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What does Windows XP stands for?

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Even wondered what Windows XP stands for. Well I did today since,
there is familiarity with slavonic equivalent of “Christ” or as it reads
in slavonic “Xpuctoc”. According to the explanation I found on the net
reads “The XP in Windows XP stands for “eXPerience”.”
Still it it’s true why they don’t simply call it “Windows EX” or NC.
I believe this abberviature chosen was included also because it’s
spiritual meaning. Could it be that some of Microsoft’s team which
selected and approved the Operating System name be involved in the occult?
Well that won’t be strange to.
Okay let’s say this is a “weird coincidence”. What about the loud name vista?
The first meaning that I can find on the net according to stands for:
“Volunteers In Service To America?”. Volunteers in Service to America?!
What the crack do I look like or want to be a volunteer in Service to America?! DO I?!
NO! I want to be in service only to the Lord Jesus of Nazareth (The Christ), the son of Godwho’s been risen from the dead in the third day according to the scriptures and has ascended to heaven
and currently stands in the right hand of God!. The one who will come again a second time to Judge the Living andthe dead!
Okay let’s say this is a nonsense, let’s pick up the original Explanation for Vista from Microsoft
and delve into it.
The original Microsoft Text reads: VISTA = “Visual Technology Age”
Well if that’s the case why don’t they simply call it Windows V or Windows VTA?
There is even more symbolism to Christianity in the Visual Technology Age abreeviature,
you know we christians believe in the Holy Trinity (God The Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit).
Good now let me apply our Christian believe to the 3 words hidden abbreviature behind VISTA,
Could it be that Visual Technology = God the Father (Visual/Dreams stands as a basis a human understanding),
(Technology = God the Son since it’s born from Human efforts imitating the divine birth of our Lord Jesus),
Age = (The Spirit of the Age, e.g. the Spirit of the Antichrist whose been proclaimed that has entered the world
since the holy apostles times. Even if we continue to look for some similarities VISTA is a piece of 5 bits,
just like the name given to man to be saved the name before each race and tongue should bow and confess as a Lord and Saviour
Could that be a fraud? Is it a weird coincidence the enormous popularity of Windows XP even thought, it’s
so broken and people hate it? I think it’s not a coincidence. Just like I think it’s not a coincidence that they called
Windows the operating system, what kind of Windows could this be? Could be a Windows opened next to hell from where
all kind of unclean spirits transfer to earth? Yes I know that people online could give a plenty of other explanations.
However here is one of the explanations I’ve found on the net:
“Because its a window to the world, you have access to things outside your town, house, room etc.”
Here is the time to tell that we have an orthodox christian saints that prophecied about computers and
it’s closeness with the spiritual realm.
Well I know that there are many assumptions in the above post, however I really thing that there mostly probable.
I remember now another real odd thing, that I stucked upon some time ago, while making research on the number of
the beast or the so famous 666 that we read about in Revalations in the Holy Bible.The Bible explains that what will stand for the mark of the beast is 666, right? So far so Good
It seems the WORD COMPUTER contains the number 666 in it. Here is how you can calculate it for yourself, if you don’t
believe. It’s said in the bible that “6 is a human number”, triple 6 stands for the Holy Trinity imitated by satan the human way
(e.g. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit), we also know that Satan is the father of all lies.
Counting the above explanation, here is how to calculate that the WORD COMPUTER has 666 in it's name.
Assign numbers to the English Alphabet, like the following:
A = 6, B = 12, C = 16 and so on.

C 3 x 6 = 18
O 15 x 6 = 90
M 13 x 6 = 78
P 16 x 6 = 96
U 21 x 6 = 126
T 20 x 6 = 120
E 5 x 6 = 30
R 18 x 6 = 108
Total: 666!
Could that be a weird coincidence, again?
I definitely thing this ain’t a coincidence!
Please check out also the following webpage ,for some of the words that are equal to 666, it’s a real interesting reading. Well The prophecies are beingfulfilled full time, and it seems, we couldn’t notice it!
Beware research and pray that our Lord Jesus Christ has mercy on us and grant us the knowledge to be aware of thekingdom of the antichrist and to escape from it

A small journey to Obrochishte and Batovo villages

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Thanks to Ceco (a young orthodox friend of mine, a really cool guy), we made a nice quick organized journey to Obrotishte. The main purpose of the trip was to go to a liturgy to the Church there in Obrotishte and also to visit the Hieromonk Philip (Filip) who is at the present moment priest in the Church there. Father Philip is a really interesting monk, he is currently 28. As most people could understand it’s really unusual this days for someone to become a monk, it’s even more unusual for somebody to become a monk in such a young age. Father Philip has been a monk in Troyan Monastery which presently is among the largest operating monasteries at the moment in Bulgaria. Father Filips is a wonderful person, the church service started a bit later than usual in around 09:20 in the morning, what struck me was that the whole service was held in plain understandable modern Bulgarian language, that shined some light (understanding) on the liturgy and was possibly better than in Church Slavonic language, which is hardly understandable for us Bulgarians in the present age. Another good thing I loved about the service, that Father Filip led the liturgy and accomplised all the priest prayers and entreats in a slow understandable way. Seems like the young monk and a father is a real church father, because he was absolutely kind and loving to me Ceco and Rumiana (a christian girl we picked up from another village before we went to the service in Batovo). Another kind thing from Father Filip was that he refused to get any money for writting some names which are usually mentioned on the next liturgy in front of God on the Holy Altar, for the living (that God forgives their sins, and grants them good health, and success in their works) and for the dead (For God to forgive their sins and remember them in it’s kingdom). After the wonderful Church service we get into Ceco’s car with Father Filip and went and had a nice evening and had a nice lunch in a small restaurant in one of the nearby villages to Obrochishte. We also had a nice talk with the father and with Ceco about different things concerning our christian orthodox faith and other spiritual talks. I’m thankful to God for granting me such a wonderful day. After the nice lunch time, we went to Batovo (A village situated North-East in Dobrudja’s region). Batovo is famous with Batovo’s river which flows directly through the village, another thing to see in the village is a holy spring, some nice woods. The village itself is also a nice place to be. They have two springing water fountains one of which seems to be built up from communists during the communist atheist regime in Bulgaria. It’s a real miracle evidencing God’s disapproval for the communists because soon after the springing fountain has been built by the communists it run dry. Hieromonk Philip has prayed near the dried up fountain to God, that God gives his blessing from heaven and allows this dried up water spring to become a springing one that would be a springing place from now on unto the ages of ages. After that we moved on to the center of Batovo’s village where we met a nice gypsy family (romi as we call them in Bulgaria), it was an interesting thing that this people were deeply religious. They had a deep hunger for God they shared that they do attend both evangelical and orthodox church to light up candles or pray and they don’t understand the difference. Father Philip has briefly explained the difference and explained the importance to attend the true church of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the orthodox church and told them if the guys have more questions they could go anytime to the Church in Obrochishte and he would answer them as many questions relating faith as he could. The discussions between the monk me, Ceco, Rumiana and the father was a real blessings, Praise the Lord! However all isn’t perfect and life is far away from bed of roses. On our way back while we were traveling with Ceco and Rumiana my aunt called to inform me my grandma is having difficulties with her speaking (which as she said could be caused by a heart strike… That struck me light a lightining from a blue sky… I got desperated, thanksfully Rumiana and Ceco probably prayed for me and my grandma because presently she is a bit better. Still we have to see how my beloved grandma would be tomorrow after she has a sleep. I’m really concerned for her because she is one of the people that cares for me the most in this life. She loves we like she loves her soul, the same strange love that Jonahattan and David shared in the story told in our Old Testament. I and guess we the christians should learn from my grandmother’s godliness and christian life. She is one of the few that possesses God this days, as she is saying often she is ready to give her soul for me just like our Lord Jesus Christ has loved us so much that he gave his life for us the sinners … I just hope and pray that God hears my and my christian fellow mate prayers and grant my grandma good health! Thanks to God for everything! Just to clause the post I have to mention my big thanks to Lily and Plamen a friends of mine who sustained me this two days with care, talks and prayers. I just pray God helps them the same as they had helped me!

