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Packages that use LineIterator
gnu.inet.nntp This is an NNTP client, implementing all of RFC 977, and many of the RFC 2980 NNTP extensions. 

Uses of LineIterator in gnu.inet.nntp

Subclasses of LineIterator in gnu.inet.nntp
 class ActiveTimesIterator
          An iterator over an NNTP LIST ACTIVE.TIMES listing.
 class ArticleNumberIterator
          An iterator over a listing of article numbers.
 class GroupIterator
          An iterator over an NNTP newsgroup listing.
 class HeaderIterator
          An iterator over an NNTP XHDR listing.
 class OverviewIterator
          An iterator over an overview listing.
 class PairIterator
          An iterator over a pair listing.

Methods in gnu.inet.nntp that return LineIterator
          Requests a help listing.
 LineIterator NNTPConnection.listOverviewFmt()
          Returns an iterator over the order in which headers are stored in the overview database.
 LineIterator NNTPConnection.newGroups(java.util.Date since, java.lang.String[] distributions)
          Returns an iterator over the list of new groups on the server since the specified date.
 LineIterator NNTPConnection.newNews(java.lang.String newsgroup, java.util.Date since, java.lang.String[] distributions)
          Returns an iterator over the list of message-ids posted or received to the specified newsgroup(s) since the specified date.

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