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Durankulak’s beach

Monday, August 27th, 2007

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In Saturday we was on a Cisco course with Nomen, Niki (A friend programmer),and the Other Niki (Mitko’s brother). The course went smoothly up to some pointafter that Niki (the programmer) has received a call with an awful news…After the course I Nomen and Nomen’s brother went to the chineese restaurant and we ate rice with vegatables and spaghetti with vegetables and meat. An hour later we was at Nomen’s home we had to make the cisco’s Chapter One and Chapter two test. And Luckily I got 100% right answers on both of the two (I have to be honest that I used cheating and tricks on the tests so I probably deserve less.After that Nomen gave suggestion to go to Carapec or somewhere on the Beach on the Bulgarian Coast. At the end we ended beaching the next morning on Durankulak’s Camping beach after we setupped a fire for the night and we slept in tents. There was a lot of problems during the whole trip ( I won’t go into details) but Thanks to God Almighty all has ended well in the end. Talking about God, I’m smoking cigarettes again and I have to stop (I hope God would help again). Also something I have to note is I’m a sinner but God is faithful although I sin badly The Lord is gracious to me still. PRAISE THE LORD!!! HalleluJah! :]END—–


Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

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Since few weeks I’m into SCI-FI. I’m trying to research the history of SCI-FI and get familiar with the conceptual classics into the SCI-FI. Also I realised I like the sound of Iggy Pop spontaneously when 3 or 4 days ago I searched through youtube about Hare Krishna and found an Iggy Pop cover. I’ve downloaded the First SCI FI being recorded ever according to the official SCI FI histroy it’s from the distant 1926 and is called “Metropolis”. I also have seen another classic film about SCI-FI it’s called “A Space Odyssey 2001”, the film happened to be more than just a good made SCI-FI. This film has also a largely spiritual implication I think. Well this is around me at last. I’m also currently watching the Farscape Season 2, when I have free time. God is giving me divine blessing which keeps me going, so PRAISE be TO THE HOLY ONE! :]. Soon I have exams which I’m not sure how will be able to take since I want to know and explore what’s interesting to me. Also another think is I’m drinking vitamins heavily to strenghtem my immune system, bacause from my little illness which seemed to last for more than a week I understand my immune system is not at a good shape. I’m drinking a vitamins called Centrum :], I’m not sure did they help me at all or it’s God in the end, I guess both of them but mostly God since he is caring for the vitamins to properly dissolve in my body.END—–

6 days in sickness

Friday, August 10th, 2007

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My physical health was quite not good during the last 6 / 7 days. Today it was a quiet day.I haven’t prayed seriously for few days but I can’t. Since my life looks like going nowhere.There is almost nothing in this town which keeps me still. I went to the Old Dobrich inMino’s coffee. But after a little argue and being a little rude to a girl I leavedthis awful mess. This guys are not a good company/match for me. It seems I don’t have friendsexcept Lily. Well I hope at least I haven’t builded all the time for nothing.Thanks Goodness that at least at work there isn’t a lot of work so I’m in a period of recovery.The world is going mad. I’m starting to scare my self. Seems like, life is created to be livednot to think about it’s purpose.END—–