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Cloud Computing and linode alternatives to a normal dedicated machines

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

One of the dedicated servers’s harddrive I maintain has failed.
This alone has created many, many problems! It’s serious stuff
since this server is the main mail server and primary DNS.
I still am unsure what is gonna happen. The dedicated server provider
responsible for the server Valueweb ‘s
services complete suck! The situation became even more complex with
the fact that valueweb has been bough by
The old server which hardrive has failed needs replacement and is creating
serious problems within the company, however the management solution
required for giving a go to the operation of replacement was postponing
every time I tried to raise the question of the need for server replacement.
Well today the worst has happened. I was woken up by my gsm beepings just
to realize there are 20 smses notifying me that the server is inaccessible.
That happened around 5:30 in the morning! Shit what a miserable life, I only
slept for a couple of hours since I went to bed in 2 o’clock. I tried multiple
times to request reboots of the server all of which doesn’t bringed the system
back. That wasn’t fun really. Right after that I tried to raise a technical support request asking to check the server’s hardware. I never received any responce from valueweb on my
mail to inform me about the status of my request as usual!
Damned valueweb, this stupid bastards ARGHH!. At 9:30 our project manager ringed to ask what’s wrong with the mails.
Well what might it be, a hardware crash.
She had to call to America where the colocation resides, and ask them to move on with the hardware test, otherwise valueweb won’t move their finger.
Of course I was right the system hard drive was broken. And required replacement, after few calls from the office and my quick suggestion to change all
clients smtp and pop3 server to point to the backup server which thanks God at least worked, they did so (Thanks God).
I took the fast decision to come to the office in Varna since I had to talk with the tech support
in Florida and help out to some of the clients to correctly setup the new host in their Thunderbirds
and Outlooks. Yes here you can see how they use me as a tech support as well.
Many websites are down currently, I have spoken a couple of times with Florida’s tech support which were quite arrogant to me.
Never ever use valueweb or hostway as a dedicated server provider seriously this guys are bastards!
My idea was to replace the old server with a new one with a better hardware since it’s already broken, however the company CEO was not keen on the idea again trying to save some money!
You can understand what kind of a “good”CEO he is, since he tries to cut out costs from the hardware, that way guaranteeing again future problems.
He suggested to me to try to migrate to Amazon EC2 (Cloud Computing).
Something impossible since we have specific stuff running on the server
I had to research and assure myself that this Cloud Computing is a bulky shit ass just like I thought well it’s good for stuff like facebook, however in our situation it’s impossible. You can’t simply migrate all the stuff to cloud computing clapping with a magic stick.
In the meantime of researching on the topic I found something inreresting called check out linode here .
As a matter of fact I think it’s a better solution for plain linux install than Debian. Just to complete the post I have to say cloud computing is interesting but it doesn’t stand the same ground as a normal linux install.
A brief funny introduction of Cloud Computing can be seen in youtube’s cloud computing explained . What wikipedia says about Cloud Computing is a nice beginning introduction as well.
Cloud Computing is the latest hype out there is certanly future in Cloud Computing even though I don’t see it to be ready for the masses, yet.
I have to note that it seems the Linux powered Cloud computing options ran a Linux Xen, kernel. I haven’t tested Xen recently but the last time I and a colleague of mine did (2 years ago)
,it seemed back then will be completed to be 100% compliant with the normal linux kernels in the coming 5 years.
However the matter is quite interesting and I have to investigate further in it soon.
Now we decided to solve the situation by purchasing a newer dedicated server. The stupid asses from Hostaway need 24 hours to bring the machine up, you can imagine how insane is that.
In the best case all stuff on the old server would be up and running in the coming 48 hours or even more… ghah

