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Configure Wireless Internet on Linux in Arnhem Business School ( Hogelschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen ).

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I was able to configure SecureW2′s Wireless Internet within ABS (Arnhem Business School) on Linux. By taking some time to experiment. Here is how I did it.
1. You’ll need the package wpasupplicant
2. Use wpa_supplicant.conf configuration like this one:

ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicantctrl_interface_group=0eapol_version=1ap_scan=1#fast_reauth=1network={         ssid=”han”         scan_ssid=1         key_mgmt=IEEE8021X         eap=TTLS         phase2=”auth=PAP”         identity=”your_username”         password=”yoursecretpass”         priority=100}

Put the above configuration in let’s say /etc/ under the name wpa_supplicant.conf
Create a script, put the following within the script

#!/bin/sh# Written by hip0 23.09.2008# Under GPL v2# Read it here kill any existing instances of wpa_supplicant or dhclient if [[ $(ps ax |grep -i dhclient|grep -v grep) ]]; thenkillall -9 dhclient >/dev/null 2>&1[[ $(ps ax |grep -i wpa_supplicant|grep -v grep) ]]; thenkillall -9 wpa_supplicant >/dev/null 2>&1fi# initialize connection to the HAN wireless APwpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -D wext -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.confsleep 5;dhclient -nw wlan0 >/dev/null 2>&1

If you’re a debian user you could configure your machine to connect to yourwireless network during boot:
To do this you have to:
Edit /etc/network/interfaces
Add something similar in it:

iface wlan0 inet dhcppre-up wpa_supplicant -B -D wext -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.confpre-down killall -9 wpa_supplicantpre-down killall -9 dhclient

Don’t forget to change your interface name mine is wlan, yours could be different
3. Enjoy your Wireless Internet within the HAN building! 🙂
P.S. I configured that on my Debian 4.0 system, but I think t would work with any other Linux/BSD system out thereEND—–

Theater Sports

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Today we had nothing in our schedule. So I investigated a bit what is expatriate because we have assignment for the next week. We had to create an blank application form for a real expatriate agreement. The day was pretty normal thanks God. At the morning I felt really bad like sick did my usual ‘warming’ exercises. Around 11 we had a breakfast with Ina as usual in the kitchen on the 5th floor. upstairs in the cooridor and in the kitchen it was a total mess, there was a birthday party happening there so it looked like a bomb has fallen. Two hours or so I was feeling much much better. At around 3 we went to the university because we had to give a picture which is required for our future student cards at HAN. The studentcards are supposed to be ready in a week or a little less. We spend around 2 hours in the canteen, Ina and her group of three people were discussing how to make their project. For the next week we had to hand in two assignments. In 6 o’clock we went to the so called Theater Sports. In case you wonder what is Theater Sports it is a sort of games which are supposed to develop your artistic and communicating skills. Well this games are really stupid and at the same time fun and educational, we didn’t waited for the games to over and during the little break we had. We took our way home, first we went to the food store Alberheim and we got some chicken meat, mushrooms and milk. We got back home and Ina cooked it in a really good way with carrots. At night just after our dinner I spoke over skype with my Mom and Dad, pretty boring eh? Well I hope today it wasn’t the next lost day. Although for a moment I really thought so.END—–

A Sunday in the Netherlands

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I woke up, washed my teeth, did my regular morning excersises then Ina came my room and we went out shopping. In Sunday all shopsare closed in the netherlands thus the near food store we usually shop from Alberheim is closed too. That’s why we moved to the center.We first ate in a place called “Subway”, the vegetarenian sort of hamburger costed 2 EU, then we walked through the shops in the center andresearched where is what and how the prices vary in the different stores. Ina bought sunglasses, a blouse and ear-rings. We were also happyto find 24 hours opened shop right in the center. It seems that usually in Sunday the only place where the shops are opened is the center.We took some beer and went and stood along a little lake enjoying the swan and the ducks and crows which moved and flewer aroud. Then we catched the way for home looking around for unlocked bikes which we may take (it’s common here in the Netherlands to just take unlocked bikes and make them yours even I heard a lot of people leave the old unusused bikes on the street unlocked so you can just take it and use it.On our way home Ina saw left old Zanussi fridge next to a trash bin with a note on it saying something in Dutch containing the Dutch word “wekrt” which literally translated means works. So we hoped the fridge is a working one. We called Koko and Sali to come end help us with the fridge. Then Koko and Sali came and helped us move the fridge to the Honigkamp 2 which is the building of the dormitory I live in. LaterI collected the dry laundry and went to take a shower, then I moved to the 5th floor’s kitchen (My room is in the 1st floor). Wherewe gather with Ina for breakfasts, lunch or dinner. It’s a common thing the last few days that all the Bulgarians that we live in Honigkamp just gather together with the laptops and listen to a different kinds of music and talking about stuff. Although is’s so nice in the Netherlands I’m homesick a little. I also feel like going in no concrete direction. It’s a common thing temptations come that tempt me to smoke again. Also a really terrible temptation I face is a one I faced a dozen of times. You know there are some girls that really are my type of girls unfortunately every time I look at that girls I start falling in love. This is just fine the bad thing is that I’m usually too “different”, unconventional etc. to fit nice with the girls I like. Day by day I search for truths and I’m not sure I’m able to reach them .. the poor man I’m ehh…END—–