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Christ is Risen ! Truly he is Risen/ Indeed he is Risen!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Dear Brothers and sisters,Christ is Risen / Hristos Voskrese!This 3 days sorrounding the Orthodox Easter celebrations or Passover was one of the most spiritually rich and joyful in my life so far.God’s grace peace and joy was abundant, the church services we had here in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad was so realistic,I felt like really being on our Lord and saviour Jesus burial, the shround in which he was wrapped and the holy liturgies, I alsogot some nice explanations from the priest who was there from moscow especially for that bright celebration. There are 3 Church servicesday after another. This was quite refreshing to me, since I’m not feeling spiritually here as I have blogged in my previous post.I cannot describe the joy I experienced, Also the Lord game me the chance to share the good news of the gospel with a couple of peoplehere. On the 2nd day the Bulgarians has organized a feast to celebrate the celebration, what was pity was that they were not really celebrating the resurrection of our Lord but was enjoying themselves 🙁 Anyways. The Liturgy on the first day of the resurrection of Christ was actually two liturgies combined in one and was the longest church service I have ever attended in my life, it lasted for around 5 years, and right after the priest did a food blessing service (not sure about the english name) in Bulgarian we call it “vodosvet”. Then all the people who stayed until the end of the Church service sat together prayed and started eating, I ated a lot there! The food was so delicious. The relations between me and the rest especially Rob was so nice, we were exactly like kids who just has received their gifts (the food). I have to mention that on the previous day I also has confessed infront of the priest and he explained me the difference between this church and ours and also blamed our church for taking part of the ecomenism (well he had a point about that). On the Church service on a couple of times I felt my legs really weak so I had to sit every now and then. We went out of the church and singed Christ is Risen from the Dead Trampling up death by death and to those in tombs bestowing life! The priest proclaimed the resurrection in around 6 languages! in which all type of lenguages were answered the equivalent words for “Truely is Risen!”. I went out of the Church in 7:00 (in the morning!) 🙂 overfilled with joy and happiness and The Lord’s grace. It was exactly like I’ve spend hours out of the world for quite some time, I would say an unbelievable experience. I did the dishes right before I left the Church in the morning, Svetla decided to give me some food for home 🙂 Which was quite nice, food in the Church seems like from a different substance from the normal food here in the Netherlands, more or less I feel it like the Bulgarian food. I had also the oportunity to test a lot of Russian food, like for example a sort of soar cake named right after the celebration “Pasha”, there was a long interesting cakes as well I forgot how they used to call them. There was a lot of russian food, many of which was quite similar to ours in Bulgaria! :)Everything I experienced their and the joy and peace cannot be simple explained in a text, just have to went through it. I should be amazingly thankful to God for bringing me in the true source of faith the Orthodoxy! Glory be to you Almightly Lord (Glory be to the Father, The Son and The holy Spirit!) now and forever and ever! AmenEND—–