Time Changer an interesting Christian Movie (In the Protestant tradition)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Today I’ve watched a nice American Christian movie in the protestant christians tradition.The movie is called Time changer
The story progresses with a couple of guys in an american bible seminary in the 19th century.
One of the professors is eager to publish a new book on morals, which doesn’t stress
on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ alone. One of his fellow colleagues is against,
stressing the importance of giving credit to Jesus Christ (the son of God and our Saviour),
for teaching us the true way of godliness. The two guys can’t come into a mutual agreement
about the issue. The writer of the new book couldn’t get the blessing of the seminary,
which would make the book inferior in the distant 19th century. Therefore the
author of the book strives to receive the acceptance of his colleagues. After failing
he is ready to do everything even if it contradicts the teachings presented in the bible.
The professor unwishful to endeavor the new book does explain to the professor author of the
book his motives for showing clear the relation between the Lord Jesus and the teaching of
morals presented in the Holy Bible. It seems this guy had the oportunity to travel in the
future through a gadgy machine invented by his father who has already departured.
This professor had the oportunity to witness what is the fruit of skipping to associate Christ as being the
one stressing on the importance of keeping God’s moral standards in the 21st century.
The professor decides that the only way to convince his fellow colleague author of the new
book is to sent him right into the future and let him witness why teaching of morality
without Christ is pernicious. Finally after witnessing all the insanity and ungodliness created
in man’s life as a consequence of not sticking to our lord’s teaching, while traveling back
to his own time through the time machine the author of the new book rewrites his book to make
it be in accordance with the scriptures. The movie ends with one of the professors testing the machine
trying to send the holy bible as far as he could in the future. However he cannot send it to 2070,
then he tries a 2060, no luck as well etc.. A good end since it points how close we are to the SecondComing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Putty Connection Manager A Handy tip to make your PuTTY multi tab enabled

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Some time ago, I asked myself if there is a SSH/Telnet supporting Terminal program
for Windows which enables you to have a tabs with the opened connections to a number
of servers. Well after some time spent looking, I’ve came across the solution
which concludes to a nice PuTTy wrapper program called Putty Connection Manager .
Putty Connection Manager requires you to have PuTTY installed all it does it runs a multiple putty instances
each one opening in a nice multi tab windows, like the good old linux gnome-terminal.

Fishes likes Coca Cola & Coffee & How to make your Apache look shiny :)

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Today Static (a friend mine called me) and we were out to dsk bank, where I had to collect
a sheet containing an 4 bit identity code to confirm the creation of my paypal account.
After picking up the letter we went to Static’s place and he helped me to change
my Apache Directory Listing default layout with a nice designed layout.
To to achieve that all needed to be done is to change two files content:
README.html andHEADER.htmlIt’s also necessery to have in your Apache main configuration file the following:ReadmeName /README.htmlHeaderName /HEADER.htmlThe outcome of what static showed could be seen in the following directory listing:
sample directory listing with nice layout .After we completed this design task, we went to the city park and we gave some drinksto the fishes in the lake. The fish seems like they really liked the coffein containingdrinks and gathered together on a big heaps drinking :). Static decided to test if thefishes like to eat chewing-gums and throw some chewing-gums in the waters. The fishseems to like it as well and started eating the gum fiercely :)END—–

How old is the Orthodox Christian Faith?

Monday, September 28th, 2009

While Googling I found a nice explanation on the age of theOrthodox Faith 🙂
Here is a link to the original:
How old is the Orthodox Faith?

Download Bulgarian Orthodox Bible in various file formats

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I’ve came to the conclusion that there is no easily to find
bulgarian orthodox bible for download.
Thus after spending an hour Googling for Bulgarian Orthodox bible
I finally found one. The one I found was in DOC and I thought
that it would be nice if the Bulgarian Orthodox Bible is available
for download in various formats for users convenience.
For that reason I’ve converted the bulgarian orthodox bible I found
to a few of the most famous desktop reading formats out there and
stored it on my machine. I’ve also built a small website through
which The Bulgarian Orthodox
Bible can be downloaded
. Currently the website offers a
bulgarian orthodox available for download in (DOC, ODT, TXT, PDF)
formats, as well as the same formats are prepared for download in RAR
archive. I truly hope this would be useful to the fellow orthodox
bulgarian brothers and sisters.

