Chapter 4. A new frontend for ocamlc

Table of Contents
Compiling and linking
Toploops and runtime systems
Multi-threaded applications
Support for gprof-enabled modules

Compiling and linking

There are compiler frontends for the four compilers ocamlc, ocamlopt, ocamlmktop, and ocamlcp. They are simply called by specifying the name of the compiler as first argument to ocamlfind, i.e.

ocamlfind ocamlc ...arguments...
ocamlfind ocamlopt ...arguments...
ocamlfind ocamlmktop ...arguments...
ocamlfind ocamlcp ...arguments...

In addition to the compiler options handled by the compilers themselves, the following options are available:

If you only want to compile, i.e. the -c option is in effect, you normally only need the -package option.

Depending on the compiler and on the given options, some predicates are set by default: