As I’m here and attending the Russian Orthodox Church in Nijmegen and as a Russian Orthodox Chrch they’re adhering as the rest of the Russian Church to the Old Church Calendar, it was quite strange for me when should I fast.

In our Bulgarian Orthodox Church where I had been a regularly attending the lent starts a week earlier compared to the Orthodox Churches which adhere to the Star Stil.

Therefore I started following the fasting according to the Bulgarian Church feast days calendar, and according to this calendar the Christmas day or the (Rozhdestvo Hristovo) is on 25th of December.
I followed completely this kind of Nov Stil and apparently found out that according to some Church rules I should in reality adhere to church calendar of the Orthodox Church parish where I’m currently in this situation (to the Russian Orthodox Church.

It was a bit late and it was completely confusing for me as I’ve tried to fast as much as I can to the Bulgarian orthodox Calendar and now after I’ve talked with a hieromonk a friend of mine and he explained me that I should stick to the Russian Church rules and Celebrate Christmas on 7th of January.
I’ve never in my life to be honest celebrated Christmas on 7th of January and actually I tried to celebrate it already on 25th and this makes it this whole situation even more stranger and confusing, not to mention that I’ve already stpoped fasting (olazhih se) as we say in Bulgarian.

Now after Father Sergii’s consultation I’ve been given the advise to continue without fasting until Christmas and after Christmas to fast for a week and Celebrate Christmas on 7th of January so I’ll try my best to follow this advise.
Still I believe this literal example shows up some of the difficulties and division that this calendar differences within some Orthodox Churches actually seperates the Orthodox Church local life and distracts the Church unity.

Anyways enough complatining, back to the topic It’s Christmas time! Our Lord has been born from the Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary)! We’re blessed to celebrate one more Christmas!
I wish all my readers to rediscover the meaning of the feast Nativity of Christ to focus on their prayer life and the spiritual instead of being deceived and look on the material expression and shiness of Christmas which distracts the soul from being able to absorb God’s abundant grace given on us in this graceful times to us the Orthodox Christians.

I also wish you have a good health, joy, peace and a moderate New-Year time!
I hope God will open my heart and mind to understand the real meaning of this sacred celebration and to really value it and rejoice!

Sadly enough I haven’t been enough vigilant to rejoice in this Christmas time and allowed personal worries to distract the joy of our Saviour Birth.

Do not let the same happen to you, rejoice in God and put aware the worldly worries!

For conclusion I end up with this wonderful deaply meaningful Macedonian Serbian Christmas Orthodox song:

I’ll close the article by giving Glory to our God, Glory be to Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit now and Forever and ever! Amen!

How to fix is this you on this pic virus on Windows Vista

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

3 min read
Is your pc infected with a annoying virus/spyware (worm) which constantly tries to distribute itself over Skype or the other messangers you’re using?

The virus spreads around the message similar to the message is this you on this pic?
The second part of is this you on this pic? consists of an URL which is actually randomly generated
The virus behaviour is that it sends a link to a random hostname which does contain the spyware itself and gets infected the Windows PC of the person who is naive enough to open the link.

What is really annoying about this virus is that it sends around to random people in the skype contact list advertisement the virus like shown in the paste below directly from my Skype program:
[Sun Dec 19 2010 12:18:55] salinuriev: is this you on pic? etc.

The virus uses an old cracker’s trick “provoking the people’s curiosity by initiating personal message with the link to a picture”.

I should say the Virus creators has done a good job since the first time I saw the virus I was stupid enough to open the link, as it was naturally part of one of my conversations in Skype.
Luckily I’m using GNU/Linux and an old skype version and therefore my PC couldn’t get infected by the malware.

Recently the family which lives in the same house as me herem, had their notebook infected with the virus and since they’re not too much computer literated asked me to help them in fixing their Windows Vista from this sticky virus.

It took me a while to find out the solution, but eventually I cleared it up!

In this article I’ll describe step by step what I did to clean up the virus:

1. Make sure you have some kind of Antivirus software installed;

If you do not have an antivirus software installed on your PC you should get one:

I personally prefer Avira as it’s a freeware for personal use, other Antivirus softwaresyou might use is AVG or if you can afford to buy one, then I would advise you to pick up NOD32.
Another option of yours is to use one of the NOD32 cracked versions with the FixIt crack file applied.
The cracked NOD32 can easily be find in or some other major torrent racker, however be awarethat using a cracked version of NOD32 might endanger your PC. Many of the available distributed NOD32 said to a cracked onesare actually contains viruses or spyware attached to either the crack or the NOD32 main executable or ldd (libraries).

