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One more day passed

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

One more day passed. I have pains and I scream to God for guidance and help. I’m not sure where am going to as usual. Today we had to have German. I wentto the college only to find out that the German lesson is removed from the schedule. A friend of mine who is in germany Shaltev has sent me a Video of his band.The band is called viamala, here is there website I really liked there music btw. Tomorrow I have Dutch. The day was a sort of quite for me thanks and Praise be to the Lord creator. By the way my health is not well. I have pains in different organs sometimes. You know life is hard. I’m loving more and more the FreeBSD :). I watched Ice Age and currently I’m watching Ice Age 2. Great anime (I’m having fun with it. I often think of becoming a monk. Life is such a vanity.END—–

The Weekend

Monday, November 26th, 2007

In Saturday we had a Training day at Design.BG. It wasn’t too interesting the Boss spoke a lot about a new hierarchy being implanting into the corporation. Big mouths were said “how we should not anymore say that we make sites in the office or out if it.” He said: “We doesn’t make sites! We make projects and solutions for the client” :). Mitko has come back in Dobrich in Saturday (For the weekend) and Sunday and we went out twice. I haven’t touched computers much this weekend :).In the morning in Sunday I went to Liturgy and after that we had a small walk with Stoyan. After that I watched the 3 seriesof “From Dusk till Dawn” nice vampire story btw 🙂 And yes I like the style of Tarantino.

At some time I feeled very alone like nobody cares about me. I called Lily and we spend some good time together :).


PC Freak old website now hostead on

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

A friend of Mine Marto a.k.a. (Amridikon) has regged a domain for pc-freak. So is now upcheck his Development Studio dhstudio http://dhstudio.euPc-Freak’s site can be accessed from  :)END—–

Help me, I’m in Hell!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

I don’t want to live even a day more in this hell,but I have to …END—–

Hate the World

Friday, November 9th, 2007

I hate this terrible reality I wish everything was perfect and I and the others was a complete beings,not just a shadows like we all are. I wonder when the Light of God would santify everything. Life is starting to be impossible. So many problems so much noice so much ideas so much theories.Hyper information society, so many lies hate needy and poor people. I can’t understadwhy all is like this. Why everything could be good and perfect like in the beginningof time. :|END—–

In Varna

Friday, November 9th, 2007

As usual, I went to Varna to take my Sallary and do some backups and stuff in the Office.before I had taken a taxi (on the price of the bus ticket), I went to the Orthodox ChurchSt. Georgi. There was a Liturgy. The Priest has annointed me with oil the Lords “For Health and Happinessand Salvation of Home and Children” :). I stayed for 5 minutes there then I took a taxi to Varna.On my way to work in Varna I bought a banica. On work I tried running a subversion server.It seems If a man intends to run subversion on a host it’s possible to run it in a 3 differentmanner.1. running the svnserver svnserver -d -r /repository2. Using an Apache mod_dav communicating with the svn through http:// or https://3. Committing changes executing svn after login through ssh.I was really scared in the beginning. I have to find time to read the SVN bookto understand the svn concepts better. The first the idea was to migrate most of the data wecurrently use and change through a samba server with a single svn repository.Later we decided only new projects shall go into subversion, each project has to have a differentrepository (probably). The day seemed to be quiet until sometime. When Vladi (One of the programmersand Petar) have started acting like a guys who have spend years in a Hospital for Mental Disorders.I’m starting not to like Metal as much as before. Lately I listen to a lot of Pro-Xex’s great musicstuff. Later I have understand today is being celebrated the Angel Michael’s day (That was theLiturgy for). For all those who doesn’t know St. Michael is an Archaengel who Leads the HolyAngels of the Lord in Battle. It happened that Milen and the boss Plamen had a name celebrationday. So I and the collegues gathered together in the conference room. I went Dobrich and I had to help do few things for my father’s cousing Zlatina.Zlatina is a really nice lady with a really nice family 🙂 They called me becausethey had problems running Route 66 ( She said it takes to run 2 hours with WINE!).With the Lord’s help I was able to figure out it’s a sort of wine bug, which iseasily solved with deleting the ~/.wine/windows/temp/*’s directory so I changedthe Launcher icon to execute a script which first clears the temp directory andthen starts the app, hooray works like a charm :). Also I had to install aBulgarian German dictionary. I have left the day before to download onecalled Duden who has been reported from a guy in #linuxhelp that works fine under wine.Unfortunately the downloaded .rar archive was protected with password. I wasn’t able to guessit nor to crack it using an app. I installed two Rar cracking utilities one of the two workedwith wine but there was a lack of dictionaries for brute force attack so I gave it up.The solution was to tell them to reinstall the working Bulgarian German dictionary withwine called “BigDic” (A 15 days trial). I cretead a little script in the BigDic’s install directorywhich removes the ~/.wine directory before reinstall of the Dictionary, cause the Dictionaryseems to keep record of when it’s installed somewhere in the registry, so deleting~/.wine clears the registry. The day wasn’t too bad except I was very tired in somepoint of the day. With God’s help another day passed. Blessed be the Lord creatorof Heaven and Earth!Right now I’m rebuildinga world on my FBSD desktop machine ( Jericho ).END—–

Not too well

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I’ve tried running a Holux GPS Slim 256 on a Linux box through bluetooth. And tried to make it workwith “Route 66” Navigation system running with wine. A total mess is the best description forthis. One time I managed to make it connect but I was not really aware how that this happenedactually the connection is being made with the little proggie rfcomm. rfcomm connect 0 “MAC_OF_THE_DEVICE”‘.Ubuntu even have a gnome applet. Unfortunately All my attempts to make it work failed.Today is a day of the days in which man wants not to be alive. I have to fill some questionaries (pretendinga different persons), they’re needed for the Marketing Research Project. Day after day I’m thinking aboutthe monk’s life as a good exit of this terrible reality. Thanks God at least the survers run well.END—–

