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Installing a new server

Friday, October 19th, 2007

On monday I was in Varna to install a new server. The old one is a P3 450 Mhz 320 MB of RAMsince the developers work on the samba the machine is heavy loaded and the collegues’s workis being often interrupted waiting for files to save on the machine etc.The new server is a 2 CPU Xeon (3.2 Ghz), pretty neat box. It took me 2 days to configurethe machine because I experienced problems with the Hardware (Motherboard included VIA RAID 6410).I prayed God to bless me be able to make the machine and ofcourse it happened. Since Wednesdaythe new server works smoothly. It’s running SAMBA, Apache, MySQL and some routine backupping scriptsetc. Actually I ended installing a software RAID, VIA seems to have support only for 2.4.x kernels.I was thinking about installing FreeBSD but eventually I ended with Debian 4.0.Today I had to configure some Squid ACLs because the boss wanted to filter some job recruitmentsites for the users in the office. Also I installed the ipp2p kernel module on the Internet Gatewayto drop all torrent based traffic. I had to make one redirect from -> I thoughtabout the classical way to redirect port but it didn’t worked after some investigation and helpfrom the people on #iptables I figured out If you have to redirect ports on thesame subnet then you have to have also one more SNAT ruleEND—–

How is it going

Friday, October 12th, 2007

The doctor has prescribed me pills and phiso-therapy. Emotionally, mentally, and physically I was in a pretty bad shape the last some time. Yesterday Plamenko come to my home and I decided to tell him about my situation trying to be completely honest. He said everything would come to a place but probably I have to change my living place. So if this is necessary then I’ll do it. I guess that he prayed for me because today I feel better and I feel God’s presence. The only problem still I have is physical but I hope God would fix it. I also started going to church every day in the Orthodox Church man feels different, I think God’s grace and God himself is present there. Today I had an exam at Bussiness Communication. I prayed to God to help me and Hooray I was able to cheat I hope now God would grant me to take the exam. Thanks for everything Lord! :)END—–

Drug Pills

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

In the morning I stand up from bed early to go to a doctor. He said I had an infection and I’ve got to drink 3 different type of pills. One of the pills I have to drink 3 days once a time every next pill in 15 minutes. It’s a hellish. I hope I would be well with the God’s help and work as soon as possible because I can’t continue live that way it’s a living nightmare. Almost all the day I watched Stargate SG 1. In the evening I was out with Lily in Gerana. I intend to watch some stargate serie and go to bed. I have exam on 10 and 12th of Oct and still I haven’t studied but with all this other things on my had I can’t concentrate. Also after I have drinked the pills I had a terrible headache, at least now it’s gone …END—–

Maybe things are getting better

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

There was a divine grace the last few days a little more than ordinary. We have already started in the college currently we study a discipline called “Introduction to Business” with a teacher from holland called Job. It’s interesting attending Job’s lectures. The holland teachers do teach in a much funny playful way. My passion for computers is starting to come back, and it’s very interesting to do things related to comps. My love for freebsd also increases on a daily basis. Two days ago. We installed FreeBSD in Niki’s (a.k.a. Nomen’s brother). Niki is a wonderful person. I decided to install him the latest FreeBSD-CURRENT which currently is 7.0 CURRENT. We had experienced some problems with the boot loader (not installing properly in the MBR due to my mistake). After that most of the basic configuration was complete after 5 hours. Yesterday and today I and Niki did some extra installation of software and settings. Also yesterday I was in the cousin of my Father, Zlatina (A wonderful person a, a wonderful husband, a wonderful child fascinating.) I hope some day maybe God would bless me with such a blessing. After I have installed them there new DVD/RW drive. They have setup dinner and we ate and speak about God/ Europe USA, the best place to live and a lot of “Is there God”. I told them how I believed how God found me etc because I felt I have to do. The food was great the company of Zlati and Ivo was great just great. Also I don’t have much of a work on the servers which gives me a lot of free time currently. PRAISE BE TO GOD ofcourse for all this he blesses me! Blessed, Blessed, Blessed Are you Lord Glory Be to You! 🙂 END—–