2. Install MalwareBytes and check your PC for spyware/malware software

Check out my previous post about the Malwarebytes

3. Download and run Oldtimer’s TFC.exe

TFC will close ALL open programs including browser etc. It’s necessary that the file is run with Administrator in Windows Vista.

After the program starts up press the Start button to begin the cleaning process and let the program complete.
The moment TFC prompts you for a reboot you will have to agree.

What TFC does is it does check all the Temporary Files folders in your Windows and deletes all the junk and old files.
This is very nice actually since many of today’s viruses, spyware and malware keep themselves copies in the Temporary Files folders and execute themselves from there during boot.
One more thing to know some antivirus softwares including TrendMicro’s Housecall will consider the TFC to contain a Trojan, however you can safely ignore this warning since the detection is incorrect.
4. Use trendmicro’s housecall Online Virus Scan

HouseCall – Free Online Virus Scan

This is quite handy tool, the disadvantage is that you leave an external program over the internet to mess up with your files, however if you really want to get rid of the Skype spamming worm virus , you have no other choice.

Download either the Housecall for a 32bit or for 64bit in accordance to your Windows platform and the program will scan your system for you and hopefully clean up the trojan.

Following this 4 steps cleaned up the PC from the is this you on the pic? infection!

I hope that all has been cleared but with closed proprietary systems like Windows you never know … If there are some further problems I’ll try to post about them in the comments here.
Users feedback on how well this article helped is also mostly welcome!

Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 3 Win XP SP2, SP3 + Bulgarian Language Pack for Download

Friday, December 24th, 2010

2 min read
Recently I had to fix up an old Compaq PC, 800Mhz CPU speed, 20GB hdd, 256 MBytes of memory.
Since the PC wasn’t used for a long time and already had Windows Installed it was necessary that I update the PC’s default InstalledWindows installation to prevent the OS from getting infected immediately after it’s connected to the net.

The Windows XP installed on the desktop PC had only Service Pack 1 and thus the Windows was quite obsolete.
It took me a while of googling and downloading to Download XP Service 1 and XP’s Service pack 3 and install them on the PC.

Moreover the PC needed to have installed a Bulgarian Language pack, because by default the Windows’s environment was already configured with a Dutch language pack.

I needed the XP’s Bulgarian Language pack cause the PC was about to be sent to Bulgaria and used by some Bulgarian guy who doesn’t have knowledge in either Dutch nor English.

Since it took me a while to find and download and install the XP SP 2,XP SP 3, and the Bulgarian language pack I thought it will be handy to put the three softs together here on my webserver and possibly easify the life of someone who needs to have the 3 pieces of soft installed.

Here are the Win XP SP2, SP3 and the Bulgarian Language pack:

Download WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe / Windows XP Service Pack 2
Download WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe / Windows XP Service Pack 3
Download Bulgarian.Language.Pack.For.Windows.XP.SP2.rar
Downloda Bulgarian Interface Pack for Windows XP.msi

I have to say that it was rather strange but I found two files which actually were about to do the trick of adding cyrillizing the Windows XP install (changing the OS locale to Bulgarian by default).

I’ve personally used the Bulgarian Interface Pack for Windows XP.msi which is a smaller piece of file (3.5MB), The other Language pack – the archive (Bulgarian.Language.Pack.For.Windows.XP.SP2.rar) is actually (5.0M) and I have no clue if it correctly changes the Windows XP default outlook to bulgarian, so if somebody tests it and can confirm it works fine let me know in the comments please 🙂
The two files SP2 and SP3 checksums are:
WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe size is (266M) 59a98f181fe383907e520a391d75b5a7

WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe’s size is (317M) bb25707c919dd835a9d9706b5725af58

The Service Packs I’ve mirrored directly from Microsoft’s website and the Language Packs, were downloaded from a bulgarian website and one of them was sent to me by a friend who is in Bulgaria. It was quite a struggle to actually find the Language Packs since most of the websites where the Language Packs were available were filtered for outside of the Bulgarian Internet space.

