Package gnu.inet.imap

This package contains an IMAP4rev1 client.


Interface Summary
IMAPConstants IMAP4rev1 string constants.
UIDPlusHandler Callback interface for receiving APPENDUID and COPYUID responses.

Class Summary
IMAPConnection The protocol class implementing IMAP4rev1.
IMAPResponse An IMAP4rev1 server response.
IMAPResponseTokenizer An object that can parse an underlying socket stream containing IMAP protocol server responses into IMAPResponse tokens.
ListEntry An item in an IMAP LIST or LSUB response.
MailboxStatus Represents the state of a mailbox.
MessageStatus Represents the state of a message.
Namespaces A tuple of IMAP namespaces, as defined in RFC 2342.
Namespaces.Namespace An individual namespace specification.
Pair Implementation of a key-value pair.
Quota An IMAP quota entry.
Quota.Resource A quota resource entry.
UTF7imap Encodes and decodes text according to the IMAP4rev1 mailbox name encoding scheme.

Exception Summary
IMAPException Exception corresponding to an IMAP4 BAD or NO server response.

Package gnu.inet.imap Description

This package contains an IMAP4rev1 client. It supports the following features:

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