Nokia Communicator 9300i connection via Bluetooth on Debian GNU/Linux Unstable

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

I wanted to connect my Nokia Communicator 9300i device via bluetooth on Linux on
my Thinkpad running Debian GNU/Linux unstable. By default my bluetooth is disabled
because I usually do not use the bluetooth.
To make the bluetooth back running I had to issue the command:
# echo "enable" > /proc/acpi/ibm/bluetooth
Next the bluetooth-wizard came to play:
# /usr/bin/bluetooth-wizardand then I had to follow the intuitive dialogs,a 4 digit code was generated by my Linux system the whole system was required to be provided
on the Nokia Communicator.
The only left thing is to use gnome’s bluetooth-applet “Blowse Files” feature.
Here is a screenshot showing up the bluetooth-applet in case if you wonder how the app looks like
Bluetooth Applet
In case if bluetooth-applet is not appearing as an applet in your gnome panel. You might need to:
# /usr/bin/gnome-control-center
– Search for the Bluetooth menu:
Make sure the “Show Bluetooth icon”‘s tick is presented
Last thing to note is that I tried using the bluez-gnome debian package
as a mean to communicate with the Phone unsuccesfully. As far as I could understand
from a couple of posts I’ve red online the Nokia communicator requires the obex
protocol to communicate data. This is not supported by bluez-gnome.
I’ve also red a couple of interesting posts which explained how to usep3nfs to mount your telephone via the unix nfs protocol
There is an old article explaining how to do the mount via p3nfs in Ubuntu which
can be red here

Weird Delux 5201 keyboard problems on Linux

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

I own the shitty Delux 5201 keyboard. On Current Debian Testing/Unstable,a weird keyboard problem occurs. The problem consists in “wsx” keys, refusingto work. It’s really annoying, sometimes all the keyboard keys work, other timesthey don’t … Complete insanity!

The insanity of our Generation

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Few days, ago there was a chaos (techno) party. I’be been invited
by a lady in facebook, therefore I decided to drop by and check
what is going on there. I haven’t been on a party for quite some
time I personally have never really liked such a parties.
Thereby what I might have shared could be not quite adequate,
however I think as a general stream of logic what I’ll say is true.
1. The first thing that stroke me on the party was the people behaviour.It’s insane seriosly people nowdays doesn’t communicate at all.
Most of the people were dancing (self pleasing), and looking for something
to happen. I can bet even that most of them had no preference for the type
of music played. There were some laser lights like in the trance/techno parties.
2. What is the purpose of such a party? Isn’t it to meet new people to have a great time,
to learn from it, possibly maybe?
Nope this one’s purpose wasn’t. Many of the people there would just hang around
with a coke or a beer at hand, probably looking for somebody to start a dialogue
with them, even thought it looked like most of the time that won’t happen.
3. What is the moral of parties like that?
Look cool? Show your new dress or a haircut? Make some new friends?
My personal understanding is it’s completely meaningless, not to mention
that you had to be high to really enjoy such a non-sense.
I think this party and many others in the same fashion represent our whole
generation. A generation who lost it’s track and sense of a purpose,
a generation who has accepted, life has no greater meaning higher than
what they can perceive or understand. Otherwise said a generation without
Faith, without an ordered believe system. A chaotic mass without any sense
of the Divine …

Celebration of the memory of St. John of Rila

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Today on 19-th of October, we celebrate the memory of our most venerated saint in BulgariaSt. John (Ivan) of Rila. St. John of Rila is the one you gave birth to the monatery life
in Bulgaria. Practicly being the first hermit in Bulgaria. His desciples founded the Rila
Monastery as well as many churches around our beloved country. A short biography of
St. Ivan of Rila can be red here .
The saint holy remains are miraculous, nowdays and the saint has a incorruptable body, whichis kept and can be venerated in St. John’s Rila monastery.

How to “Enabling your blog posts posted to nanoblogger to be also imported to your wordpress”

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

I wanted to simulatenously have all my nanoblogger posts imported as well to my wordpress on .
To achieve that I’ve came with a small shell script.
Here is the script itself .
The script depends on the script.
To make my script execute every I have a new entry in nanoblogger I’ve edited my nb
bash script which is part of nanoblogger and I’ve inserted the line:
/usr/local/sbin/, right before the last “exit 0” command statement.
So now everytime I use nb -a entry to blog a new entry the content of my entry goes to my wordpress as well,
quite cool 😀

Installing hardware RAID monitor on IBM xseries 345 model 8670, IBM Server RAID monitoring via IBM’s RAID software RaidMan on 32 bit (i386) Debian Etch

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Following my prescriptions the company where I work for has bought two hard drives for one of the servers we use for website hosting. The two drives are with capacity of 80GB.

