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Download video files with Firefox

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Recently I needed to download 2 videos from vbox7 , a youtube like site for Bulgarians.In order to achieve that I followed a tutorial online which suggested the usage of a Firefox plugin called “Download Helper”.All that’s needed to use the plugin is download it from Here .Then click on the new moving icon which should have appeared in your FF and then click on the derised video you wanna download,you should have the link leading to the video. Enjoy :)END—–

The Driving Polygon – My adventures of learning to drive a car

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Today the day was pretty normal for which of course I have to thank to Our Awesome God :)I didn’t have much work, I stand up somewhere around 11 o’clock. I did my usual morning exercises.By the way since I started practising everyday exercise I feel physically better. After that I prayed a bit.Afterwards I red the road regulations and laws book (as I mentioned in my previous bloggings I have starteda driving license courses). Somewhere around 12:30 Gery did called and asked me if I’m willing to go outfor a coffee. I accepted and we saw each other infront of the fountain. Because all the tables outside wasoccupied we and in the coffee itself was too hot we decided to move to the Kukla coffee. We coffeed a bittalked about stuff shared how our lifes are going etc. etc. After that I had to go to the college becauseI need a copy of my school completion diploma because my driver lessons teacher requires as well as therest of the documents my ID card, a picture etcetera, etcetera. In the college I met Todor Dyankov who wasteaching me at Statistics and in Marketing II at the college and Ertan also Nina the librarian, I have tosay all of them are pretty cool :). Ertan showed me what he has made using Adobe’s flex product andexplained how convinient it’s usage is for creation of books and various other web based sort of manuals.Later at home I red more some chapters of the road regulations book. After which in 18:45 I went to the stomatology(this is the usual place where driving teachers park their cars and where we met with my instructor), he askedif it’s possible to change the driving lesson to be in Tuesday for 18:30 to be honest I haven’t had much choice since theteacher had some urgent job to do. Right after that I went to my mother and father grocery shop because previously wehad a stipulation that I my father and a close family friend (Georgi a namesake) would go somewhere out of the city becausethe 32 hours for which it suppoed that I had to be ready for the exam were far from enough for me to become a proficient driver.Eventually we went with my father’s car (Opel Astra) to a place which was before used as a Driving Polygon and is a perfectplace for a novice driver like me. The most hard thing for me in governing the car was starting the car from first speed usingthe clutch pedal simultaneously with the “gas” pedal. With some practice there I can say I got better at starting the car on 1st speedalthough still it’s pretty hard for me to move the car on 1st speed from stopped position when the car is on a small hill.After that we went out of the polygon and I drive on the road of Bogdanovo village. Right after we went back to the city.I went to see Bino because I have promised him to go out for a walk together. We had a nice walk in the city park, I came backhome I went to see my grandma just like I often do lately I stood there for 20 minutes and went home, ate and here I’m now blogging :)END—–

Firefox Download Day

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Looks like the guys from Mozilla foundation are trying to set a new guiness record.They’re striving to win a record for the most software downloads for 24 h until today.Everybody willing to participate please follow this link .Today we went out with Niki to the bookstore and he bought a book for Linux. Later I worked at home and in the afternoon I went to aunt Zlatina and Ivailo’s furniture shop I told them I have to buy a new sport shoes because my old ones are torning apart and they directed me to a very cheap shop which is importing there there commodity directly from china (Phenix), I went to Bino’s home and we went together to that shop I bought a short trousers for 3 EU, sports shoes for 9.25 EU and a really nice t-shirt (a green one 🙂 for 1.30 EU. Later in the evening we went to Niki because he wanted to help him something about his Ubuntu Linux. It happened that after upgrade from 7.10 -> 8.04 his mplayer no longer functioned. I tried changing the audio output, I tried a lot of things but all of them without success I wasn’t able to make his mplayer work correctly. I suggested Niki to install something which is closer to Debian. Because I personally am a fan of Debian and dislike Ubuntu in general. We downloaded sidux and burned it to a cd, but unfortunately it didn’t booted.For all that didn’t know sidux is a project (debian derivative) which is trying to fix the Debian famous problems with the long release cycles. Basicly sidux is better tested debian testing/unstable. Well that’s mostly how my day passed.END—–

What’s goin on recently

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

At Saturday I had my first driving license. The instructor let me drive on the road for Balchik. Happily the driving went smoothly of course I made a lot of mistakes which is pretty normal for a first time driving. In the afternoon we went out for a walk with Niki. We just went out when Vlado (Hellpain) called, he came back to Dobrich for a day, we met for a coffee after which we stayed for 2 hours in the central park. Today as usual I attended the liturgy at the orthodox Church. Today it’s a big Christian Orthodox holiday, it’s the day in which the Our Lord Jesus Christ send the Holy Spirit to the early Church fathers (the apostles). The apostles heard a great noise and they see the Holy Spirit descending from heaven in a form of burning tongues, each tongue coming above the head of each of the apostles and the rest of the first believers in our Lord and Saviour Jesus. I’m still in doubt should I decide to go or not to the Netherlands. I applied for a room there through yesterday. But still haven’t received a confirmation for approval and I haven’t send a deposit for a room. I made research about the Arnhem Business School (ABS) and talked and I’m talking with a friend who went to study in Holland the last year. In the afternoon I watched an old russian movie which is marked as a SCI-FI genre (Kin Dza Dza), I got the title from the top 20 in IMDB. Yeah I can say that the movie was pretty freaky :). Vladi did call me again and said one of the servers in the office had crashed I spoke with of my colleagues with a request to go to the office and restart the box but it seems the box isn’t booting. Tomorrow I’ll catch an early bus for Varna and went to the office to see what’s wrong with the machine (hope it’s not a serious hardware problem). That’s most of it. To be honest although God grants me a lot of his divine grace I still feel a bit of lost and pathless and struggle to fight my lack of faith, and bad habits. I’m praying everyday for a physical healing but I still haven’t completely recovered from my sickness. I have sinned badly in my past and I deserve to have that sickness but still I honestly I’m repenting day after day for my bad life in the past and the near present … Another think I should say is that a friend of mine has died I saw his obituary hanging on a tree 🙁 , His name was Alexander (Sashe) known among us by the nickname (Saketo), he was a drug addict and that killed him I hope he is with God know peace be upon him. END—–


Monday, June 2nd, 2008

At Saturday me and two friends (Static and Bino) went to Varna. We went to Kavarna with Mitko’s car Mitko is known with the alias (Metallikata). I went to the Orthodox Church which was still opened at 19:00. And I was lucky to meet Borko there an Orthodox Chirstian at a service in a temple in Varna. When I was in Varna I went I attended his lectures and also the groups formed to help ppl enter the Church life and help the ppl to develop better communication skills. The Apocalyptica concert wasn’t bad at all although it sounded to me banal, recently I’m listening to alot of classical music so there performance which probably is starting to develop a different musical views/tastes in me. So as a result the Apocalyptica perforamce was like a big scramble comparing to the wonderful works of Buxtehude and Bach and musicians of that rank. The supporting band in the concert was from Bulgaria, Plovdiv they were called “The Strinngs”, interesting band they had 3 violion players two guitar players and a drummer. END—–