I hope this files will be of use to somebody.

Enemy at the Gates a film about the World War II movie review

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

2 min read
Enemy at the Gates second world war 2 movie cover

Yesterday I watched Enemy at the Gates movie. The movie is quite good I really enjoyed.
The story behind the movie is circling around the battle of Stalingrad in the Second World War.

The movie presents the harsh reality of the WWII, the Nazis city occupation and the Russian’s desperate attempts to save the city.
The movie was produced in 2001 and is directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, starring Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Ed Harris.
The movie title comes after a book written in 1973 with the name Enemy at the Gates: Battle of Stalingrad which describes the events that happened in that dark times of human history.

The two key actors are the Soviet sniper Vasily (Vasilii) Grigoryevich Zaitsev and his German counterpart Major Erwin Konig.
The movie entwine’s the story of Zaitsev who used to a shepherd from the Ural Mountains and has become a soldier for the Red Army in attempt to save his motherland from the Nazis invasion.

In one of the film movies Vasily has remarkably killed a number of soldiers by stalking pretending to be dead among the heaps of dead Russians.
One other soldier by a lucky accident (Commisar Danilov) who also survives through the pogrom and watches the heroism of Vasilii Zaicev and as he is assigned in the Red Army publishing he writes a lot of Articles about Zaitsev’s heroism and quickly turns him into a National hero.
As Zaitsev becomes loved by Russian people and Germans recognize him as a obstacle to their invasion they send the Major Erwin Konig (a notable and honorable sniper to kill Zaitsev) and thus disrupt the Russian Army hero and hence morale.

Zaitsev and Danilov meets Tania (a beautiful young woman) serving for the red Army. They both fall in love the beautiful Tania.
It’s not a long time and Tania is also in love with Vasily.
As the movie progresses Tania and Vasily start a love affair. Tania is seriously injured in one of the further scenes and is sent with a boat to a nearby town hospital.
As General Konig kills a number of Zaitsev’s army fellows, and throughout the movie the battle between two becomes more and more personal.
As Tania is thought to be dead by Commisar Danilov and he cannot bear the loss because he is love with her, he sacrificies himself by showing up in a battle scene where General Konig and Vasily are staling at each other.
Danilov gets a head shot from Herr Konig’s rifle and thus the general prepares himself to get from his sniper hiding, thinking he has killed Vasily.
As he wents out of his hiding-place he sees Vasily waiting for him and Vasily shots him right in the head.

It’s been a while and the Russians had been victorious over the Germans and the Stalingrad battle is won. Zaitsev visits the hospital where Tania is being recovering from her serious injuries. The movie ends with the happy scene of Tania and Vasily being together again! Quite a Romance.

The movie’s main actors are not russians unfortunately but still I find the movie to be quite a good one and I recommend it for wathching to anybody willing to spend some good 2 hours time in watching the love drama.

How to fix wordpress blog sudden redirection to present post problem

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

< 1 min read
My blog’s index has suddenly started redirecting to my last post. That was rather strange, since I haven’t done anything special, all I did before the problem occured was a change in wordpress wp-admin to my latest post.

There in I changed the post Visibility from Public to Private

Right after this my blog’s home started redirecting to the blog post where the changes was made.

This was really strange, so I reverted back the changes in Post’s Publish Visibility to the default setting.
Though the change the redirect to the latest post by accessing my was still there.

I tried completely wiping out the post by sending it to Trash and issuing the same post again, but now things became even worser.

Accessing my blog was opening 404 not found error message . Everything seemed fine in wordpress admin and therefore I suspected the redirect is being applied from info read in my wordpress database in MySQL.

A bit of investigation prooved my guess was correct, for some reason a record was made to the MySQL blog database in table wp_redirection_items.

The incorrect redirection wihtin the database looked like so:

| 4 | /blog/ | 0 | 2 | 0 | 0000-00-00 00:00:00 | 2 | enabled | url | 301 | /blog/how-to-change-from-default-main-menu-to-other-text-in-joomla/ | url | NULL |

Removing the incorrect redirect was kind of easy and came to simply issuing:

mysql> delete from wp_redirection_items where id='3';
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

This fixed the redirection issue and opening my blog main page started correctly opening the main page again! 🙂