Package gnu.inet.http

This package contains an HTTP/1.1 client, as described in RFC 2616.


Interface Summary
Authenticator Callback interface for managing authentication.
CookieManager Cookie manager interface.
RequestBodyWriter Callback interface for writing request body content.
ResponseBodyReader Callback interface for receiving notification of response body content.
ResponseHeaderHandler Callback interface for objects that wish to be notified of response header values.

Class Summary
ByteArrayRequestBodyWriter A simple request body writer using a byte array.
ByteArrayResponseBodyReader Simple response body reader that stores content in a byte array.
ChunkedInputStream Input stream wrapper for the "chunked" transfer-coding.
Cookie An HTTP cookie, as specified in RFC 2109.
Credentials Represents a username/password combination that can be used to authenticate to an HTTP server.
Headers A collection of HTTP header names and associated values.
HTTPConnection A connection to an HTTP server.
HTTPDateFormat HTTP date formatter and parser.
Request A single HTTP request.
Response An HTTP response.
SimpleCookieManager A simple non-persistent cookie manager.

Package gnu.inet.http Description

This package contains an HTTP/1.1 client, as described in RFC 2616. It supports the following features:

The API is similar to the neon WebDAV/HTTP library. A logical connection to the server is instantiated, and multiple requests can be issued for this connection. Each request has an atomic dispatch method which returns the response. All I/O, authentication, etc is handled by registering callback objects with the request prior to dispatch, which are notified during the dispatch procedure as necessary. Simple byte-array content callbacks are supplied which can manage any request/response content that fits in available memory.

An URL stream handler is provided, supporting the full HttpURLConnection specification.

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