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To Lumier with a bike the yesterday “action”

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Saturday was quite shaking. The morning start yearly around 8:30.Anton a friend of mine for whom I am working and for whom I am admining twoservers. Called yearly in the morning and informed me that is not working for several hours. I logged on the server and tried to see what’s wrong.It seemed that the whole MySQL was quite messy. It even refuses to start.There were corrupted data the system seemed to be restarted twice.I won’t enter into much details here just put some moral mostly.I was desperate things looked like everything was lost. The old sqlbackups made by the automated script I use were completely useless causethey were dumped with characterset latin1 …. So everything which was in cp1251appeared like “?” questionmarks. I thought there was encoding problem and the problem might be solved with iconv, however unfortunately that was not the case.The dumps were completely useless. So as a prescription if you use cp1251 or koi8r or any cyrillic encoding and you’ve explicitly definition in /etc/my.cnfoutlining that be sure not to dump with –default-character-set=latin1 ! Never ever! do this. At a moment I felt completely forgotten by God doubt came along for a second, nevertheless I started praying even though only with hope and without faith enough I screamed “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Blessed God, have mercy on me the sinner!”. Eventually until 16:45 most of the problems were fixed. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! I could see one more time clearly God fixing things for me. To be honest I was so messed at a poing before all came to its place that I was not knowing exactly what I am doing. I followed a couple of steps one of which was completely unsinstall the mysql server and exchange it with 5.0.75 from 5.0.65. I had to switch to innodb recovery mode level 4 and dump some of the databases and import them back. A lot of the databases I simply copied in binary format to the newly created sql server. The sql server started working again ! Blessed be God My helped and refugee! I did some shopping on Saturday 5:30 ’till 18:00. Then I tried to recover the databaess with the screwed cyrillic letters. I had to contact ganchev “shudder” a friend of mine who is pretty good in coding and worked at the same company I did for some years. He couldn’t help however he advised me to check the dumps with hexdump -C and see if the “?” questionmarks are questionmarks. In my case they were so the backups were completely useless. I was lucky that one of the database my friend Tony has backed up and the other one was for a website who was started just a few days before so data there could be recovered with a little effort and it’s not gonna be so fatal I guess. Later on during the evening I updated a couple of services like apache php eaccelerator and so on on the two freebsd servers I take care for. On the Sunday morning I had to fix a little thing a consequence from the nightly update. The php5-gd port didn’t upgraded with the portupgrade -ri cause according to portaudit it has a security flaw. However quite flashy and luckily I fixed the problem. The rest of the Sunday I spend in talks with Paco, then we went to Sali and went to Lumiere the coffee restaurant where Sali managed to arrange work for Papi. The idea of us going there was to negotiate if possible to increase Papi’s daily sallary cause today he receives only 20 EUR per day for 10 hours of work. We went to Lumiere with Bikes that Sali gave us. On our way Papi fall off his bike and hurt his leg badly … 🙁 We went there and drinked coffee, thanks God they didn’t charged me for the coffee because the restaurant owners (Aidyn and Tazira) said the coffee I don’t need to pay for. After that we went back home we had small argue with Papi for which I deeply regret. I should thanks God for granting me from his divine mercy and doing so much for me the sinner. Quite in a few minutes I’ll be praying a bit and going to bed. Let’s hope that the Lord will be blessing me and helping me in my work and studies in the coming week just like he did so far. Just to conclude my post. Glory be to you Almighty and all merciful Lord my stronghold and my refugee! Hallelujah!END—–

