How-to upgrade a gallery from igal to llgal?

This upgrade documentation is available on-line and in the tarball and distribution packages.

File location

igal places all files in the working directory with existing images.

llgal moves all these files in a .llgal, making the starting dot useless. .slide_<image> is also replaced by .scaled_<image>.

Note that earlier versions of llgal use .llgal.files instead of .llgal.

CSS style sheet

The CSS style sheet has been updated. If you modified it, you should probably diff against the original igal.css, and apply the difference (by hand) to llgal.css.

Command line options

How-to upgrade

If you don't care about processing time:

Recomputing the whole gallery might be long, especially if you have tons of images, since thumbnails (and scaled images if --bigy/--bigxy is passed) have to be generated.

If you don't want to regenerate these, see section File location and move .thumb_* and .slide_* files to .llgal/thumb_* and scaled_* so that llgal uses them.

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