A wonderful surprise

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

I was surprised when a friend of mine has mentioned a nice things concerning me in IRC,his alias is Order you can read what he has written about me in Bulgarian here: . Everything good mentioned about me in the post how I have contributed to himhow thankful he is to me and stuff is the same with me towards him.So Order Old buddy It’s a real blessing to know you. And I’m dumb too,you know “PROSTE SME!!” :)) Big thanks to the man Order (Ivo) vizantiecfor being with me in a hard times and helping me go on ( he knows what I’m talking about ).Ivo I owe you a lot. This post meaned a lot to me. BTW Nice picture on the Blog! Emblematicas usual.Also don’t forget to check Ivo’s blog located at ;]Die by the fork :]END—–

Bulgarian German Dictionary

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Today I tried Holux Slim 236 GPS receiver device working over bluetooth. I was ableto connect it to Ubuntu 7.10 using a gentoo howto. Launching xgps showed a sortof radar circle with satellites. I tried to use gpsdrive to test it, but unfortunatelyI figured out gpsdrive has only maps for 3 countries Germany US and something.I searched also for some other solutions but haven’t found anything which can be usedas a Linux native, luckily Route 66 ran fine with WINE. Tomorrow We’ll go tothe Vali’s computer shop to test if the device is running smoothly. I should alsomention The Lord’s grace which keeps me going on! Blessed, Blessed, Blessed is our Lord!Yesterday we went to TechnoPolice and bought a USB Bluetooth dongle. Luckily the diviceworks fine. Tomorrow will see if the Route 66 program and Linux would work together.It’s a cool time because I learn a lot of new things. BTW the Toshiba Laptop amodel L40 G14 has been at home on Saturday morning. I really enjoyed playing withit. It would be great if someday I can afford one :). Servers keep runnig wellthanks to God.I started searching a Bulgarian German Dictionary for Linux but I haven’t foundany looks that there isn’t still available. This is a big Hole in Bulgarian FreeSoftware env somebody has to fill it creating a German Dictionary. In the meantime I tried a bunch ofWindows Bulgarian/German Dictionaries from Gaberoff Koral FreeGerman dictionaryhas a problem with the Bulgarian words encodings. After that I tried BigDic which seems to workpretty well with wine (keep in mind that wine has to be ran like xport LANG=bg_BG.CP1251; wine proggie.exe ) oryou’ll see a lot of monkeys instead of Bulgarian symbols. BigDic supports also Bulgarian -> French. and English -> Bulgarian. All this makes it a pretty neat app. unfortunately BigDic is a 15 Trial.I thinked a bit about creating an German -> Bulgarian dictionary for Linux.Everything I need for this is a database with words in German plaintext,and a database in Bulgarian ( probably some of the Freeware dictionaries have).I have to dig on the topic more if I have more time. Did I mentioned I startedlearning Dutch? It sounds very “Hrr”. :). Btw today I had to open 2 cd iso filesFor Route 66, but I was lazy and googled for a “gui program iso linux”. What I found isAcetoneISO, the program seems to do a good job, the only downfall is it’s a kde app!Also there is a gtk unofficial port dedicated to users. The home site of the app is . The project Manager Nikolinacalled today and said she has a problem with her mail client ( Mozilla Thunderbird ).I hate to hear about mail server / client problems. I asked her did they tried to reinstall the program.She said “Well No, but we have tried adding more Memory, Bobb thought it’s a lack of memory that causes the problem.After we have put more RAM still the problem remains. :)” Later after Thunderbird reinstall the problem was solved.Blessings in the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!END—–

Ubuntu on Laptop

Friday, November 2nd, 2007


Here the story a cousin of my father has called me to help them to buy a laptop. We have checked different types of laptops in TechnoMarket and TechnoPolis, Vali and Bergon. In vali we asked about GPS devices (a device only connecting with a Satellite, which needs software to be used). I asked the seller in Vali is there a chance if the Holux GPS to work with Linux.He said he have no idea I'm citing his words "Only a few people use Linux today" :). Also the Computer sellers in TechnoMarket weren't much of a competent, I myself also didn't have enough experience with Laptops. Before everything began I asked God to guide me in the choice. We choose to take a Toshiba Sattelite L40 12G or something like this. The machine is a pretty neat one (2G of ram, Intel video, 120 SATA Disk). I gave the suggestion to install Linux on the laptop and spend money of the Operating System (because they would need the laptop when they travel out of the country, buying furniture to resell and they don't want to have illegal software. There was an international warranty issue. The sellers in Technomarket didn't have data is the laptop with International warranty later we understood that there is international warranty of 1 year. We bought the laptop I successfully installed Ubuntu and a ton of useful software. Today I have installed qemu qemu-launcher and qemulator. Ubuntu seems to work pretty flawlessly. The idea in the beginning was to buy a flash memory and install a windows on it because they needed also to have Windows to install a TBI Credit (SmartInfo) program. I tried Windows XP/2000/XP Small but all them required a minimum of 2G of hard disk space to install (!) pretty annoying and this wasn't possible because the flash memory we had was only a 1G one. In the end I ended installing the Windows on the HDD. Thanks to God everything seems to go on in a good way. Thanks Lord! 🙂 The only thing that's left to do is install the Wireless card properly under Linux and Windows.Glory be to God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit! Now and Forever and Ever. Amen!END—–