The last two weeks time and God’s endless mercy towards me

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Let me start with the previous week. A tough one, If it wasn’t the Lord I’ll definetely would have beenin Bulgaria already. I had an important resit in International Labour Law. As I posted some time agowe failed on our previous defense and we have to do it again both the repot the presentation and the report.I was mentally and emotionally unstable and I neededed desperately help. I prayed to God and waited.This time God worked through Ina (a colleague of mine), after I asked her for help and explained her the badstate in which I was. She volunteered to help, of course I had my part and I had to push her a couple of timesto write the report, but however it wasn’t me but God himself working in me. The report was done and fewminor changes were required to be made in order to complete it. We had a big clash with Allan (my Dutch group mate).The project was on it’s way to fail again. Ina helped again she spoke with him and me and managed to calm us down..They both completed the report. I asked her again about help, we needed to rehearse the presentation. We rehearsedfor a few hours the night before the defense itself. Then 2 more times few hours before the presentation on the presentation day.We then had the presentation, I should underline that Ina helped me again outlining what are the most important partsI need to present and setup the frames for my presentation part. I can just say let God bring us goodness and peace for herkindness to me in this project. We had the presentation eventually in Thursday in 15:15 in the room I had reserved(D 107) = (1+0+7) = 8 (the number of perfection) according to Bible’s numerology also the number of Jesus Christ (The God Man) oursaviour. When I was booking the room I thought that this was a good thing. Booking the room is another story I didstruggled until I arranged the room and invite the lecturers. The lecturers invited were Joop Vinke our specialty dean andE. Lengton our law teacher. The presentation we gave was on an avarage level a ways better than the previous timewhen it was completely horrible. The defense was extremely tough, they asked us a lot of questions trying to confuse us.We manage to answer to most of them although not being completely confident in the answers. We did a couple of mistakes.The teachers asked us to go out of the room and they invited us back in a couple of minutes. I forgot to mention that I prayed to Jesus Christto bless me and help me during the presentation. And he did the presentation I gave was a way better than I could helpthe only downside was the fact I spoke too fast and the teachers couldn’t grasp some of the words. Anyways back to where I was,The teachers invited us in the room and announced us that we’re really lucky and that it is a pass, right on the linewe scored 55 with 55 as a absolute minimum for a pass. 70 on the report which was quite nice, 45 on the presentation and another50 on the defense, which in overall corresponds to 55 as I mentioned. HalleluJah! Glory to the Father The Son and The Holy Spirit,now and tin the ages of ages! I could see God’s work in it. I also had that conviction one of the previous days that we wouldpass right on the border line. And HalleluYah! It came true! 🙂 Thanks to God.Apart from this the late days God gives me a peaceful days (not much to do for my work). Plamen a close friend of minewho used to be like a father to me for quite some time before has came to The Netherlands and is currently living at my dormroom. his presence is a real blessing because he is nice and living with a close one especially when this one is Christianis a real blessing. He came from Spain because there is a lack of work in Spain, since he needs to earn some moneybeing in the Netherlands a way better for him since he is not required to pay at least for the lodging.Sali (A Bulgarian Gipsy) has helped in finding a job for him. We found him a job but in Lumiere, the placewhere Ina worked as a waitress the previous semester. Definitely Lumier ain’t the best place to be and there is a lotof work … so let’s hope that God would think a beter and well paid job location for him. Now he has to workfor 10+ hours and they pay him only 20 Euro! They should be ashamed … Life is hard sayingg all that I shouldalways Thank my Lord for blessing me with the work I have and granting me the money he does every month.Glory be Oh Lord of Hosts for being merciful to me the sinner ! Glory to You Holy and Mighty in power!We already started the new semester. This semester basicly we have the following study modules:SHR (Strategic HR), IBP (International Business Planning), IMM (International Marketing), we are also adviced to followthe lectures from the previous semester since Vinke decided to join the E and the G cluster, we have HRA2 and Project Management as well.The previous semester I passed everything except Business Ethics ( I think ain’t sure yet ) and HRA1. Me and Ina has to do it again the HRA1again unfortunately. I pray that the Lord helps me to pass this semester without failures and helps me pass the ones I couldn’t have thissemester and to keep sustaining me and care for me just like he did so far. I forgot to mention in that post that the fact that Plamen (Papi) had work now is again answer of a prayer I addressed to God. So Glory be to The Eternal and Truthful and Merciful One God! This week we have guest lecturers from Romania (Timisoara University) and Russia (prof Bib and prof. Belkin). Today the day was quite nice through God’s mercy! Soon I’ll be going to bed. Thanks for the countless mercies Oh You Holy of Israel !END—–