Yesterday I spend part of the day communicating with the tech support in the colocation center in (Evolink) Sofia Thanks God the hardware raid building has been succesfully managed by one of my colleagues working in Evolink.
However he mentioned that some kind of warnings were present in the previous existing RAID 1 array.
To be honest I’ve never thought before about monitoring the RAID array, before the tech support guy suggested to check the warning messages the raid array issues.

To build the hardware array during boot, (Kalin), that’s how the technical support in Evolink is called, he had to download the cd with software for our IBM xseries 8670, and then boot up from the cd
following the instructions in the Server manual to build the array. Anyways that obviously went smoothly as I already mentioned. Taking in consideration his suggestions for monitoring the drives in the RAID array.

I did some research in Google and came across the following Ubuntu’s forums thread Monitoring utility for IBM ServerRAID .
The thread dealt with converting the original RPM package bundled on the IBM software original CD to a deb package in order to make it properly installable and integrated into debian based systems (debian, ubuntu).

Since our current OS of choice on the IBM server is Debian Etch linux, I had the follow the part in the Article from the post dealing with 32 bit rpm package conversion. Everything explained in the forum worked out-of-the-box happily, no settle backs occured. Thus I’ll present the steps here literally required to be partaked to achieve
the proper install of IBM’s hardware monitoring software:

1. Download the IBM ServerRAID application CD from IBM Support's Website
Link to the ISO at the time of writting this post can be obtained from IBM ServerRAID application CD ,

just make sure you use a browser and accept the license agreement before the download proceeds
2. Install the following 3 packages,
# apt-get install alien fakeroot libstdc++5

3. link sort required, cause in Redhat sort is located on a different place
# ln -s /usr/bin/sort /bin/sort

4.Mount the downloaded iso
# mount -o loop ibm_sw_srapp_9.00-16973_anyos_32-64.iso /media/cdrom

5. Copy rpm to /some/directory and convert it to .deb package
# cp /media/cdrom/linux/manager/RaidMan-9.00.i386.rpm /some/directory
# cd /some/directory
# fakeroot alien -c RaidMan-9.00.i386.rpm
Next tweak some scripts to make it Debian/Ubuntu native

# mkdir -p raidman_9.00-1_i386/DEBIAN

# dpkg -x raidman_9.00-1_i386.deb raidman_9.00-1_i386/

# dpkg -e raidman_9.00-1_i386.deb raidman_9.00-1_i386/DEBIAN

# vim raidman_9.00-1_i386/DEBIAN/postinst

# (remove the line containing “chkconfig –add raid_agent”
Next open:
# vim raidman_9.00-1_i386/DEBIAN/postrm
# chkconfig –del raid_agent

# dpkg -b raidman_9.00-1_i386/ raidman_9.00-1_i386.deb
12. Now install the new .deb raidman package
# dpkg -i raidman_9.00-1_i386.deb

13. With God’s help everything should go smoothly and now you should have
a working raid monitoring software on your Debian Server
To start the raid agent issue the command:

# /etc/init.d/raid_agent start

Here is also a download link to raidman_9.00-1_i386.deb

Gnome 2.26 to gnome 2.28 System menu icons disabled (icons not showing/disappeared)

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

I’ve just upgraded to Gnome 2.28 from 2.26 on Debian unstable. Everything seems
to be cool in shiny in the new gnome 2.28. However I’ve noticed that the icons in gnome panel
System menu are not showing a well as the icons for “Search For Files” and “Places” are
missing as well. After consulting with a guy named borschty in ##gnome
I found out that the default behaviour of icons in menus has changed in Gnome 2.28 so if somebody
likes to have it back activated here is how:
In:System-> Preferences-> Appearance-> InterfaceHere tick the “Show icons in menus” optionNow your icons should appear back in the menus.
More about this kind of issues can be red on the followingblog.
Cheers :)END—–

Map your Easy Access Shut DOwn key to Gnome’s System Shut Down

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

My media keyboard Delux K5201′s Shut Down key won’t work. To enable it here is what I did:
I opened to:
System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig Settings Manager -> Commands
Assiged in the Commands menu /usr/bin/gnome-session-save –gui –killWent to Key Bindings and Assigned a key for the assigned command number,using the “grab key” functionality, wherein I pressed my keyboard ShutDown key.