I blog again :)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I haven’t blogged for quite some time. First I glorify the Almighty God our Blessed Holy Trinity for his abundant mercy towards me!! Glory be to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit! Now and forever and ever! Amen. I start with this loud words and I have so many things to say. But yes yesterday a joyful news came to me it seems my Exemption letter for Internship has been Approved! I prayed to God that he make them approve this exemption letter because I want to graduate asap and go back to Bulgaria. Here in the Netherlands I feel really terrible, the spiritual state of the country is simply softly said terrible, even though they seem to be an advanced country from the tangible aspect of the things from the intangible/spiritually poor. Not to say that I feel like the devil is controlling most of their lives already. The complete mix of negroes, chinese, indonesians and all other type of races makes the country mixed. Here in the air it feels like a spirits of gluttony are crawling around all the time, also quite often I feel like madness crossing around the air. Sometimes I have that strange thoughts in my mind that something is really wrong with that country. Maybe I had a nice point about that.This SHR project is getting schizophrenic, anyways glory be to God for his abundant mercy towards me and sustaining me always. Yesterday was a terrible day I felt so confused such a profound spiritual sorrow was rulling me that I can hardly bear it, I had a couple of terrible days this days. Since some time I am suspecting there is something wrong here, everytime I have classes with most of the teachers here I feel terrible afterwards and I usually need a couple of days to recover to some sane state. In their presence I experience profound spiritual sorrow and suffering, I’ve been in a similar spiritual states before and I know that this simply can be described in the biblical word hell. Since some time I suspect something is wrong with this guys (I mean the tachers), a couple of days Mr. Joop Vinke the guy who seems to be like a dean to us mentioned during some of the theater sports answered my question where have been yesterday “to the rotary club” and then he added like every other day before, it was not clear is he mean it or not. My suspects became even stronger, because I know that one of my employers used to be attending rotary club as well I know some really terrible things happened in his life and I think he quit that club, anyways. Last week on Friday I met one of my other teachers (Mr. Da Ponte) and I spoke with him, the conversation flowed as he mentioned something about the Lord making the sun circle around the earth, I was interested by his statement so asked him if he believes in God and if he is a roman catholic. He said he is not roman catholic and then what followed was a sort of preach about what he believes and his God as I continusly asked him questions. From his description I left with the impression that he is probably believing in the same God of the masonry (I’ve red about that just a couple of days before). So many things matched, the teacher even mentioned that a lot of teachers in that school are also believing in God and I was left with the impression that he meant the same God as he believes, so I make the connection that they are probably rotarians, masons or taking participation in some sort of organization like that which has to deal pretty much with the occult. A couple of days before I spoke with a brother in Christ (Stelian) and I explained him what is happening and about this BHC (business ethics classes), I explained him how much they want you to accept what they say and if you don’t you are not worthy, I also explained to Stelio the whole story and how this guys are able to make you feel really bad. Since this guys tried to teach us their methods and I tried a couple of times their methods and saw the effect how by doing “something” “unconsciously” you can alter the other into a state of broken spiritness and terrible suffering while at the same time you feel overflowed with joy, a sort of stealing his living power or Angels so to say. I don’t want to enter into details about that since its to me surely related with demonic manifestation. I’ve also remembered that one of the guest lecturers that Mr. Vinke has brought here mentioned that he is rotarian, the coincidences started becoming too much seriously. I also spoke with a student who has graduated and I asked him if he feels that bad thing inside of him, I was stunned when he confirmed. Also in that SHR project it really is schizophrenic I feel that spiritually something really wrong is happening there I started thinking and I could recognize many of the things done in classes of Mr. Vinke has to deal with the paranormal even though not openly showed, even his theater sports has a lot of unconscious spiritism involved, not to mention his Werewolf games including vampires, whitches etc. a lot of the theater sport games include games which include things with dying, you play dead etc., etc. I also have noticed that teachers often are pointing me and saying that I’m not changing, many of the students here are changing seriously for bad. I know by my saviour Jesus Christ who said “by their fruits you will know them”, seeing their fruit suffering, confusion, hate, lies etc. I started being more and more convinced that this guys are dealing with the devil. So if my theory is right and I think it probably is, most of the teachers are members of the rotary club. Maybe they even see it as harmless way to improve their business contacts but I know this is not the case, and this guys are giving oaths, having their strange believes spiritual leaders and do worship the devil even though not openly. I shared all that with a couple of my colleagues and many of them probably just thought that I’m out of my mind. But the holy spirit in me testified all that the things I am thinking are true. I’ve shared what is happening with a brother in Christ (a priest) in the orthodox Church Bulgaria and he said he is gonna mention my name on the altar before God on the Divine Liturgies. I guess this matters because today even though I am not completely okay I feel much relieved and better and I feel God! Glory be to the Immortal and Holy of Israel now and unto ages of ages. I try to learn the gospel a bit early in the morning and a bit late at night before I go to bed I also try to pray a bit each morning and evening and trust the Lord to keep me and protect me from the schemes of the evil one! Yesterday I was at Ina’s place and tried to explain her that this project we do now has something to deal with evil spiritism. I even have suspected that this guys from the rotary club ask their members to share information about certain people that the rotary members work with and then try to bring some curses and spells if they see somebody as a problem to their practices. I suspect that this guys somehow use their members as a channels to spread their evil spirituality. I’ve also taken the advice of Stelio to start caring an Icon in me whenever I go to school. Quite often here and especially in the dormitory I feel something is happening inside of me, my heart starts beating unsteady I also feel spirits flying around and trying sort of trying to conquer me this more or less has to deal with their broken spirituality here. Often I feel completely exhausted like somebody stealing my living power and willingness. Also I have noticed that here in their discoteques, they don’t allow you to enter with a hat? My assumption is that there are somethings placed in the discoteques which has to deal with inducing thoughts in you. On saturday I and Sali entered into a discoteque, I was not so willing so I’ve removed my hat I’ve borrowed temporary from Sali. After being in the discoteque on the day after and on Monday I had terrible headache and felt weak and pretty much like almost dying, Also I felt something on my forehead happening, just like I felt on a numerous times the Holy Spirit annointance and the Lord’s spiritual sign on my forehead, I’ve red in revelation that the Antichrist is going to put something on ppl’s forehead and and their right hands I’m more and more starting to think that this in some phase is already working, I’ve felt aches on my right hand on a numerous occasions, here often Its like I fight for my spiritual survivance. People around I see as they’re dead and just living to consume “limed tombs” as they are called in the gospel. I know that all I’ve written here might seem like too much of a conspiracy, however I’m pretty much sure that many of the things I suppose are true to a certain high degree or even completely.END—–

