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A terrible times

Monday, May 11th, 2009

The SHR project is going nowhere, the teachers are playing with the group.Right now I’m drinking Amstel, yesterday I tried The Dutch beer Grolsh it wasn’t bad by the way.I’m completely convinced that my family has no love for me.I’ve recently suffered with a constipation again (a bit more than 3 days without a completepoop). I’m trying to eat as much food I red is good to be ate in cases of constipation,howver I still have difficulties when pooping. Happily with God’s help I was able to pooptoday twice even thought I felt like I couldn’t poop completely again. I’m starting to thinkthat this problem’s source are more deep. I experienced the same a couple of times previous year.The food here is also a reason. The food is simply terrible. I have absolutely no idea whatto do next in my life. I don’t know what will happen with this university it will be reallyridiculous if I didn’t succeed this semester I’ve prayed so much to God with a requeststo grant me graduate this times. Two days ago I woke up eary in 6:00 o’clock in the morningbecause my room was filled with a weed odour probably some mate was smoking weed, it is soterrible in this country. I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself next even if I graduate.Today I went to the bathroom at least 30 times (or more) attempting to bring some poo, my stomachwas swollen and I couldn’t bring the poop out … I’m constantly thinking about becoming a priestor a monk right after I graduate. There is no much that really hold me to this world. My health problems causing frequent urination are calling up again … it’s really hard to live in thiscondition I don’t understand why God doesn’t heal me from that but anyways I cannot do much about.I couldn’t pray much anymore, I also feel so weak and tired this days. It’s getting darker anddarker in this world. The weather is getting more and more insane, probably the day of the lordis coming near. Apart from that today I went to Ina’s home cause we had to work on the IBP plan.I’ve asked a friend of mine to design a logo for our company and he did a great job.Tomorrow we have to meet the teacher and ask him about what we have as a plan so far.Later on I went to Sali and helped to Mimi (his wife) to peel some potatoes, afterwards Sali borrowedme one of his bikes as he usually does and we went for a drive around in the city. We went throughtthe city center the Sonsbeek park and another park near Sonsbeek after which we came back to his place.His wife Mimi treated me with some fried potatoes which was pretty nice I haven’t eaten fried potatoesfor maybe 5 months. That’s mostly what is happening, anyways I should thank God for his abundant merciesto me the sinner. Glory be to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit now and forever and ever! Amen!END—–


Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A friend of mine Alex pointed me out to the following interesting website worldometer . The website tracks a number of key factors continuously, it tracks things like birth rate, gas consumption etc. etc. This days in Bulgaria are official holidays and thanks God I don’t have too much work. The previous a copule of days were strained because of problems with a couple of the servers. The Lord is too gracious to me. The previous week here in the Netherlands ppl had their biggest celebration day the so called “koninginneday” or in English the day of the queen. The people parted like crazy, big crowds were heaped on the city center, on many places there were small parties with DJs, a lot of rock bands performed openly, on the open market a lot of people were selling their old unneeded stuff. Zlati was my guest for 2 days. Today we had to meet for that SHR project and happily we didn’t get into a quarrel with nobody of the group, at a certain point the atmosphere became really spirited I frelt weak and sleepy an experience I often have here in the Netherlands, no matter how much you eat (even when you get enough vitamins etc.) you feel weak, there is a sort of madness crawling in the air. This days I’m eating a lot I suspect there are quite a lot of spirits of gluttony in that country. Anyways right after the group meeting I went with Pavel to Albertheijn for him to get some groceries, after that we headed to his place on our way we entered “Deka market” in order to get him something more I bought some sort of cream from there and from the near-by market we bought some baklava cakes and ate them at his room. Thanks God I got inspired and I was able to write stuff about my IBP’s quality part as I have prayed that God expire me, there is some more to write about that still but everything is possible with God. Often I feel sad that I cannot abide constantly in prayer and fasting and that the world is so evil. It’s so sad that people decided to openly follow the devil in their deeds and attitude … Anyways Glory be To God for his great mercies towards me the sinner ! Glory be to you Oh Lord! Glory to you ! AmenEND—–