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Increase Internet visibility in Blog and RSS Directories through XML-RPC Pings technology in nanoblogger

Monday, August 31st, 2009

xml atom feeds news icon
Today I went out with a friend for a coffee who told me about the importance of the so called Update Services or in jargon language XML-RPC Ping Services. To have a major further idea of what that is I used the following reading source .
I’ve used the following source for a script that executes the XML-RPC pinging. I’ve also used the WordPress Update Service page to obtain some XML-RPC pinging destinations. So at the end I’ve built a small modified version of the script shown on the upper link which is responsible for notifying some major XML-RPC blog and RSS directories. For some convenience you can download the script here . In case if you decide to use the pinging XML-RPC ontification script just I like I did make sure to store the script somewhere on your machine running nanoblogger and add executing the script in your
“nb” just before the last line containing “exit” command. That’s it now hopefully you should have the XML RPC Blog RSS notification up and running. Enjoy END—–

Add Google Search Bar to Epiphany

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Epiphany is the browser of choice I have. In that manner of thouhgs today I realized it’s really irritating that by default epiphany lacks. The Google Search Bar just like Firefox for example includes by default. I’ve googled to find a quick solution and stucked on the following explanation of how to do the trick.Hereby I quote it literally.

If you go into bookmarks, you will see a link that says “Search the Web”. Go into edit bookmarks. Right click on the “Search the Web” link, and choose the “show on toolbar” option. Exit out of bookmarks. Presto! You should now have a google search bar in the toolbar, just like in firefox.
The whole concept of adding bookmarks to Epiphany is called Smart Bookmarks . Smart Bookmarks allows you to do numerous valueable things like for example adding Google Image Search Toolbar as well as Yahoo Search Toolbar in Epiphany or any other nice handy toolbar shortcut.
Hope that this would help to somebody out there.END—–

The Sign of the Cross

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I’ve been on a holiday with my family for 10 days to a Place Called “Narechenski Bani”. I’ll further write more about it however I decided to post this because I just came upon an interesting picture taken on the road for a place near called Krystova Gora / Christ Forest. I’ve carefully looked over the picture to assure myself that the cross is not fake or a reflection from the front glass of the bus, however it’s obvious that the cross is probably real The Sign of the Cross . Moreover I have to add I remembered that the Holy Fathers and the Church teach that the Sign of the Cross would appear in Heaven before the second coming of Christ our Saviour and Lord. I have to praise God and thank him for all his mercies towards me. Bless you Lord!END—–

Remote System Administration

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

I’ve recently purchased a domain name and respectively a website dedicated to cheap remote system administration. The website is . The website provides all kind of system administration via SSH, Radmin, VNC etc. on an affordable price on mutual agreement.END—–

Run Apache with SSL Self Signed SSL Certificate

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Recently I had to run apache on Debian 4.0 (Edge) with Self Signed certificate.To make it happen I had to Google around and try out stuff. I've red that Debiancomes with a command (apache2-ssl-certificate) that generates a self signed openssl certificate.However on my Debian systems this cmd wasn't available. So I had to google around about it,and I came along the following website which provided mewith the script itself and some instructions how to use it. I've modified a bit the archive mentionedon the above website to make the install instructions of the website through a script. I've built a newarchive based on the archive apache2-ssl.tar.gz that includes an extra file which does the properinstallation for you. The new archive itself could be found here .

In the mean time I recommend you read my article explaining how to quickly and efficiently generate self-signed certificate with openssl command on GNU / Linux and BSD


Google Hidden Tricks

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Type in google “google l337” and press “I’m feeling lucky”, try the same with “google gothic”, “google bsd” etc.Type google hidden tricks in youtube and check out the videos for more. :)END—–

Convert Picture to ASCII

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

A friend of mine has recently recommended me a web service which is able to convert a normal picture in JPG or PNG to an ASCII equivalent.You might try it out on .
The converted picture of mine face.jpg can be seen in ascii here .END—–

A possible way to increase free Disk Space on Linux

Monday, August 10th, 2009

One of the servers’s hard disk I do administrate is filling up for some time. In order to increase the amountof free space I remembered that there was a system reserved space for system repair purposes like executing fsck,etc. etc. By default Linux has a certain amount reserved for this purposes if I remember correctly this is usually 5% of all thedisk space available. To check the amount if pre-reserved disk space on a linux installation you might use let’s say the cmd
# tune2fs -l /dev/sda1
You’ll get your occupied space by default in blocks which is a bit unconfortable, however if not familiar please read what is data storage block
In my case I’ve decided to reduce the pre-reserved system space to 2%. To achieve that I’ve executed the following command
# tune2fs -m 2 /dev/sda1
The benefit I’ve got was 2 extra gygagybates of disk space. Which I guess is quite a good gain.You can further read about the topic in Linux’s tune2fs manual or alternatively on the following blogs:
Linux Free Disk Space Not Tally
tune2fs increase linux free disk space .END—–

Last year Sha`Nar’s Play in Robindhood story

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Shanar FaceI’m at Static’s place and examining my HDD and incidently I came across a nice video that was starring Sha`Nar’s also known under the codename (lunarstill) a.k.a. (Niki). Niki and his class used to play a Robynhood stage play as there are each year. Hereby I include a copy of the stage play Our beloved friend Sha`Nar . Many days has passed since he departured on 13.07.2009. We miss you dear beloved friend!END—–

Helpful Firefox / IceWeasel Plugins for Linux and Windows

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

firefox logo
I have a bunch of helpful firefox extensions that might be of an interest for any regular Firefox user.I’m putting a list of all the firefox plugins I use currently.


1. Adblock Plus
2. ColorfulTabs
3. Download Statusbar
4. DownloadHelpfer
5. Fasterfox
6. Firefox
7. Firebug
8. Greasemonkey
9. keyconfig
10. Kgen
11. SearchStatus
12. SwitchProxy Tool
13. User Agent Switcher
14. Web Developer
15. YSlow


Well I hope this might be helpful for you. Have fun.