Package gnu.inet.util

Class Summary
BASE64 Encodes and decodes text according to the BASE64 encoding.
CRLFInputStream An input stream that filters out CR/LF pairs into LFs.
CRLFOutputStream An output stream that filters LFs into CR/LF pairs.
EmptyX509TrustManager Empty implementation of an X509 trust manager.
GetLocalHostAction Privileged action to retrieve the local host InetAddress.
GetSystemPropertyAction Privileged action for retrieving system properties.
LaconicFormatter A logging formatter that outputs only the log message.
LineInputStream An input stream that can read lines of input.
MessageInputStream A utility class for feeding message contents to messages.
MessageOutputStream An output stream that escapes any dots on a line by themself with another dot, for the purposes of sending messages to SMTP and NNTP servers.
SaslCallbackHandler A callback handler that can manage username and password callbacks.
SaslCramMD5 SASL mechanism for CRAM-MD5.
SaslInputStream A filter input stream that decodes all its received input using a SASL client.
SaslLogin SASL mechanism for LOGIN.
SaslOutputStream A filter output stream that encodes data written to it using a SASL client.
SaslPlain SASL mechanism for PLAIN.
TraceLevel A logging level used for network trace information.

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