Package gnu.inet.util

Class Summary
BASE64 Encodes and decodes text according to the BASE64 encoding.
CRLFInputStream An input stream that filters out CR/LF pairs into LFs.
CRLFOutputStream An output stream that filters LFs into CR/LF pairs.
EmptyX509TrustManager Empty implementation of an X509 trust manager.
GetLocalHostAction Privileged action to retrieve the local host InetAddress.
GetSystemPropertyAction Privileged action for retrieving system properties.
LineInputStream An input stream that can read lines of input.
MessageInputStream A utility class for feeding message contents to messages.
MessageOutputStream An output stream that escapes any dots on a line by themself with another dot, for the purposes of sending messages to SMTP and NNTP servers.
SaslCallbackHandler A callback handler that can manage username and password callbacks.
SaslCramMD5 SASL mechanism for CRAM-MD5.
SaslInputStream A filter input stream that decodes all its received input using a SASL client.
SaslLogin SASL mechanism for LOGIN.
SaslOutputStream A filter output stream that encodes data written to it using a SASL client.
SaslPlain SASL mechanism for PLAIN.
TraceLevel A logging level used for network trace information.

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