Welcome to Nevow

This page contains examples of how to build web applications on top of Nevow, in order of increasing complexity. To get a feel of how to structure your Python code while using Nevow, the source of all examples is linked for easy reference. In order to run each example, you will need Zope Interface, Twisted, and Nevow installed, and then you will need to run the example server.

Under windows: you need to run the Twisted Shell from Start-->Applications-->Twisted menu. Under a unix like operating system, make sure that the twistd binary is on your PATH. Installing Twisted will do this for you.

To run the example server, go to the Nevow examples directory (eg: C:\Nevow\examples or /usr/src/Nevow/examples) and run the following command:

twistd -noy examples.tac

Then, to view the running examples, point your web browser at: http://localhost:8080/

Once you are viewing this page as served by the example server, all of the "live" links below will work.

Table of Contents

  1. Test Suite
  2. Examples
  3. Tag Library Examples
  4. Demo Applications

Examples Listing

  1. A Nevow example that doesn't use any of Nevow automations
    Stan Source most_basic.py
    Live examples: most_basic
  2. Hello world in Nevow
    Stan Source hellostan.py
    xmlfile Source hellohtml.py
    xmlfile Template hellohtml.html
    Live examples: xmlfile, Stan
  3. How to get Session and Request objects from the context
    Stan Source simple.py
    xmlfile Source simplehtml.py
    xmlfile Template simplehtml.html
    Live examples: xmlfile, Stan
  4. Render tables in Nevow
    xmlfile Source tablehtml.py
    xmlfile Template tablehtml.html
    Live example: tables
  5. How to use xmlfile directives
    Stan Source disktemplates_stan.py
    xmlfile Source disktemplates.py
    xmlfile Template disktemplates.html
    Live examples: xmlfile, Stan
  6. How to handles page children with Nevow, and how to use the <nevow:attr> tag
  7. Use Fragments to divide a page in logical components
    Stan Source fragments.py
    xmlfile Template main.html
    Live example: fragments
  8. Use Macro directive to compose pages by transforming the docFactory at precompile time
    Stan Source macros.py
    xmlfile Template main.html
    Live example: macros
  9. Allow data= directives to look inside application objects
    Stan Source objcontainer.py
    Live example: objcontainer
  10. Use nested sequences to render an attribute of type list of an object
    Stan Source nestedsequence.py
    Live example: nestedsequence
  11. Manual form example
    Stan Source manualform.py
    Live example: form
  12. Advanced manual form example
    Stan Source advanced_manualform.py
    Live example: form
  13. Formless example
    Stan Source formpost.py
    Live example: formpost
  14. Another formless example, but a little bit more complex
    Stan Source formpost2.py
    Live example: formpost2
  15. [0.5]Using formless to create multi-step wizards by returning Page instances from autocallables
    Stan Source tests/testformless.py
    Live example: testformless
  16. [0.5]Using formless, return a URL instance from an autocallable to redirect to it
    Stan Source tests/testformless.py
    Live example: formless_redirector
  17. Example of interacting with a database
    Stan Source: db.py
    Live examples: db
  18. An example of using HTTP Basic Auth for simple authentication
    Stan Source http_auth.py
    Live example: http_auth
  19. Various examples of how to integrate twisted.guard with Nevow for authentication
    Stan Source guarded.py
    Stan Source guarded2.py
    Live examples: guarded, guarded2
  20. Examples of how to access the session when a user logs out of guarded sites
    Stan Source logout_guard.py
    Stan Source logout_guard2.py
    Live examples: logout_guard, logout_guard2
  21. Use Configurables to render a form with Formless in a customized template
    xmlfile Source customform.py
    Live example: customform
  22. Dynamically build your forms
    Stan Source formbuilder.py
    Live example: formbuilder
  23. Adapting an object to the IRenderer interface in order to make it render itself
    Stan Source simple_irenderer.py
    Live example: simple IRenderer
  24. More complex example of adapting objects to IRenderer and to different interfaces
    Stan Source irenderer.py
    Live example: IRenderer
  25. Handling and building a Tree structure dynamically on yor site
    Stan Source tree.py
    Live example: tree
  26. Simple example of text localisation
    Stan Source i18n.py
    Live example: i18n
  27. Localisation of disk templates
    xmlfile Source hello.html
    Python Source xmli18n.py
    Live example: xmli18n


Tag Library Examples

Demo Applications