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Thursday, December 13th, 2007

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A great improvements in php execution times may be achived using the eaccelerator php module it keeps cached the executing php filesso prevents the server from interpreting the same php files over and over again on each client visist. I recommended itto everyone looking for performance optimization The project is located on Today we had a HRQM lessonin the College before that we had Dutch. I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicines after school. Psychic health isa serious issue I observe I and other friends need psycho therapy :). The life is going day after day I’m curiouswhy do people need so much information. Everything has become so complex nowheredays that sometimes you can’t to makeeven the small assignments for the day. Currently I’m trying to brainwash my brain with a SCI-FI serial called “THE 4400” it’s anabsolute bull shit (nevermind). Today also there is a divine grace thanks to God. From 3 days I’m listening Saviour Machineagain heavily pretty neat band if you haven’t checked it I recommend it 🙂 There are many questions I ask myself everyday with the hope someday I’ll know them. The most general question of them is “What’s the point of all”. I think the only corrent answer everytime I found is “to walk humbly with your God” and as a result of this be more and more like Christ. Faith in God is such a strange think. You’re in him and he is in you :)END—–

A Salary

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

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Today I was in Varna in the office to do some backups and take my Salary. First I went to the Church for few minutes.There I met Damqncho and we walked together for 10 minutes or so. After that I catched a minibus (there are minibuseson every 15 minutes). Somewhere around 10:40 I was in the Office. I did some job there one of the programmersbroke his X after reinstalling xorg-server and other x-related packages in the end I suggested to restart the machine.Hooray it works again !. As every windows user know “Restart and it will be fixed” 🙂 That’s most of my dayin the evening I went to my grandma. Now I’m going to bed. We had started a new site today .There was problem with the rule in .htaccess in the end with the help of guys in #apache and ofcourse God. I was able to resolve that the solution was adding line RewriteBase / to the .htaccess line, otherwise the ruleRewriteRule !.(js|ico|gif|jpg|png|css)$ index.php loops. END—–

Spammers hit again

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

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One more time I had problems with our company’s mail server caused by spammers (I’m sick of this guys!).Probably there is some new spam programs on the net which open a lot of connectionsto mail servers and tend not to close it. My qmail “timeoutremote” and “timeoutsmtpd”values were set to the default (1200 seconds) which actually is pretty much.Tons of infected machines trying to send spam were making connections to the mail serverkeeping the connection open forever a lot of qmail-smtpd processes were forked and stayedidle. When reaching more than 145 qmail-smtpd processes the qmail-smtpd service stoppedto respond to any connections. This happens approximately every 5 minutes. So on 4 minutesI had to do qmailctl restart until I catched the problem lays at *timeout* values(Praise the Lord)! 🙂 forhelping me solve this. After I have fixed that I went to the college and ate in the College Restaurant.My grandma come home and invited me on a breakfast tomorrow :). Lily called and we went togetherfor a fast coffee with her little son (Evelin). In the early evening a friend of mine called to seeeach other Damqncho. As usual Damqncho was with Steliancho. Damqncho is 18 years old where Stelianchois 16. Damqncho is from a family which are very poor they sometimes doesn’t have money even for bread ..And somedays they ate only bread (this is all he and his parents could afford), hope this would change.Steliancho is even in a worse positiong since he is a homeless kid whose parents, doesn’t not give adamn for him and he is sleeping on The Street, he also has problems with his kidneys and is pissinghimself (I mean literally) :|. I bought them some food and tried talking to them. It’s sad thatnobody cares for people like this. If I had the power/money to help this ppl and ppl like them I would.But probably God has some special intention (to test) us who have a Big Houses, food and protected placeto lay our heads at night. If somebody reading this is interested helping this kids the best way to helpthem is to pray God to bless him with a good job, they really need this because most of the time theycan’t find any good job, and gain too little money only when there is something to help to someone.They need a regular job which would provide them with firm amount of money each month.After 20 minutes or so I’m going to bed, cause tomorrow I have to stand up and go to myGrandma’s apartment cause she has invited me on a breakfast I’m going to eat (macaroni) :).The day was quiet as a whole (Thanks to God). This week is going to be a loaded one.On Wednesday we have Defense of a “Marketing research project”, a survey (questionary) and analysis ofthe results. The defense is going to be a presentation. After that in Thursday we have anotherpresentation at culture and I have to speak about “Bulgarian Heroes”. Well I suppose that’smost of what’s going around me. Night :)END—–

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

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Yesterday I spend a lot of time outside with Lily. We went to the fountain we watched film at home. The film was called”Wild Hogs” it was supposed to be a fun commedy (only supposed to be). This week is going to be a taugh one.We have to present a project at Marketing Research.

I have to write a 600 words resume about International Enterprice,also we have to make a presentation in Culture. Today in the morning i was on a Liturgy again. God’s grace ishere ! The week passed without serious server issues (Thanks God). Today I checked some logs of one of the serversand I observed oddities there. I checked the crontab and I realized it’s because of a crontab. The dumped databaseis a HUGE one 2.6G (bzipped).

I asked in #mysql, and the guys there pointed me to a similar issuewhich was supposed to be an MySQL bug when dumping large database. Since the dumping databases were of a type MyISAMI ofcourse could have used mysqlhotcopy.

But in the end the solution to the problem was removing “–opt” option fromthe backup opts of mysqldump and passing “–skip-opt” to it (I suspect this would slow the dumping process a lot).But I don’t care it is much better (a slow dumping), than hanging the whole Webserver and interrupting the site’s visibilityover the Internet.

Btw I started playing Quake 2, it’s cool but a little annoying there are too many tunnels and veryoften after I kill most of the bad guys I spend a lot of time searching for keys and stuff .. :).END—–