A Church Service in Balgareevo and the pilgrimage of the Holy Cross

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Today was a blessed day, Praise the Lord! The day started with a holy Liturgy in theChurch Holy Trinity in my hometown. A brother in Christ and a friend of mineinvited me to join him and his girlfriend for a pilgrimage journey to Balgareevo,a village in Bulgaria situated 6 km. away from Varna. What made this place so specialwas the blessing to worship a small particle a Holy remnant of the Cross on whichour Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. Besides that in the Churchst. Archangel Michael in Balgareevo some other relics of a saints were exhibitedfor veneration. Thanks God, we have traveled safely to Balgareevo and backwith Ceco’s car. We were accompanied by a cute old lady who made the travel timequite enjoyable singing old Romanian songs and telling us some of her nice poems.She also blessed us numerous times throughout the trip and expressed her deepgratitude that we took her for the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage was wonderful, the cross itself to which the particle of the HolyRemnanant of our Saviour’s Cross was embeded was filled in with huge spiritual powerand joy. After we worshipped the holy relics and the our Lord’s cross. We followedthe priest who had triumphantly went from the church wherein we were to the cloisterwhere a lot of delicious food was awaiting us. The metropolitans who were present(Metropolitan Ilarion and Metropolitan Kiril) with the other priests present serveda consecation service and blessed the food. After which we again honored the holycross to which the remnant of our Lord’s cross was attached and had a great timeeating the blessed food. We spend like 2 hours in which we also had the pleasureto meet the main priest who is responsible for Balgareevo’s church. He told usa few of his ingights he gathered as interpretations of Revelations of the Holy Bible.And how we the Orthodox Christians should be careful in what kind of food we eat, hestressed out that a lot of the food we devour nowdays is spiritually contaminated andhow does the devil exercise control over us through the control he is granted by themany non-natural home-grown food and drinks we consume daily. Even though this teachingis not officially recognized by the orthodox church, he probably has some point about it,and there is certain truth in that priest sayings. However it’s to everybody to decide.Later on with God’s help we traveled back to Dobrich and I went to see my grandma after which I went to my aunt Zlatina to configure theirnew wireless router as well as to fix her two notebooks running Ubuntu Linux. The two Linuxes had some annyoing problems with auto-connection to thewireless networks, on one of the two machines the connetion problems wereprobably a consequence of the malfunction of the gnome-keyring daemon.On the other one the system had some weird problems with remembering the passphrasefor the TPK-PSK WPA2 2 wireless connction.Another really weird problem in Ubuntu on the amd64 Ubuntu 9.04 on their Toshiba L300 PLSBGE laptopwas that randomly the screen size changed. Sometimes displaying the default resolution in a Fullscreensometimes narrowing the screen? I guess a bug probably in the 64 bit release of Ubuntu).The day as I said earlier was quite dynamic, I met a friend of mine for a chat mainlydiscussing about faith issues. Laters I went out to see the New Rock Club they which wasrecently opened here in (Dobrich). I also had a discussion with another friendconcerning the desperating situation in which we oftenly fell and how partly thisis caused by the country politics and social system. END—–

Unbutu interpid amd64 Firefox not opening .torrent files by default bug and how to fix ubuntu to open .torrent files by default

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Yesterday I’ve been to my cousin to whom I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 a week ago.
She was not happy that by default Ubuntu doesn’t handle the .torrent file extension by default.
After 20 minutes of googling I finally found the solution.
Here is how to workaround the .torrent not opening problem:
Open your Firefix and go to:Edit -> Preferences -> Applications.There in the search field type: “torrent”.Then follow the menu dialogs to set your preferred torrent clientto use or either choose if you’d like the default behaviour ofthe torrent client to download the file as a default behaviouror alternatively prompt you asking where to save the torrent.You can also control there how to handle other file extensions.I have to add that for some reason I’m not sure it might be theISP involved, but when transmission was used to download files,transmisson had some problems starting the torrent download.Changing it to the default torrent client in gnome did resolvedthis issue as well.END—–

Redirect a website after moving it from one server to another in a Google friendly way

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I had the task to physically move a website from one host to another while doing it thebest SEO way possible.
Here is how I did it:
I used mod_rewrite and the following .htaccess rules like:redirect 301 /index.html 301 /somepage.html Search Engine point of view it is best to create a custom redirectfor every webpage available on the old location of the website to the new one.

Windows Daemontools like Linux GUI software or How to mount ISO files in Linux and BSD

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Ever wondered if Linux allows you to open ISO’s with a nice graphic interface like the famousDaemontools on Windows. Cause I did and I found the software that enables you to do so:
First and most popular option especially for Gnome users is:
1. Acetoneiso , it’s really famous between mainly Ubuntu users
2. KDE users might be interesting into The kiso program 3. Another program I found being used among Ubuntu users is called gmountiso.
Still if you’re mostly a console guy like I am and want to mount your iso into some directory on Linux here is how:
# mkdir /mnt/disk# mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/disk
Now your iso is mounted in /mnt/disk.

The way to mount an iso file in FreeBSD is a bit different.
Here is how to do it in FreeBSD:
# mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /path/to/image.iso -u 1# mount -t cd9660 /dev/md1 /mnt/cdromNow your iso stays mounted in /mnt/cdromIn case you’d like to unmount it, you need to execute:# mount -u /mnt/cdrom# mdconfig -d -u 1
On FreeBSD there is one more oddity:
For instance if you’d like to mount some Windows FAT filesystem you need oralternatively an MSDOS file system, here is how:
# vnconfig /dev/vn0c ./image.iso# mount -t msdos /dev/vn0c /cdrom
The last method to mount your iso is said to be compatible with all type of filesystems, so youmight be a good idea to use it always