Fiddler on the roof

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

This days I got passionate in watching Jewish movies. Yesterday I’ve watched a great movie, it’s called”Fiddler on the roof”. It’s a sort of must see movie, it might be said that it contains a good spiritual message as well.The day was peaceful thanks to God. Tomorrow I’m joining the business ethics classes I just hope with God’s gracethat everybody would be okay there. Today I had a small chat with the girlfriend of Nikolay. It seems that she isbelieving in God. I should thank God for he gave me words to speak with her about our precious faith!Glory be to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit Now and into the ages of ages! AmenEND—–

Guest Lecturers from Hungary and today’s case study

Friday, April 10th, 2009

I would loike to start this post with thankking the Almighty God who is toogenerous towards me the sinner and reckless. Today it was such a nice day.I went to school a bit late at 09:10 instead of 09:00, however I was still on time. We had a guest lecturer from Hungary. Quite a nice man we had to prepare a case study about a hungarian based company Graphisof and it’s expansion on the US market back in the distant 1992. We had to act as a consultants in front of the management board who happened to be the teachers from Hungary as well as our teacher Frank Vonk. He is a nice guy I just wonder how did he got involved with such an ungodly concepts they use under the name “Gyroscopic Self Management” or GSM. Anyways today after I went to school firstly the Hungarian teacher gave us a 29 slides presentation and then we continued with the case study. In the case study we were required to use mostly methods presented in the presentation or alternatively came up with our own ones. We had to do the case study in a certain time frames through following literally a time schedule prepared by the Hungarian guys. To be honest I enjoyed greatly the event, if all days the lectures were like this I’m pretty much convinced that I would much more interested into the economic studies. My group consisted of Pavel, Gregorie (a guy from Corasel)and Henry (a chinese). We did well thanks to God! I got inspired by the Lord so I came up with pretty interesting solutions to the case and I gave quite an insightful presentation with the rest of the guys. To sump up I had a great time. We also completed (thanksfully, at last!) the IMM report, so now we might move up to work on the IBP project. 6 o’clock in the late evening I went for theater sports. There we had a lot of fun and I performed pretty well. Thanks God! I pray that God use me for his mighty purpose and lead me to his miraculous ways and deliver me and lead me in the path of salvation! Glory be to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit now and into the ages of ages! AmenEND—–

A registered mail (Signed letter mail)

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Today I almost cracked down. The story is quite long. It’s about sendinga registered letter mail. I realized on Thursday. That the address I wrote to the skype of my sis was missing the postbox number. I prayed on Saturday and Sunday a bit to God to fix up the whole situation. On Monday I decided to Go to the local TNT and ask if the registered letter has arrived. They told me nothing has arrived for Honigkamp 2. That is The address where I live. They gave me a number told me I should call and ask how to proceed ih my case and what is the standard procedure. I called to Sali to ask him if he knows what I’m supposed to do. He suggested that we went to the TNT central post office and ask. I asked him if it is convenient for him to go to his home around 14:00 or 15:00. Then I went to school to the auditorium we had some lectures scheduled with M. Mayers our counseling teacher was there. After completing the Belbin Team Roles test in order to find out which person is most suitable for what kind of function in our 17 people group. Brian the project manager assisstent revealed us how to interpret the results from the test. According to the test I am suitable as implementer a Shaper and Resource-Evaluator mostly. Then we did an interesting exercise where we split in two groups and we had the assignment in which there were 6 people occupying different role in society and in a different age. We had to select which 3 of them are we going to save and decide this as a group. This should be counted as a team building session, it was quite interesting and scary. Because I realized some day I might face the same dilemma in some form and then I had to decide for real God forbid. Then I went to the school library and I worked on my Design.BG report I had to fix some minor things to align it with the fixed version of the report. Oh yes not to forget, big thanks to Nomen (Mitko) and Niki( lunarstill) for checking out the report for errors and coloring the erroneous things in red. Then I went to Sali, like we have spoken earlier. He wasn’t there. I had a couple of emails to write related to my work as sys-admin. Then Mimi (Sali’s wife) treated me with a coffee :). Then I called to Sali to ask him if he is coming soon. He proposed to meet near Aktion. So I took the bike of her nephew (a girlish one) and went to the city center. They were drinking coffee there with Koko’s father (Bat Birio). We tried to reach for the city center post but it was closed. I tried to call the number they gave me earlier in the morning in TNT post and spoke with the guys. But however that wasn’t really helpful. What I got from them is that my parents need to request for investingation of the letter. I was on my way to get really angry. I tried to explain to an old Dutch man who happily spoke some English my problem and ask him to help ‘coz he knows dutch. He hardly grasped what I mean, so I had to explain it again and again numerous times, that truely irritated me. Then another man waiting on the queue for picking up post letters. Heard our conversation and advised me to ask my parents about the letter number. I went out of the post office tried to call my father and ask him about that info. My mother picked up the phone and told me with a bad tone my father has went to my village and was on her way to scream to me over the phone and blame me for the fact that the letter was missing the post box on the letter head. I got really mad and had a desire to break the phone in the ground so I closed the line. Then we went to Sali and left the bike. I felt really fucked up and desperate the devil tried to suggest me some ideas about a suicide again as well as some ideas abotu smoking. So I started praying, while listening Larry Norman on my mp3 player. I went to the dorm still in desperation, I passed the pigeon holes, anyways I thought OK let me check my pigeon hole. And guesss what HalleluYah! The registration form for the letter my parents sent me week ago was there! Glory be to Our Father through Our Saviour Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Glory be to the God Almighty! For obviously he heard my prayers from Sunday and Saturday and responded. The whole story had a moral for me from God. If we try to do things our way without the Lord we might do nothing, as our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ said “Without me you cannot do nothing!”. However again I tried to act in the newly created situation the human way I thought nevertheless the fact thatonly 10 minutes were left until the closure of the presikhaf’s post office. I ran up to the post office with the letter acceptance form and asked for my letter and guess what the lady on the reception told me that I had to come again after 10:00 the next morning because the letter haven’t arrived yet. The moral that God gave me is it’s all in his hands even in the situation where we thing he is not in control, he is and things does happen not in the time we want but in the time he decided!END—–

