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Playing Sega Mega Drive Games on Nokia 9300 / 9300i, Step by step howto install and play best sega mega drive games on Nokia 9300i on (picodrive)

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Ever thought about playing your favourite good old arcade games on Nokia 9300i?
I did ! It took me a while until I can play my favourite games from my youth,
however I was lucky to make it work.
1. In order to play the Sega games I have to use a Picodrive (a sega mega drive emulatorwho was originally written for Risc OS) and then was ported for our shiny mobile phones.The port that worked on my Nokia 9300i was picodrives80s90_0_5_latest_04-06-2006.sis
I have to admit it was a real pain in the ass to find the working version of Picodrive for the
Nokia 9300i mobile. So I hope you’ll be more happy than me simply following the picodrive
download location provided in the download link above.

2. After having the properly installed version of picodrive on your Nokia.
create a folder (preferably) on your memory card. Assure yourself the new created folder
is called pdgames.
3. Download some Sega Genesis roms from orany other large Sega Genesis rom archive on the Internet.
4. Top 50 WORKING (recommended to playgames) for the picodrive emulator are as follows:
(N.B.! Originally the list of games was taken from allaboutsymbian’s website forums 1. Altered Beast2. California Games3. Cannon Fodder4. Columns5. Coolspot6. Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine7. Dragon's Fury8. Family Fortunes9. Fatal Fury10. FIFA 9711. Golf12. Greatest Heavyweights Boxing13. Green Dog14. Hard Drivin'15. Jungle Strike16. Lemmings17. Marble Madness18. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker19. Micky Mouse in Enchanted Castle20. Mortal Kombat21. Mutant League Football22. NBA Jam23. Outrun24. Paper Boy 225. Pit Fighter26. Revenge of Shinobi27. Road Rash28. Road Rash 229. Road Rash 330. Rocket Knight Adventures31. Simpsons, The - Krusty's Super Funhouse32. Sonic & Knuckles33. Sonic 134. Sonic 235. Sonic 336. Sonic 3d Blast37. Sonic Crackers38. Sonic Spinball39. Splatter House 240. Streets of Rage 141. Streets of Rage 242. Streets of Rage 343. Strider44. Super Monaco Grand Prix45. Taz Mania46. Tiny Toon Adventures47. Toejam and Earl48. Two Crude Dudes49. Virtua Fighter 2 vs Tekken 250. WWF Wrestlemania
Even though the list conatins plenty of wonderful sega games. Not all the games forementioned
were suitable for my personal liking.
Thus I’ve selected a custom list of games which I like more:
The roms I’ve installed on my Nokia 9300i, I’ve bundled in a small archive that can be downloaded
here, my picodrive_nokia9300i_favourite_roms_collection .
Well I was increadibly happy to be able to play this oldschool games on my phone! Hope you’ll experience the same wonderful joy!
Cheers 🙂