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Glory be To God

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007


Christ Resurrected from the Dead !

Monday, April 9th, 2007

It’s Easter. The 3 days we christians celebrate the resurrection of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ!The day started early I woke up and the morning and went to my grandma to congratulate us about the Good News of ourSaviour Resurrection. I spend 30 minutes in her again we spoke about our family problem our mother.My family is really unhealthful. Day after day I more and more think about the meaningless of the worldlylife. Praise be to Our Heavenly father for giving me from his love and power through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spiritall the heavenly blessings which keep me still up and running. I bought a new video Card from one of our Web Designers (Nvidia 5900) I was able to succesfully use it in FreeBSD and I’m very happy about this. It’s great to play Quake I and Duke 3D in High resolutions and the opengl to work perfect. Alex and Hellpain are in our town for the holidays. We went out with Alex and Nomen the day before yesterday and had a great spend time. Alex is a great guy :], the same day I saw Hellpain but for a short time and I didn’t have the oportunity to speak a lot with him and we spoke about trivial things. Yesterday we went to the Orthodox Church with Lily, Alex, Nomen and Static following the Orthodox ritual we walked around the church three times. And after that we went to spend 30 minutes in the Church. There was a sort of Liturgy and the Priest spoke publicly the good news about the Resurrection of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. This morning after I saw my grandma I walked to the church 10 minutes later Nomen also come and we take the Holy Communion ( The Bread and Wine – The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ ).After the Church we went to see Damiancho which is a boy with poor parents who is living in one building part of the orthodox Church. After that we bought a joypad to Nomen’s brother who had a birthday today and spend almost an our in Nomen’s home. Just 30 minutes after I come back home Pro-Xex called and said he is in the town with two other old friends, and proposed to go out for a drink. I accepted and spend 2 more ours out with them. Everyhing seemed like a geek meating we spoke a lot about computers and especially about FreeBSD a lot. END—–

Troubled Day

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

It was a day full of waiting. The Admin/tech support personel in sofia is a real pain in the ass. I waited half a day for a simple debian base install. The guy installed debian over already installed freebsd on a server we sent destined for colocation in evolink. The machine is great dual 3ghz Xeon with 3 x 70 gb SCSI discs. In 4:00 o’clock I received a mail with username and password of the server, but the system was unaccessible for 1 more hour. I got really nervous I received tons of calls from the boss, our project Manager, Vladi the PHP programmer. I logged to the server in 5:00 and configured apache with mysql upto 10:00 o’clock then did a little walk with nomen in the central park and drinked one beer per capita. I had to meet Static and Amri in 6:00 o’clock but I was busy configuring the new rack so I missed a great oportunity to have fun with old friends. ORDER has to come back to Bulgaria, today or even he maybe is already in Varna. I’m quite impatient to see him! In the afternoon I went to some spiritual downfalls but now Thanks to God I’m alive and well. The pozvanete site already points to the new rack so I hope the machine would be able to serve it’s goal perfect. This will be made clear in the morning. Soon I’m going to bed. Glory be to God for fulfilling me with his love and sustaining my life and keeping me from evil! END—–