Sunday Church clearning

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

In Sunday, we cleaned the Russian Orthodox Church. I was a bit late for the cleaning beacause I mistakenly understand the cleaning is in 13:00 instead of 11:00 o’clock. I ws a bit late as well. When I arrived in the church the people had almost done with the cleaning and had just prepared the dinner. It was something we call in Bulgaria “pitka” some russian version of it, it was filled with cabbage and potatoes. It was actually quite tasty. Then I have had with the cleaning I was assigned to Iron some table-cloth for the altar as well as some other towels used in the Church services. It was my first time to Iron. I guess I was quite away from doing it the right way. Later I was assigned to clean up the church windows with a cleaning liquid. For that purpose I had to haul up a ladder :). After that I cleaned the ground with a vacum cleaner. When we were done, we had a great dinner together with the church members. We had prayed with The Lord’s prayer before we ate and after we had our food. So nice it was, after the supper was done we drinked some tea and cookies and we talked. I went out of the Church smiling because of God’s abundant joy filling me ! (Thanks Lord) Then I was in doubt shall I drop by to Sali or not and told God. Lord if it’s your will to go to his place please make that somebody (Sali himself or somebody from his home) call me. I was just passing his home and her wife knocked on the house window, so yes it was clear the Lord wanted me to be there. I spent some time their. Then a lot of people came Drago, Nikolay and his gfriend. I asked sali to borrow me his bike for a while and rided around the town, relaxing and getting to know the town. I went through a place they call “The trolley museum”. A little before I bringed back the bike I went to the city park (Sonsbeek). Prayed a bit in the park staying on a bench roundabout the trees and the singing birds, who I guess was praising the almighty! Then I went back to Sali spent some time their installed Counter Strike 1.6CS on his notebook for his son named Minko. And went back to home, ate and watched a bit of Ben Hur. Afterwards I went to bed after a short prayer and reading of the Old testament.END—–


Monday, April 6th, 2009

On Saturday, me and Kaloyans father went to a place near Westervort ( a placeon a 5 or 6 km away from Arnhem’s center ). There was a nice lake on the end point of the trip. We drived near a big bridge where cars flowed in a line.We drived near nice dikes. Everything in the Netherlands is pretty much ordered. Society more or less feels like communistic. I took a bike from Sali. After we went back I drived around Arnhem with Sali’s bike just to come to know the city. And spent some nice time in the Sonsbeek. At night after I bringed back the bike after the nice stroll. I went to Sali’s house to tell him I bringed back the bike and see what’s happening there since his nephew had her 14th birthday. There were a lot of gipsy’s gathered together feasing. The scenery was so nice a bit funny but what was nice that this people kept strongly united in their relationship, simple and true. Then I went home. Recently I watched a nice movie “The Ten Commandments” which is based on the old testament’s Exodus, where God delivered the jews from bondage, quite a nice movie I strongly recommend it to anybody who haven’t seen it. I’m reading the Old testament every morning and evening, a small piece of text every now and then. Faith is what keeps me going, the world is so dead, headed to it’s end, nothing that gives life their. I see this ordered country and more or less I see people who are comnsumers living just to exist. It’s sad. I forgot to mention I had exam in Accounting 5 ACF5, the exam was a nightmare I just hope that God would do miracle for me to make me pass! I know for God all things are possible and if he has decided I will pass, even though I didn’t made write much on the exam and it wasn’t familiar I believe God would grant me to pass! As he did previously numerous times before.END—–