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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Today I went early in the morning to our Church (The Holy Trinity). With uncle Kolio who happens to be an orthodox Christian poems writer and is quite a literate person in general. On this church service I took the sacraments and bringed the holy cross in front of the priest 🙂 and spend some time observing the priest serving in front of the Crucifix in the altar. Tisho a friend of mine was also with me and after the church service we walked together with uncle Koicho to his home. Afterwards Tisho was my guest at home and I transfered him some of my sis mp3s, before that we had a great dinner (my mother had prepared some fried potatoes and fried pan meet, just great!). I ate much more than I can swallow and now I have a bit of stomach aches, probably a consequence of my over ating, not to mention that earlier I bought and devored a pizza.In the afternoon I went to a underware retailer (a friend of my dad), to fix his computer I had to replace his power supply, the fan of the CPS was stalled. I bought a CPS from bergon where it happened that the salesman was an old friend of mine, we had a small chat, etc. Then I went to the retailer shop and fixed the machine it took me like 4 and a half hours. Now I have to meet Nomen infront of the Young House for a fast coffee. Thanks to the Lord the day was peaceful in general. P.S. Today we celebrate the orthodox feast of St. Paul and St. Peter. Greetings to everybody out named after Paul and Peter.END—–

The Celebration of the feast of the temple Holy Trinity

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Just few weeks ago it was the feast of our temple here in Dobrich the holy triniy. For this event a lot of priests either from Dobrich and the district as well as the Metropolit Kiril of Varna. Father Veliko has insisted to ordain me with a church rank. The church rank I received grants me oportunity to enter the holy altar and help in the church services (the holy liturgies). My sister has captured a couple of snapshots both video and pictures the pictures I’ve upload and can be seen

1966 Andrei Rublev – Russian Saint documentary movie

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

I’ve watched an interesting Russian  movie from 1966. It’s called Andrei Rublev. For your information Andrei Rublev is the painter who painted for a first time the icon of the Holy Trinity and is one of the gratest orthodox iconographs for all times. More about him could be seen in wikipedia or simply check here . Apart from this I’m bored this days.END—–

Back Home again

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

We successfully traveled back from the Netherlands with my father’s car. The whole trip lasted for around 33 hours. It’s pretty cool to travel with car even though that such a long travels are quite exhausting. In our way we stopped in a fuel station in Hungary. Romania is really wonderful this people have a church in almost every living place no matter village, town or a city. What is even better is that their faith is they’re orthodox christians just like us bulgarians the only difference is that they have a church services in romanian (latin letters). We were lucky and obviously God has guided us throught our travel. On a couple of times without his help we surely won’t be able to avoid a car crash. We almost got hit by a track … The time in the Netherlands wasn’t bad at all. Sali and his wife Mimi were quite welcoming as always. We stayed there for 7 days I believe. During our stay there we went to the car market in Utrecht as well as to another market extra cheap market in Essen (Germany) mostly consisting of techniques second hand. I’ve felt more confortable in Germany than in the Netherlands. We also spend a nice time with Minko Sali and Mimi’s young son in a children park. My higher education is going nowhere again which for me is pretty normal I guess. I’ve had a small chat with Frank Vonk in Wednesday for an hour and his arrogant behaviour and his attempts to convince me that my faith is something withholding me and influencing me badly and his attempts to convince me that my faith in Christ is in vain because there is no God and I’m manipulating myself was ridiculuous. After all it’s even funny how God has granted him so much and the guy couldn’t appreciate. I went for a talk with him to know more about what are my options to continue my study, apperantly the teachers don’t want me there. Most probably because they know that I know that the things happening in school and being “tought” are a sick experiments and ideas inspired by scientology and other sick psychological literature, one example for that is the works of Eric Bernst, Karpman’s drama triangle and a couple of other methods dealing with Neuro Linguistic Programming which by the way is quite related to scientology. What is really nice is that my parents are not angry at me for the fact that I might be not able to complete my studies and do realize that my personal well being is a way more important than a higher education diploma. By the way when we were traveling in Romania we stopped for a rest on a place with a nice springing water somewhere in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. By the way this place is really scary, this time by God’s grace there wasn’t much traffic and we didn’t experienced complications by the heavy traffic. Right at the moment my mom invited me for a dinner and I’m listening to Larry Norman :)I thank God for everything !END—–

Successfully moved my blog to the new pc-freak :)

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I’ve successfully moved my blog from the old pc-freak machine that served well for 12 wonderful years! The old machine was Pentium 166 overclocked to 190 mhz with 160 mb of memory and 2.5 GB hard drive (samsung) as well as another hdd with a capacity of 3.2 GB. The machine was happily running apache, exim, pop3 server, tor server, X with a wmaker occasionally, an eggdrop, wu-ftp server, telnet server, ssh, well that’s mostly I might be missing something. It was a miracle that this machine has been running for this long time. This machine was used as a primary source for my experiments with ipchains, iptables, kernel compilation, testing linux and other various operating systems as well as using it as a place to gather with friends. It also has served well as a primary shell access machine for friends. The machine had been running Debian linux without a problem for all this time. I’ve successfully moved most of the stuff from that old machine to the new one on which I’m blogging this post is running 1.6 ghz pentium machine with 512mb of memory and 80 gb hard drive. I’ve decided to migrate the old pc-freak machine from debian gnu linux to freebsd. Currently the new machine is happily running FreeBSD 7.2, most of the stuff contained on the old machine is migrated including the user directories and passwords. The tutorial I used throughout the migration of the users between the linux and freebsd was the one located in the freebsd list that could be red here . END—–

testing blogit to a moved machine

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

testing 123END—–